Thursday, 30 August 2012

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Hi girls, hope you're having a great week. I'm starting to notice how its getting slightly colder, not that this summer was a giant heat wave anyway -_- I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to winter coming, I'm much more of a 'sleeping in the sun like a cat' kind of girl haha. I've finally finished at more! magazine now :( I'm really going to miss the girls and the beautiful beauty cupboard, but they said whenever they need me I can come back so that's made me slightly less sad! :) I got a giant goody bag to say thank you and wow, I cannot wait to go through everything to show you girls! Out of everything, my favourite must be my Kim Kardashian perfume. We know how obsessed I am with this beautiful woman. I'm thinking of doing a post purely on all of the new perfumes that I've got recently. I must say - I've got quite a few now. I've got quite OCD when it comes to perfumes, I always have to carry one in my bag! Anyway, before I start rambling about my OCD habits, I wanted to tell you about an Essie/Garnier launch that I went to last week. It was absolutely amazing, Zara and Poppy let me go and experience the joy that is a beauty launch. I've never been to one before so it was so lovely of them to let me get myself pampered for the day. It was in the beautiful W hotel (the same hotel that Nicki Minaj and all the X Factor team use for press days). The annoying thing is, I didn't bring my camera that day so I couldn't take any pictures of the hotel :( The launch was for the new season Essie nail polishes and the Garnier tanning range, they gave me a little goody bag so I've taken pictures of it all for you guys! Now, it won't be out until late September but I think its quite nice to show you a preview of what will be hitting the shops. 

The lovely ladies from Essie gave me a manicure and painted my nails with the new season 'don't sweater it', it's a grey toned brown shade. I'd say this particular shade is very 90's based and we all know how much I base my look on the 1990's! Having my nails done professionally has made me realise how much I take my nails for granted so I'm going to buy the Essie top coat. It basically protects your nail varnish for chipping and keeps it smooth and brings the nail varnish colour out to its fullest potential. For the rest of the collection, I would say they are very glam, old Hollywood inspired colours. The 'headmistress' shade is ideal for a night out and I don't usually like dark red tones, but I am in awe of this shade. The other shade names (which I find incredibly cute and amusing) are 'skirting the issue', 'miss fancy pants', 'recessionista' and 'stylenomics'. All very matte shades that scream Autumn/Winter style. I had my nails painted and pampered a week ago and they are still in great condition, it really does make a huge difference using a top coat! Now for the Garnier products, I got to meet the lovely James Harknett who has tanned for countless celebrities and events, including the X Factor, Brit Awards and for Take That. He was not impressed with me using petrol gloves instead of a mitt so he told me a few tips and tricks to help create a even glow! Use moisturiser sparingly on the elbows, heel and in between the fingers just to help the tan stick more evenly. What I love most about the Garnier Tanning Mousse is the smell - it smells of apricots not fake tan. Yay! :) Let me know what you think about Garnier tan and if you're looking forward to the new Essie collection - I know I am! ♥


  1. I am also using garnered products......they are pretty good...

    Btw do check out my new post
    Stay in touch

  2. I'm in love with Essie nail varnishes since my sister introduced them too me, I work at TKmaxx and we stock them now!! So i'm definitely going to invest!
    Such nice colours!


  3. WONDERFUL! ;)!

  4. Love Essie, I need to purchase some more shades!


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