Tuesday, 25 September 2012

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When it comes to working for a cosmetic PR company like Flipside there are many perks, the unlimited supply of water bottles, being right next to Topshop and of course, being able to stare at all the goodies in the beauty wardrobe. Yes, I have felt very lucky being at  Flipside for the past month, so I was extra excited when I was able to snap up all the YoungBlood products, especially the new In The Mood For Nude collection. Some of these products aren't available until Winter so I feel extra privileged I got to snap them! ;) Behind the scenes for Jade! haha. Yes, make-up keeps me easily pleased. Now the collection includes the fabulous Moulin Rogue palette, this baby really does spice up the general nude palettes out there because of the gorgeous orange shade, Red Light. As well as seeing this shade on countless catwalks and models, orange really is a great shade for Autumn. I know it sounds odd having orange as your favourite eyeshadow around the Winter time but hey, if its good enough for Gucci and Prada... The other shades include Can-Can (a perfect base colour), Revue (a white highlighter for your brow bone), and Cabaret (a dark smokey chocolate shade). As you can see, they really are gorgeous shades. They are incredibly pigmented and they adapt to your skin type, which is perfect because my eye lids can be quite oily. Definitely a must have for your make-up bag!
The next product I snapped with my camera was the lipstick called Tangelo, isn't it gorgeous?! Definitely love at first site, a perfect orange shade! I find that with the YoungBlood collection, they're a mixture between Bobbi Brown and MAC but this brand is more focused on how the products affect your skin. Countless make-up artists use YoungBlood too, so you know they must be doing something right! It is unreal how much I've learnt about my skin this month, Flipside looks after a huge range of different skin brands so I've been educated on my skin care routine (or my lack of one...). I've decided to switch my make-up this week, in particular my foundation, because a random man spoke to me on Sunday saying "Excuse me, but your make-up...from a mans point of view..um, no." I almost fell of my chair and died, so I'm forced to take action and switch to more natural products, including the lovely YoungBlood Natural Mineral Foundation. Wow does my skin look different already! It is much more light weight and I do think my skin doesn't need as much coverage as I think it does. Although, that man was lucky I didn't throw my chair at him... Some of these products won't be available yet, but I thought it would be nice for you all to be ahead of the trends ;) Let me know what you think of YoungBlood! Have you seen the counter in Selfridges yet? Hope you're having a lovely week girls. ♥


  1. Gorgeous products!! great colour pay off!!

  2. the palette looks so nice!

  3. I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you get into Flipside, I hope to do a PR degree next year so any tips would be great!
    Georgie XO

  4. I love the lipstick color!


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  6. Love the shade of lipstick. Is this brand available in Canada?? ^.^

    xx Veronica



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