Sunday, 30 September 2012

i, robot... you, jane ♥

Well the past few weeks have been pretty interesting, I've been all over the place from London Fashion Week (I am putting all these images together btw!), to popping into the Vogue building. I still find it hard to believe that I've only come back home to London from uni, I've got to experience quite a bit. One of the highlights so far was definitely going to the Garnier/Essie launch - going into a 5 star hotel and sipping on champagne while getting my nails done was quite surreal! The only bad thing I can say is I've started to really neglect my body and I've been eating a whole lot of junk without doing any exercise. But, it's never too late to get into shape so I've started eating healthy and I've actually got off my butt and started really exercising. Would you like to have a few posts on my progress to tone up? I'm getting addicted to ready other peoples fitspo blogs! They really are motivational. I've started drinking a bottle of water every hour (basically 8 bottles a day..this is a big deal for me, I can't stand water!). My saying at the moment is: "You don't get what you want, you get what you work for." Pretty motivational right?! ;) So yep, I'm pretty happy I'm not in lazy mode at the moment. Are any of you starting a healthy fitness plan? Let me know if you have any tips!

This weekend I've watched Cabin In The Woods (love Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard for making this film) then I exercised, did some serious eBay shopping, I'll do a eBay haul next week! :) So I've been pretty relaxed and chilled. It was my last day at the fabulous Flipside PR on Friday so I'm starting a full time job at another cosmetic and hair PR company tomorrow! It's nice that I'm in full work mode, so happy that I get to do what I love. I'm getting pretty organised with the blogging side of things to, I've printed out some business cards, starting organising and writing down what I want to blog and when I want to publish it, I've made blog goals and I've started taking more pictures! All in all, I've been pretty well organised this month..for once ;) I've been listening to Christina's new song 'Your Body' and also Diana Vickers for some random reason. Oh I've always been watching Xena! haha don't ask... My plan for this evening is to fit more cardio in, plan more posts and sort out what I'll be wearing for work tomorrow! Hope you're having a lovely afternoon girls - let me know if there are any sort of posts you'd like me to feature ♥

Saturday, 29 September 2012

never kill a boy on the first date ♥


Yes, it has been two days since I started my healthy diet and I have indeed stuck to it. What?! 2 days is a lot for me! That's two whole days without my beautiful peanut butter Kit Kats...nom nom nom. Instead I've been eating fruit, water, salads and yoghurt', delicious -_- Apart from my new healthy diet, I've been busy at work helping with clients and putting together 'Get The Look' posts. Isn't it amazing that I get paid to do this?! Being paid for doing what you love really is the best feeling, its nice that all my hard work is paying off! So I've treated myself to quite a few things this week ;) and I seriously mean shopping OVERLOAD! I spent £50 in Primark, £50 online, £40 on eBay then £60 on another shopping trip..minus the two other trips I made this week. What?! I never have money to shop! I ordered two lovely dresses from Missguided and boy, oh boy they are gorgeous. I've been stuck in a style rut recently, I really don't like my wardrobe and I'm tired of wearing shorts on nights out. So when I was looking at the Missguided dresses, I was instantly attracted to something different than my usual style. I love, love, love the green Yvonne Peplum Bodycon bustier dress, I never really have any green shade dresses and it goes really well with my brown (ish) hair. It's great for £24.99. It is really flattering on my stomach thanks to the peplum style, those two tiny bits of fabric really are life savers!
The next dress I bought was the Pollis Shimmer Pleated dress in Blush, this dress is more for posher nights out, so nights in Central London. I had to get a bigger size because of my waist though...I need to accept that I don't have a size 8 tummy -_- woops! Other than that, its a beautiful princess dress. I can't wait to wear it out. It was in the sale too for only £18.39. I've also bought a black River Island bag from eBay which came today, it was only £14, then I bought much needed winter boots from Primark for £20, and a dark red Topshop dress for £49. I feel like my wardrobe is looking much nicer and updated, this is the one good point about not being a student anymore. I love having a job and earning money! haha ;) Tonights plan is to have a lazy night in with my sister, I know its sad, but I ordered some Lion King DVDs, the first one and second. Oh and Tangled ;) Hopefully they'll come by Monday so I'll have another cosy movie night. It's far too cold to be stepping outside into the real world haha. What are your plans for the weekend? I hope they involve a warm duvet and hot chocolate! Have a lovely evening girls. ♥

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

anne ♥

When it comes to working for a cosmetic PR company like Flipside there are many perks, the unlimited supply of water bottles, being right next to Topshop and of course, being able to stare at all the goodies in the beauty wardrobe. Yes, I have felt very lucky being at  Flipside for the past month, so I was extra excited when I was able to snap up all the YoungBlood products, especially the new In The Mood For Nude collection. Some of these products aren't available until Winter so I feel extra privileged I got to snap them! ;) Behind the scenes for Jade! haha. Yes, make-up keeps me easily pleased. Now the collection includes the fabulous Moulin Rogue palette, this baby really does spice up the general nude palettes out there because of the gorgeous orange shade, Red Light. As well as seeing this shade on countless catwalks and models, orange really is a great shade for Autumn. I know it sounds odd having orange as your favourite eyeshadow around the Winter time but hey, if its good enough for Gucci and Prada... The other shades include Can-Can (a perfect base colour), Revue (a white highlighter for your brow bone), and Cabaret (a dark smokey chocolate shade). As you can see, they really are gorgeous shades. They are incredibly pigmented and they adapt to your skin type, which is perfect because my eye lids can be quite oily. Definitely a must have for your make-up bag!
The next product I snapped with my camera was the lipstick called Tangelo, isn't it gorgeous?! Definitely love at first site, a perfect orange shade! I find that with the YoungBlood collection, they're a mixture between Bobbi Brown and MAC but this brand is more focused on how the products affect your skin. Countless make-up artists use YoungBlood too, so you know they must be doing something right! It is unreal how much I've learnt about my skin this month, Flipside looks after a huge range of different skin brands so I've been educated on my skin care routine (or my lack of one...). I've decided to switch my make-up this week, in particular my foundation, because a random man spoke to me on Sunday saying "Excuse me, but your make-up...from a mans point of, no." I almost fell of my chair and died, so I'm forced to take action and switch to more natural products, including the lovely YoungBlood Natural Mineral Foundation. Wow does my skin look different already! It is much more light weight and I do think my skin doesn't need as much coverage as I think it does. Although, that man was lucky I didn't throw my chair at him... Some of these products won't be available yet, but I thought it would be nice for you all to be ahead of the trends ;) Let me know what you think of YoungBlood! Have you seen the counter in Selfridges yet? Hope you're having a lovely week girls. ♥

Friday, 21 September 2012

revelations ♥

I'm currently at my desk on my lunch break, I've eaten far to much food (as usual) and I'm still hungry. My stomach has definitely been paying for all the bad food I've eaten this week - I'll definitely have to get back to my exercise routine. Sigh. Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your stomach lovely and flat? This week I've been very shopping crazy and bought quite a few outfits, I'll do a haul this weekend! I've also been out to eat with the girls (again, not healthy food at all) and seen Kirsty during my lunch breaks. I've had a pretty relaxed week so far, Harriet from uni has got work experience next to my work so we've been having food and shopping trips when we're both finished, I've actually got paid so I can actually shop for once! I don't have to worry about feeling guilty because I'm on a student budget, I'm a work girl now so I can spend freely. I went to H&M yesterday and bought two pairs of trousers and an outfit inspired by the lovely Kim ;) But I may point out, I really am not pleased with Kim's fashion choices lately, Kanye needs to stop styling her -_- It's all gone down hill since they started dating, we all know what I'm talking about. The boots. Those god awful knee high boots that Kim has been wearing. Every outfit I see her wearing is ruined by those terrible, terrible boots. I really can't imagine her liking them so she's obviously doing it to please her beloved boyfriend. The things we do for love... Now the outfit I bought inspired by Kim was worn by her on Saturday as she was leaving her hotel. It's such a gorgeous outfit and seeing as I'm pay day girl, I had to treat myself ;)

I bought this blouse from H&M and I think £14.99 really isn't too shabby but because I wanted it as a dress, I got it a few sizes bigger so it covers everything. I absolutely love the way it looks on Kim, her hair looks amazing with it and she looks so glam. I bought a large size plain black vest top as well just so it can go under the blouse. It is very important to get the vest top for underneath because it will be very see though! I also love Kim's hair with this outfit, it looks incredibly glossy and shiny so I suggest using the Umberto Gianni Jet Set Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner, with the Lee Stafford Shine Spray. I am a huge fan of these hair care products because they really add shine and dimension to my hair. To get Kim's hair, I suggest curling a few chunks then gently brushing them out, then simply straighten your side fringe. Although, Kim does look slightly odd with half of her face covered - new trend maybe? ;) As for the make-up, keep it very bronzed and neutral. I can't recommend enough the Young Blood lip liner pencil, it is such a lovely product! I'm going out with the girls tonight so I'll let you know what outfit I come up with! We're making cocktails apparently so I'll have to look like a alcoholic and carry drink back with my from work... Hope you have a lovely weekend girls, let me know what you think about Kim's boots - please agree with me on this! haha. ♥

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

fear, itself ♥

Yes, its coming up to my favourite time of the year again (no, not Valentines day..) Halloween! I can say without a doubt, that dressing up in sexy, scary costumes really is on top of my "Things that make Jade happy" list. What's not to like about Halloween? Running around wearing high heels and Wonder Woman hot pants really is as fun as it sounds. I'm incredibly depressed and jealous that I can't go as wild this year because I've finished uni - I can't really see myself running around my hometown wearing fangs with blood on my face this year... So for the rest of you that are free to dress up, I've put together some outfit suggestions from a nifty little website called Girly Night Out. They pretty much do all the hard work for you, so if you're not into making an outfit from scratch, check out some of these outfits! I hope you like my selection, I blame Mean Girls for ruining my "scary" Halloween costume looks, since watching that film, I only like pretty ones haha. I think  my favourite outfit has to be the clown costume - its fun, flirty and yes, it does remind me of Harley from Batman ;) There's also a cute little quiz to find out what fairytale fancy dress costume you are, I ended up with Snow White. How about you? What is your favourite outfit? Let me know what outfits you've been thinking about for this year, I hope these outfits have been helpful! So for all of your sexy Halloween costume needs, click here. Have a good week girls! ♥

Monday, 17 September 2012

same time, same place ♥

When it comes to fashion, we use clothes to express ourselves. It is a way to show off our mood, taste and aspirations - there really isn't anything quite like wearing an outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd. We see it everyday, even if we don't realise it, its a part of everyday life - from the woman on the train wearing Liam Fahy stilettos or a woman holding her Calvin Klein clutch bag while she enters a restaurant, its hard not to notice the glamour and class that makes an outfit complete. One day, (when I'm hopefully a millionaire...hey, it could happen!), I would love to walk down Bond Street and not just gaze into the shop windows. It's hard to pick out a favourite type of clothing for me, I can be dazzled and amazed pretty easily but there is something about a designer label that really sparks my interest. Just knowing it is not something everyone else can find in their local Primark makes me want it even more! I've recently been on a website called Avenue 32 and boy does their designer goodies tick all the boxes! From A to Z, they have a beautiful amount of designer clothing ready to buy at your fingertips. With all the glitz and glamour from the runways this month from New York and London Fashion Week, its refreshing to see all the new Autumn trends coming in. I've gone through every page and I'm having trouble picking out my favourites! I'm creating a tag now to make your own Avenue 32 wish list! I'd love to see what you pick so make sure you leave the blog link when you comment :)

I feel like I don't feature enough designer brands on here so I think its refreshing to step away from the regular H&M and Primark posts! So I've put together a wish list of all the goodies I'd like from Avenue 32. I've mixed it up quite a big, ranging from Autumn coats to leather shorts. Yes, I am a big fan of leather - we all know this! If I had to pick one item, it would have to be the leather peplum coat by Giles, how gorgeous is it? There has been a lot of leather being mixed with the peplum style and I for one, am loving this new trend! What do you think of the items that I've put on my wish list, do you think they're definitely awe worthy or do you think I need to step away from my leather obsession? Also, I forgot to mention about the bikini's on here! I'm in need of a nice bikini so if you could help me pick which one is your favourite, I'm looking at the Roksanda Ilincic swimwear range at Avenue 32 so let me know what one you would choose! Remember to make your own Avenue 32 wish list and post the link below. Hope you have a lovely week girls! ♥

Friday, 14 September 2012

welcome to the hellmouth ♥

I am currently wrapped in my duvet exhausted from today's London Fashion Week, I scurried over there from work and I'm so drained from it all! It was amazing, the atmosphere really was inspiring and I felt very grateful to be there! I've taken a ton of photos so I shall be posting them up tomorrow, so I'll go into more detail then and not get sidetracked from this current post. Today's post I just wanted a nice, quick outfit update and boy oh boy do I have a story to tell you about this outfit. Okay, first of all - I just chucked on this outfit because being in the office all day, I wanted to be comfy (I'm lucky enough to work where the dress code isn't too strict.). So my lovely boss Lynee sent me over to the Conde Nast building to drop off some products and wow, I really didn't expect that my first visit to Vogue and Glamour magazine I would be wearing a Buffy top o_O As soon as I walked into the building a group of perfectly groomed women all whispered.."she's wearing a Buffy top..yeah, a Buffy top! I want a Buffy top! Shall we ask her?!". By this point, I felt all shy and scared so I darted in the lift. What?! They all looked amazing and stylish and there was me poodling around the Vogue floor wearing my Buffy t-shirt!

We all know I love Buffy, but I don't think Vogue is ready to know this! haha. After wandering around Bond Street I saw all the fabulous shops, Tiffany, Chanel, Prada, Gucci - you name it, I saw it. I'm determined to be able to walk down Bond Street and be able to afford to buy something in there! The whole area is just gorgeous and fashion central, it was like everyone was a supermodel casually walking down the streets. Back to my outfit, the Buffy top was from TruffleShuffle and the skirt was from River Island. The trusty wedges were from H&M - I know, I need to start wearing more Autumn friendly shoes! My watch is from Massimo Dutti and the bracelet is £3 from Primark. Again, apologies for my hair, I always have bad hair days when I take outfit photos lately - what is up with that?! Hope you're having a lovely evening girls, I'll update you all with London Fashion Week tomorrow. I'm going to finish off my evening ready Fifty Shades Freed then maybe watch some more Steven Seagal films ;) ♥

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

band candy ♥

I think it takes a very brave person to admit that they can't paint their nails well - so therefore, I am proud to admit how terrible I am at using nail varnish. I've tried to use a w7 nail polish in 91 Metallic Satum and although this shade is beautiful, I've managed to get it everywhere. Besides from my poor nail painting skills, I have had a lovely relaxed weeking shopping and watching Steven Seagal films...what?! Steven Seagal is a fine actor! Maybe, sort of.. We all know I like cheesey action films! Anyway, my best friend Harriet came down from Maidstone to see me and I gave her a 'fabulous' tour of Bromley and we had a lot of Nandos - I could eat Nandos everyday and not get bored of it. The sauces are to die for! Then we found a comic book shop that had just opened up, (yes - I am a secret nerd) then we came back to mine and watched Buffy. I need to do a haul this week and show you what I bought to wear at London Fashion Week - eiiii I am so excited! Friday needs to hurry up, so I can see all the glamour and magic! I've finally got my pass sorted out so all I need to do is have all my outfits planned. Yes, you can tell I'm keen haha. I bought a lovely silver metalic skirt from Primark for only £12, I'll be wearing that with a belt and black wedges - all Primark based! Today I've been running all around Oxford Street fetching Starbucks and magazines and updating the YoungBlood Facebook and Twitter pages. For lunch today, I've got the Shapers Chicken caesar salad - please let me have Mcdonald's instead?! Last night I had cocktails with the best friend, then I took Kaya for a walk. A very eventful week so far ;) For todays post, I wanted to show you what I chucked on for Saturdays shopping trip, its nothing really red carpet worthy but I love how I've put this outfit together - the top was £1 from Primark, wedges and skirt H&M and the sunglasses were £1 from Poundland! My apologies for my hair, it really didn't want to do anything on Saturday, so I gave up trying to style it. Let me know what you think and what things your forward to for London Fashion Week! Have a lovely week girls ♥

Thursday, 6 September 2012

phases ♥

I’ve just had to run from my desk and buy some Polo’s – I had this weird Moroccan salad and to be honest, it wasn’t very pleasant. Aside from my lunch drama, I’ve had a pretty relaxed morning – I’ve been working on beauty facts and sorting out appointment times, all in the PR job description :) I had a lovely night eating Chinese with Ashley and watching Bridesmaids, it is unreal how much Annie (the main character) reminds me of me, oh dear. When I got home I collapsed on my bed and was awoken by Kaya (my 9 stone Rhodesian Ridgeback) – sharing a bed with a dog this big really is as uncomfortable as it sounds haha. Today I’m wearing my gold jumper from Select and my Primark leather shorts, although, I kind of wish I had checked my back leg before I left the house… I have a giant white patch in the middle of my leg. Not very glam Jade -_- Tonight’s plan is to organise my room, pre write some blog posts and take a long hot bath and use a hair mask! I’ve been dying to do one all week but I’ve been rushing around everywhere, god bless hair masks. Oh and I’ll also try and fit my theory revision into this. Sigh.

I just wanted to update the first half of this post, I wrote it this morning and a lot has happened since - Fairytale Kiss has been allowed to go to London Fashion Week!!! I am so grateful and thankful for being able to go, I can't wait to take all the pictures and see the new trends - I'm still in shock I'm going! I'm already starting to plan what outfits I should wear - I might do a poll so you can all help me pick what outfits I should use. Another bit of good news, I've been offered another internship that starts after my Flipside one, perfect timing or what?! It also specialises in hair and cosmetics - so excited to start there too! So to celebrate my amazing day of good news, I bought myself the American Vogue - it's the 120th anniversary since Vogue was first published (in 1892) and Lady Gaga is on the cover. So I've been relaxed on my bed, listening to Azealia Bank's 1991 and flicking through the iconic Vogue pages. I've taken some pictures of my favourite pages, it was so hard to pick them, every page is beautifully put together. Let me know who you're favourite Vogue cover girl is - I definitely think Cindy Crawford is mine, wow she is gorgeous.♥


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

surprise ♥

Hello girls, hope you're having a good morning. I'm currently at my desk eating a 'healthy yoghurt' and listening to Azealia Bank's new song 1991. God I love this girls style, she's wearing a black blazer and wearing dark plum lipstick - definitely my new style crush! I have the dark YSL lipstick at home but I'm too scared to wear it! I'm going to be bold and play around with it later, maybe caramel eyeshadow will go well with it? Are you a fan of the dark plum lips? Last night I finally saw the Expendables 2, it was pretty awesome, cheesy, but I was still pleased. Especially because I got my nachos ;) Before Harry came and picked me up, my sister gave me a theory book to revise from...I'm still practising for it and I'm really not keen if I'm honest. Driving has never really appealed to me, I know I need to learn but mehh, I've never been interested in it. Please let me know if you have any revision tips, the more help the better! My plan for tonight is to go and see my friend Ashley, probably order too much Chinese food and then watch films - I have seriously been craving seasame prawn toast! I tried to go shopping after work yesterday but Oxford Street was far to busy, I can't concentrate with all the hussle and bussle. I may run up to Bromley for a late night shopping trip on Thursday. I'm not exactly what I need so I may have to plan and do a list, that way I wont get distracted and end up buying magic beans or something... Besides from practising my theory test, starting this new internship at Flipside, I'm also going to start kick boxing - well, some form of self defence. I thought it would be good for me to learn some basic self defence and it will also get me into shape. Sulking for 20 minutes when the corner shop doesn't have any peanut butter Kit Kats really isn't a good sign... 

Now for today's post, I wanted to do some work outfits/job interview attire options, I don't see enough blog posts about work clothes and all of the other things you may need when you go to an interview. When I went for the Flipside interview I made sure I was fully prepared, you name it, I had it stuffed in my bag. Although, I think a little disclaimer is needed first, because I'm in the beauty/fashion industry, the dress code is slightly more relaxed and more expressive - general offices would wear the normal shirts, trousers etc. but for the industry I am getting into, its more relaxed about what you wear. For this post, I also wanted to include all the little things you may need when going for an interview, Polo's and perfume is definitely a big thing for me. First impressions are everything, so when I scrambled all the way up to London, I was hot, sticky and I also had bacon for, Polo's, deodorant and perfume came in very handy. You smell refreshing and clean as soon as you step into that interview, a very good first impression if you ask me ;) For the colour code of job outfits, I would keep it simple, black always looks classic and smart but mixing one bold colour to spice it up does show personality. I wore a plain black dress for my interview, but I had a large beige tote bag to add colour. For the make-up, I would keep it incredibly toned down, for me, powder is essential because I have an oily skin combination. I would suggest nude nails because it keeps things simple and professional. Make sure you comment below and share your interview tips, are you just as OCD with polos and perfume as I am? Have a good afternoon girls and thank you for all my new followers! ♥

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

what's my line ♥

I'm currently writing this on my lunch at the lovely Flipside PR office, even though it's like an oven outside, the cool fan is keeping me nice and chilled. I'm eating a Shapers salad, my attempt of being healthy is still very painful - although, I did have a McDonald's breakfast earlier so I guess I can't complain yet... Today I've been writing beauty tips while listening to Heart FM, I entered the competition to win the Lady Gaga tickets and of course my phone has remained silent. I have the worst luck at winning things, I'm jealous of all the lucky people who won tickets to see her! I finish work at half 4 everyday, (amazing I know :D) so I'm going to do a little (or a very long) shopping trip on the fabulous Oxford Street. There is a giant Topshop right next to the Flipside office so I'm taking this as a sign.. After shopping, I'm going to the cinema to see the Expendables 2 - what?! It's a good film! Okay, it is fairly bad, but I'm a sucker for action films and before you ask, yes I will be getting prawns and nachos. I may snuggle prawns into the cinema but hey, if they sold nachos and prawns together I wouldn't have to! I got the fabulous more! magazine today and its amazing to see all the beauty pages that I help put together. I do miss being at the more! office already, but Flipside is lovely. I even have a leather chair here! Yes, I am easily pleased.  I've had to write one of the press releases for the Young Blood nude collection, I am in awe of this range - I'll try and see if the girls will let me review some goodies for you all! Have a peak at their website and let me know if you like the look of them.  
For today's post I wanted to tell you about a competition from the fabulous Precis. It's quick and easy to enter and the prize is an evening in London with a £200 bar tab, £300 Precis vouchers and they even pay for your travel! Here is the link, what are you waiting for? It closes on the 9th so get your entries in now. Hopefully you'll have better luck at entering than my Heart radio Lady Gaga attempt.. Let me know if you've found any good competitions lately, I'm in the mood to enter them! The Precis competition looks too good to be true, clothes and cocktails?! I made a selection of my favourite dresses, they really are Victoria Beckham styled. She would be proud of every single one of these fabulous designs - very posh ;) What one is your favourite? These dresses are ideal for weddings, work or a posh date ;) Do let me know what you think and good look if you enter the competition. I'm getting back to work and tomorrow's post will be more product reviews! Have a lovely, sunny afternoon girls.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

inca mummy girl ♥

Hello lovelies, hope you're having a lazy Sunday - I've had Harry come round and we've been watching The Departed and eating hot dogs. Yum! I am going to attempt to paint my nails a nice, dark shade but I tried to do myself a french manicure yesterday but they smudged. Words can't describe how bad I am at doing my nails, not only do they always smudge but the nail polish gets everywhere. What is wrong with me?! I long to have nails that look nice on camera haha. We shall see how they look today... Tomorrow I am starting my new internship at Flipside PR - I am super excited, its only for a month but its still great to get into the PR side of beauty. It will be lovely to say that I've dealt with the journalism and PR side of the cosmetic industry! I bought a red leather skirt from Primark to wear tomorrow - it's a lovely dark cherry shade, I'll make sure I take a photo for you all tomorrow. I have no idea what I'll pair it with, maybe a plain black top and heels? Okay, okay...wedges. We know I can't wear heels unless wine has been drunk. I'm going to start my whole "no back combing or wearing extensions" plan tomorrow - my hair better grow like Rapunzel if I stick to it! haha. Now for today's post I wanted to do a wish list, especially one at the start of the month...I always do them too late! Anyway, Autumn is finally here (although it hasn't been very summery anyway) and I personally prefer wearing dark, dark colours and we all know what this means - I can wear my leather trousers non stop again! :D

Yes, the tight, leather trousers can come out from hiding. I don't think these are really in season this year but hey - we all know I usually wear 90's styles anyway! haha. I love, love, love the peplum top trend, so its nice they're coming out in dark plum shades for September. The shops I've looked at for all these goodies are River Island, Miss Selfridge and Topshop. Oh and Dorothy Perkins! As you can see, I've picked very fitted and basic items, the coat with the leopard print collar is fabulous - it's only £85 (okay, slightly pricey but hey its gorgeous) I'd love it if this was done in leather. Ah yes, my leather addiction is back in full swing mode. As for the make-up, dark plum shades are going to be big this season - I was lucky enough to get one of the new Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks in 206, wow this shade is the definition of goth and glam. I need to create a look wearing this! Do you prefer darker, autumn shades or do you like the bright candy colours that we've seen this summer? Let me know whats on your September wish list - I hope peplum tops are involved ;) I'm going to drink the rest of the chocolate soya milk in the fridge then have some much needed sleep. Wish me luck for my first day at Flipside PR tomorrow! :D Have a lovely evening girls ♥

Saturday, 1 September 2012

school hard ♥

Hi girls, how is your weekend going? I've spent today watching countless Buffy episodes while drinking chocolate soya milk, ahh it reminds me of uni times. I had to run up to town to get some basic strap tops - I really need to hunt around my room to find them instead of just buying new ones...oh Jade. I've decided to stop using my hair extensions for a while, my hair is getting incredibly thin and I don't appreciate going bald at 21 haha. So I'm going to have to step away from the backcombing and heated rollers for a while... Sleek and straight will have to do for now, I can't remember the last time I straightened my hair! Do you have any tips and tricks to keep your hair strong and healthy and um..not bald? I thought I'd do a little post today on the outfits I've worn on nights out, I need to find some nice dresses and get out of my skirt and shorts phase! The first outfit I bought last week - the top was only £12 from Primark and the skirt was from H&M. I really love this top, its very glam and I love that I mixed it with a leather skirt to make it slightly edgier. For my hair, I used my babyliss rollers then gently brushed the curls out to make it a little less structured. Ahh I do love using heated rollers - why do they have to be so bad for your hair :( The tan I'm using is currently the Garnier tanning mousse, I love, love, love this tan. It's streak free and that's what I've been having trouble with recently. St. Tropez always streaks on me! Does anyone else find they have this problem when using St. Tropez?

My next outfit you've all seen before - this was the £10 Topshop skirt that I hunted down and although it reminds me of big bird, I love it! I know I should be a tad more covered up but mehh I had no idea what else to pair the skirt with. Any suggestions would be very welcome ;) The top was also from Topshop for £8 - this piece of clothing really is a life saver, you can dress it up or down. Very handy! The necklace is £6 from Primark (its always nice to add a touch of bling to your outfit) and the bag is also from Primark. I am a Primark addict! I'm not too sure on my hair in these pictures - my hair extensions are looking slightly icky :( I need to buy some new ones so as soon as I get paid, I will have ickyless hair styles. How long do you usually keep your hair extensions for? Also, I would like to apologise in advance for my moody pout in all of these pictures, I really don't like my smile because I always think I look like a excited chipmunk - a very excited chipmunk.. Woops! My plan for this evening is to do some Missguided shopping for some shorts..okay, fine I'll branch out and find a dress. I do need help with my shorts/skirts obsession. Then I'll attempt to do some exercise (lets not hold our breath on this one) and then I'll look more at my theory test, I don't know what one I'd rather do :S Is it weird that I'm terrified at the thought of me driving?! Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend girls, let me know what nice dresses you've seen - lets stop my dress fear! ♥
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