Monday, 6 August 2012

older and far away ♥

Hi girls, hope you've had a good week/weekend. My two weeks at more! have flown by, it should have been my last week on Friday but they've asked me to come back. I've had to call in products, run to beauty shoots and I've had to write my beauty routine for the girls - they were in shock when I said it takes me 5 hours to get ready. I still can't believe Kim K only take 2 hours to get ready?! Although..she does have a team that does everything for her... I spent the weekend out at Friction in Beckenham then on Sunday I finally watched The Dark Knight Rises - it was amazing. I'm still a bit iffy on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but that's only because I've been obsessed with Michelle Pfeffier's Batman Return's portrayal of her. I was on cloud nine because I had nachos with salsa and creamy cheese - this is the way to my heart haha. I also sneaked in my prawns again, I must be the only person to eat prawns in a cinema... I'm currently writing this at my desk, I've almost got all my products in for my beauty routine shoot tomorrow, I'm so excited for you to all to read it! I think the issue will be out next week hopefully? I'm not too sure, I'll have to find out! My plans for this week are to see Batman (again...), try to go shopping at some point especially in H&M because the clothes I've seen look amazing! I'm still trying to be healthy girl at the moment, I'm eating fruit in the morning (minus the little chocolate snacks that are flying around the office), for lunch I've got the Boot's meal deal which is all Shapers - so still healthy! I'm finding it painful trying to eat healthy, I allowed myself nachos as a treat! The first photo is my portfolio, I actually bought one and put my dissertation in there with all of the work I've written for more! magazine, Zoo etc. I'm quite impressed I filled it up!

Next is my mothers cooking..I have no idea what it's called but I could eat 100 bowls of it. Next is me in a very old Primark playsuit outside the new Chanel beauty store in London - it was gorgeous inside! They don't let you take photos but it really is amazing in there, I need a money tree...
Now I managed to take a sneaky picture of the unbelievable more! beauty cupboard - my jaw dropped the first time I saw it, they have more products than Boots. Next is me at my dad's work, I thought my purse and YSL compact looked pretty on my desk haha. The L'Oreal bag was the first official beauty product sent to me for a more! beauty shoot - I got so excited it had my name on it! (Yes, I'm sad...I know). My beautiful nachos, I want them right now, ohhhh that cheese is amazing. The right image is when I went to a fun fair and had a face paint, I came back home then generally went out with it still on my face haha. Next is the Taylor Swift perfume, it really is perfection in a bottle, I feel like I'm going to run out of it pretty fast.. We all know the 1989 Batman is my favourite film, so I was incredibly pleased when it was on the itv the other day. The black heels were given to me by the fabulous more! girls, one of the perks of working there! They are so easy to walk in too! Thought I'd include my results email too, eiiii still in shock about it. Finally I have my delicious Chinese take away and then my Dark Knight Rises cinema ticket - I'll be honest, I didn't like the ending of the film. But it was still amazing! ♥


  1. Ahh I know - there's loadsss of boxes in there! It's like a therapy session organising it hahaa xxx

  2. those shoes are gorgeous, lucky girl!
    I love the nachos and cheese at the cinema, shame it only last about 5 mins into the film!
    your so lucky to have worked with more! mag too, super jealous :)

    1. Arrr thanks, still in shock they are easy to walk in! haha :D
      Ahh me too - I'm going again so I'll be stocking up ;) Large for Jade :P
      I know, I wish I could be here permantely! xxx

  3. I love your pictures, you're pretty.
    I envy you that you have such a huge collection of cosmetics!
    I greet and kiss!

    1. Arr thank you! :) Glad you like it! xx

  4. You look amazing :) I'm following you now :)

  5. Oh my fricking god, all those beauty boxes!! I am seriously jealous!

    I went to see the Dark Knight film too, I thought it was amazing.. I agree the ending wasn't that great but still an awesome film :) I agree, Anne Hathaway was no where near as good as the legendary Michelle Pfeffier (I am also obsessed with her in the Batman return film, she was so cool!)

    Lots of love, Abi

    P.S. Congratulations on your excellent results!! Well done xx

    1. I know..its heaven in there!
      Ahh same here - don't appreciate Anne Hathaway..she annoys me. No sex appeal whatsoever! Michelle all the way ;)

      Thanks hun :) xxx

  6. Ahh I LOVE the LV purse!! xox

  7. Great pics! And - OMG - do you really wear those shoes? Amazing! :)

  8. lovely photos!
    congratulations on the degree too!
    great blog xx


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