Friday, 31 August 2012

some assembly required ♥

Hi girls, I'm currently writing this in my little office ( little bedroom) and its so lovely to finally have everything sorted out! Well..apart from the giant Ikea bag full of clothes in the corner. Apart from that, this ex-dining room is finally looking like my bedroom. I'm in such a motivated mood today, I'm writing this post straight after the Essie/Garnier launch post so I'm being nice and organised for once. I've given my room a good clean, organised my beauty dresser and colour coordinated my clothes - yes, I'm a loser. I've been listening to Man! I feel like a woman by the amazing Shania Twain and Independent Women by Destiny's Child - yes, I'm in one of those moods today. I love it when everything is organised and you don't procrastinate everything.  I bought a diary planner today to make sure I write down all the important dates and info that I would usually forget. I think I should get cute little post-it notes to add to the new 'organised' Jade ;) What do you think? Is there anything you do to make yourself really organised? For today's post, I really wanted to start getting through the giant bag that more! gave me, but because there is so much stuff it might take a while. Like I said in yesterday's post, I wanted to start with the perfumes, in particular, the Kim Kardashian ones. I was given both of them - yes, I did do my girly 'eiiiii' sound when I got them home. They really are beautiful scents, but they are really different so that's what I love about them. I first did an overall shoot of all the perfumes I have, for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I really didn't have many perfumes at all. So it's lovely that more! have helped me out with this wonderful collection ;)

Of course, if I had to pick one perfume, it would have to be Alien by Thierry Mugler - it is heaven in a bottle. I was in more! magazines beauty addict section last week and I had to give the girls my beauty routine, of course I had to include Alien. I could wear this 24/7! Apart from the fact that perfumes really are essential to feeling and smelling great, I love perfume bottles for decorating my room! I think they add a very glam look to any bedroom, as you can see, I really do like a lot of glam! haha :) Taking a closer look at the Kim perfumes, I really love the bottles for them. The first one is called True Reflection and its available from
Debenhams ranging from £30 to £40. I'd describe the scent as quite musky, but um..a good musk. It's very floral but with hints of coconut towards it - I love the smell of coconut! It's very floral based which makes it more suitable for the evening. Overall, I'd say this perfume is essential for die hard Kim K fans (like myself ;)..) and it does smell lovely for the evenings but I usually prefer stronger scents for when I go out. I think this is slightly stuck in the middle. The next fragrance is called Kim Kardashian (original, I know) the bottle is plain but bold, I prefer the True Reflection bottle if I'm honest. Now this shade smells completely floral, it is definitely a more day time scent in my opinion. It's light but fresh and is great for work or a day out with the girls. It has a slightly orange scent but other than that its pretty much flower power. Did I really just say flower power? Moving on, this bottle can be found again in Debenhams priced between £23 to £40. I don't think that's too expensive for a celebrity perfume! Let me know what you think of the Kim K range and what your number one perfume is! Have a great weekend girls ♥


  1. I've not tried any of the Kim K range yet, but my favourite perfume at the moment has to be Gucci Flora, I get so many compliments when wearing it! Your day sounds just like what I need to do in my bedroom but I've got zero motivation!


  2. All of you girls are so beautiful and you have a wide collection of perfumes. Amazing!!

    xx Diana


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