Friday, 31 August 2012

some assembly required ♥

Hi girls, I'm currently writing this in my little office ( little bedroom) and its so lovely to finally have everything sorted out! Well..apart from the giant Ikea bag full of clothes in the corner. Apart from that, this ex-dining room is finally looking like my bedroom. I'm in such a motivated mood today, I'm writing this post straight after the Essie/Garnier launch post so I'm being nice and organised for once. I've given my room a good clean, organised my beauty dresser and colour coordinated my clothes - yes, I'm a loser. I've been listening to Man! I feel like a woman by the amazing Shania Twain and Independent Women by Destiny's Child - yes, I'm in one of those moods today. I love it when everything is organised and you don't procrastinate everything.  I bought a diary planner today to make sure I write down all the important dates and info that I would usually forget. I think I should get cute little post-it notes to add to the new 'organised' Jade ;) What do you think? Is there anything you do to make yourself really organised? For today's post, I really wanted to start getting through the giant bag that more! gave me, but because there is so much stuff it might take a while. Like I said in yesterday's post, I wanted to start with the perfumes, in particular, the Kim Kardashian ones. I was given both of them - yes, I did do my girly 'eiiiii' sound when I got them home. They really are beautiful scents, but they are really different so that's what I love about them. I first did an overall shoot of all the perfumes I have, for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I really didn't have many perfumes at all. So it's lovely that more! have helped me out with this wonderful collection ;)

Of course, if I had to pick one perfume, it would have to be Alien by Thierry Mugler - it is heaven in a bottle. I was in more! magazines beauty addict section last week and I had to give the girls my beauty routine, of course I had to include Alien. I could wear this 24/7! Apart from the fact that perfumes really are essential to feeling and smelling great, I love perfume bottles for decorating my room! I think they add a very glam look to any bedroom, as you can see, I really do like a lot of glam! haha :) Taking a closer look at the Kim perfumes, I really love the bottles for them. The first one is called True Reflection and its available from
Debenhams ranging from £30 to £40. I'd describe the scent as quite musky, but um..a good musk. It's very floral but with hints of coconut towards it - I love the smell of coconut! It's very floral based which makes it more suitable for the evening. Overall, I'd say this perfume is essential for die hard Kim K fans (like myself ;)..) and it does smell lovely for the evenings but I usually prefer stronger scents for when I go out. I think this is slightly stuck in the middle. The next fragrance is called Kim Kardashian (original, I know) the bottle is plain but bold, I prefer the True Reflection bottle if I'm honest. Now this shade smells completely floral, it is definitely a more day time scent in my opinion. It's light but fresh and is great for work or a day out with the girls. It has a slightly orange scent but other than that its pretty much flower power. Did I really just say flower power? Moving on, this bottle can be found again in Debenhams priced between £23 to £40. I don't think that's too expensive for a celebrity perfume! Let me know what you think of the Kim K range and what your number one perfume is! Have a great weekend girls ♥

Thursday, 30 August 2012

lonely hearts ♥


Hi girls, hope you're having a great week. I'm starting to notice how its getting slightly colder, not that this summer was a giant heat wave anyway -_- I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to winter coming, I'm much more of a 'sleeping in the sun like a cat' kind of girl haha. I've finally finished at more! magazine now :( I'm really going to miss the girls and the beautiful beauty cupboard, but they said whenever they need me I can come back so that's made me slightly less sad! :) I got a giant goody bag to say thank you and wow, I cannot wait to go through everything to show you girls! Out of everything, my favourite must be my Kim Kardashian perfume. We know how obsessed I am with this beautiful woman. I'm thinking of doing a post purely on all of the new perfumes that I've got recently. I must say - I've got quite a few now. I've got quite OCD when it comes to perfumes, I always have to carry one in my bag! Anyway, before I start rambling about my OCD habits, I wanted to tell you about an Essie/Garnier launch that I went to last week. It was absolutely amazing, Zara and Poppy let me go and experience the joy that is a beauty launch. I've never been to one before so it was so lovely of them to let me get myself pampered for the day. It was in the beautiful W hotel (the same hotel that Nicki Minaj and all the X Factor team use for press days). The annoying thing is, I didn't bring my camera that day so I couldn't take any pictures of the hotel :( The launch was for the new season Essie nail polishes and the Garnier tanning range, they gave me a little goody bag so I've taken pictures of it all for you guys! Now, it won't be out until late September but I think its quite nice to show you a preview of what will be hitting the shops. 

The lovely ladies from Essie gave me a manicure and painted my nails with the new season 'don't sweater it', it's a grey toned brown shade. I'd say this particular shade is very 90's based and we all know how much I base my look on the 1990's! Having my nails done professionally has made me realise how much I take my nails for granted so I'm going to buy the Essie top coat. It basically protects your nail varnish for chipping and keeps it smooth and brings the nail varnish colour out to its fullest potential. For the rest of the collection, I would say they are very glam, old Hollywood inspired colours. The 'headmistress' shade is ideal for a night out and I don't usually like dark red tones, but I am in awe of this shade. The other shade names (which I find incredibly cute and amusing) are 'skirting the issue', 'miss fancy pants', 'recessionista' and 'stylenomics'. All very matte shades that scream Autumn/Winter style. I had my nails painted and pampered a week ago and they are still in great condition, it really does make a huge difference using a top coat! Now for the Garnier products, I got to meet the lovely James Harknett who has tanned for countless celebrities and events, including the X Factor, Brit Awards and for Take That. He was not impressed with me using petrol gloves instead of a mitt so he told me a few tips and tricks to help create a even glow! Use moisturiser sparingly on the elbows, heel and in between the fingers just to help the tan stick more evenly. What I love most about the Garnier Tanning Mousse is the smell - it smells of apricots not fake tan. Yay! :) Let me know what you think about Garnier tan and if you're looking forward to the new Essie collection - I know I am! ♥

Monday, 27 August 2012

into the woods ♥


Hi girls, hope you’re having a lovely week – the weather has been strange hasn't it? I’m currently at my desk in the more! office and I’m eating sushi, yes, I’m having sushi for breakfast… I feel slightly ill though. Bad move Jade, bad move. I’m incredibly tired this morning, I tried to pay for my lunch earlier with my train ticket. Woops! I can’t believe it’s my last week at more! magazine, I’m going to miss the heavenly beauty cupboard, talking to lovely PR companies and seeing Poppy, Zara and Annie do what they do best! Now before I start rambling away, I wanted to do a review on some gorgeous Estee Lauder products from Harrods, in particular their Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder and Pure Colour Gloss Lipstick. Now I don’t really like using the word review when it comes to brands like Estee Lauder – there is nothing to review about this brand, you know straight away that whatever you buy from them, it will be flawless. Quality at its finest - you have no choice but to just admire them as works of art. The gold and blue packaging alone shows off class and sophistication, these are the products that I would lust for while using my pound land lip gloss…sigh. I can’t stress enough how much I love the look and quality of Estee Lauder products. We know how obsessed I am with make-up, imagine how crazy I’m going to get now I’m experiencing designer brands for the first time! Looks aside, let’s focus on the actual products! The Pure Colour Gloss Lipstick is available in 10 shades, all very subtle tones. I’d say they’re quite pastel, candy inspired. So automatically they can be wore during the day time for work etc.

The shade I have is Amber Glaze which I chose because of the bronze tone, as much as I love my nudes, I’m really warming up to dark bronze and browns. It can look very 90’s but hey – I’m a 90’s girls anyway! It's a beautiful shade that is smooth and creamy, which I love as my lips are quite dry at the moment so it's very moisturising. Now before I start going into detail about the Lucidity Translucent Powder, lets explain my relationship with powders in general. I can't get enough of them - they are my favourite beauty product (other than false lashes of course) and I find they make the biggest difference to my beauty routine. I have very oily skin so using powder keeps me looking fresh and vibrant without looking well..oily. It's the product I use the most, so I need a powder that lasts and doesn't disappear after 5 dabs of my powder brush. I have never tried Estee Lauder powders before but already, I give the packaging, design and quality of the product 10/10. I love cosmetics that have gold I too easily pleased or is everyone else like this?! I will gladly put this powder on my dresser table because it looks very 1950s Hollywood! I love how glam it looks. The shade is 02 Light/Medium and its a perfect base for my skin tone, its a lovely and even shade. It's incredibly lightweight and natural so its great for me because I usually have to wear a large amount of powder because my skin is so oily. Let me know if you've tried these products before - are you obsessed with the packaging as much as me?! haha. Have a good bank holiday girls, make sure you check out Harrods full range of Estee Lauder products!  Click here ;) ♥


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

bring on the night ♥

In trying to see what the trends are going to be for dresses this Autumn and Winter, it’s always tempting to see differences between the fashion houses as red herrings, trying to lead the unwary and the gullible down fashion paths that lead to sniggers behind the back and claims of a fashion faux pas by the fashionistas. But a variation, even a significant variation in the interpretation of what’s “in” for a season can be thrilling and turn heads for the right reasons. But it’s a tightrope to be walked. Go too far off the edge of the fashion colours and designs, and you’ll come a cropper. The safe bets for your Autumn into Winter wardrobe will be to go for sumptuous and ornate fabrics. Forget about austerity (well, put it to the back of your mind) and instead feel the lushness of velvet, the tickle of lace and damask- and the richness of deep colours. Big floppy hats will definitely be a requirement for the well-dressed lady. Also be prepared for a cape revolution. Capes are going to be swishing around all the major cities. Tweed, or something more flamboyant, but don’t be caught without one in your collection! As for the barnet, ornate accessories will be the order of the season. Jewelled hairbands and slides will be just the ticket. Even sparkly elastic to have your hair in a bun or bunches. Get yourself a bright blue or red humble Kirby grip and just make sure your hair is pinned, tied, clipped or swept into place with chic adornments.

While on the head, what about the eyes? Well, we’ll be looking for some drama here- ruby red, peacock blue and emerald green will clinch it for you. Beyond that, an arresting blend of gold, purple and green will create a classic autumnal smoky eye. A wash of matte tangerine shadow provided a modern take on autumnal make-up, and maybe some electric blue mascara? Don’t forget that the belt-cinched waist is a must. Whether a wide belt to catch the eye, or a subtle skinny snake belt to emphasise the waist, you’ll be expected to belt up! It may be that you already have a suitable belt from a few seasons ago- I hope you didn’t throw it out! If you’ve been watching the catwalks at the fashion shows you may have detected something going on about black and navy blue. Also a lot of Maxi length dresses and skirts. We shouldn’t be surprised about this. Dress length and the state of the economy have been entwined for many decades. Longer hemlines are a sure sign of bad times. Known as “The Hemline Index” it’s been a reference point since the Great depression in 1926 to indicate the state of the economy.

Hemlines have never been so low. Just take a peek at celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilera. They have been wearing skirts 33inches below the knee! Compare this with good times of the 1960s, the time of the creation of the mini skirt and the later nineties where the economy boomed and 18in skirts. There was a rationale for this behaviour in the past. Simply put, when times were good you could show off your more expensive hosiery with short skirts. In times of recession, the last thing you wanted people to see were your cheap stockings, so down came the hemlines! Finally, that ubiquitous book, 50 Shades of Grey, seems to be influencing everything, including the world of fashion. That doesn’t mean you wear grey (you clearly haven’t read the book!) but you make sure you have a lot of leather in your dress- either as part of the design, or in the form of leather accessories such as jigsaw belts, ethnic necklaces and chokers. Click here for autumn dresses! Let me know what you think of these warehouse dresses girls - the leather one is definitely my favourite. Have a great week, I'll let you know what other Autumn looks I find! ♥

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

the zeppo ♥

Hi girls, I hope you're all having a good week so far. I can't believe that it's Thursday already?! Last night I organised my blog posts and ate far too much chocolate ice cream. I ended up going to bed at 10 - I was so exhausted! Victoria Beckham will be proud of me, I managed to spend an entire day wearing heels...never again! I'm wearing my comfy ballet pumps today :) Speaking of the fabulous Posh spice, my Facebook finally changed my profile to the dreaded timeline but I changed my cover photo to a picture of the Spice Girls from the 1997 Brit awards. Girl power ;) My plan for tonight is to have a cheeky late night shopping spree, I am dying to get some new evening dresses - maybe some new peplum dresses? I'm really tempted to get my nails done too, but £20 is not very ex-student friendly... Winning the lottery would come in quite handy right about now! I'm currently calling in products for a beauty shoot on Monday, my voice is getting better but the PR girls remember who I am as soon as I croakily say hello. Woops! Can you believe I've been at more! for nearly 5 weeks? It's gone so fast, I really don't want to leave but I've got some really exciting things lined up so I have quite a bit to look forward too. For today's post, I wanted to have a large review of a certain brand. I really like that I've got a lot of products in one post - do you all prefer it like this? The brand responsible for all these goodies is called Per-Fekt. They're actually a US brand all the way from the glamourous Hollywood ;)

So of course Per-Fekt has a ton of celeb fans, including: Kim K, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Teri Hatcher and Blake Lively. I was already amazed when Kim Kardashian was mentioned..How amused I am that Kim uses the products that I've got in my beauty drawers! Anyway, before I trail off into my Kim obsession, lets get back to the goods! The first product I looked at was the marvellous Body Perfection Gel, (Rihanna and Jennifer Love Hewitt are big fans of this), I have to admit, I was a bit puzzled when I first used it - for the first time in history after using a skin product my hands were not left with a sticky, greasy feel to them! That's right, the Body Perfection Gel has no oil or moisture to it, it simply gets absorbed into your skin and makes it appear flawless. It basically creates an even skin tone and gets rid of any redness or any bruises. Which lets face it, I walk into my bed and bruise like a peach every 5 minutes. It has such a lovely texture to it and it glides on perfectly - no pun intended. This is definitely getting added to my beauty routine! The next products I looked at were the Brow Perfection Gel's - they are basically a quick and easier way for having full and well groomed eyebrows without using a brow pencil, stencil or brow shadows. I definitely recommend this product if you're always in a rush and I think eyebrows are essential for your make-up routine so I never skip doing them. The shade that suits my eyebrows best is espresso, if you have lighter eyebrows then champagne is the right colour for you. Now I still have some lip glosses to get through but I'll continue this in tomorrows post - let me know what you think so far! Have a great day girls ♥

killed by death ♥

Well I've had a pretty relaxed weekend, I went shopping, watched the (amazing) Spice Girls and ate a lot of pizza. I think its given me a much needed rest - I still sound rough but I'm getting better! I do feel incredibly sorry for all the PR companies who have to listen to my voice while I'm at the more! beauty desk. I've been here for nearly 5 weeks now - its gone so quick! It's almost time for lunch and I've got a coronation chicken wrap nom, nom, nom. I heard about the couple who had won the lottery at the weekend, sigh. What I would do if I won £148 million pounds! Anyway, last night I came home and started reading Fifty Shades Freed, then I did some yoga and went into bed. Not the most thrilling evening but I'm still in poor student mode at the moment. I've just come upstairs from the Grazia beauty sale - words can't describe how much I am in a good mood right now. I've bought 2 Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Lip Stains in shade 17 and 3. I'll take a picture of all of them when I get home! I really want shade 6 though - we all know how addicted I am to nudes. I also bought the Britney Spears perfume Cosmic Radiance, it smells gorgeous and I've been spraying it non stop - I feel sorry for the rest of the office... And I was so upset - I saw a Kim Kardashian perfume but by the time I went round the room again it was gone :( Sorry Kimmie. I also got a nude Givency eye pencil, I'll probably use it as a lip liner though - its such a beautiful nude! I got a glittery nude Leighton Denny nail polish but for some reason it doesn't say the shade name. I have another bag to get through but I'll do that when I get home. Ahh what a hard day it has been ;)

For today's post I wanted to look at St. Ives Apricot Scrub, now this is the Blemish Fighting version and I think it really suits my skin type. St. Ives Apricot Scrub has been the only product that I've stuck with, I think I first started buying it when I was 14 and I think that says a lot about the quality of a product if I've never strayed from it. In case you are a stranger to facial scrubs, this baby basically has tiny grains in the cream and it gently removes dirt and any dead skin. I'll be honest, I hate doing skin routines, I'm so lazy with it but for some reason St. Ives Apricot Scrub keeps me amused. Maybe its because you can actually notice the difference it makes to your skin right away. I'm far too lazy to use something for weeks and weeks if I don't notice anything happening. I demand fast results! haha ;) There are many different scrubs that St. Ives do and they suit everyone. The Invigorating scrub leaves your skin with a nice healthy glow and focuses more on the overall appearance of your skin, but the Blemish Fighting scrub fixes any imperfections or areas of your skin that are prone to breakouts. When I use it, I usually leave it on for 5 minutes like a face mask so it settles into my skin more, then I massage, massage, massage. It's tradition for me to use a ugly hair band when I'm doing this, remember the pink fabric ones you used to have when you were in primary school?! No? Just me... Anyway, I'm glad I'm telling you about my very basic skin routine, I can't live without my St. Ives scrub and it goes to show you that you don't have to spend a fortune for flawless skin! Let me know what you think about St. Ives and if you also have an unattractive head band.. Have a good day girls! ♥

Saturday, 11 August 2012

as you were ♥

Hi girls, hope you're having a good weekend. I'm still feeling pretty rubbish but my mum went food shopping today so it's looking up ;) Last night I had my beloved Pizza Hut and we all watch Spiceworld! Words can't describe how much I love this film, we all decided I was Posh - well...I decided haha. We watched my favourite bit when Posh falls into the water and Sporty Spice swims over to her asking if she's okay and Posh replies "No, I'm not okay - this dress is dry clean only Melanie!!" hahaa I'm easily pleased ;) This morning I went actually went shopping - for once! It's so nice to go shopping without feeling guilty about spending money, that's the only thing I don't miss about being a student. Although, I think 3 years of being at uni, I'm trained to only buy things in the sale hahaa. The gold top and the brown wedges were from a random shop called Select - I've never heard of it before but it was very cheap. They were £14 and the wedges were £9 - how amazing is that?! The next shop I went to was Primark, these two necklaces caught my eye straight away. I am obsessed with chunk necklaces at the moment. The blingy necklace was £6 and the purple and orange one was only £1 in the sale. Wearing these necklaces over high neck tops is perfect for adding texture - the only I'm wearing in the picture was £30 reduced to £8.

The sunglasses were from Poundland and as soon as I saw them, they reminded me of a pair that Kourtney Kardashian has - they're cat eye style sunglasses. They frame my face pretty well but arent too overbearing. I love that they have tortoise shell on the frames too. Although my crappy camera doesn't pick it up either. The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge pur Couture Glossy Stain lip stain is definitely my new addiction right now, I got shade 14 - which is a plum shade. I've never really worn darker shades before but I really think it suits my complexion - it reminds me of Faith from Buffy so we all know I'm pleased by this haha. Tonight I'm going to relax and have a early night (for once). I'm going to watch some films and read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. I've still lots of goodies to blog about too. Sunday you will see me jumping on the sofa's waiting for The Spice Girls to come on the television - I fear I'm the only one excited for them to perform... Hope you're having a great weekend girls, let me know if you've bought any nice wedges, it took me ages to find this pair! I'm back at the fabulous more! magazine on Monday and I think I'm watching Batman again at some point. How pleased I am ;) ♥

Friday, 10 August 2012

the weight of the world♥

1. Jumper: River Island Wedges: Topshop Shorts: Topshop 2. Heels: AX Paris Denim Shorts: River Island 3. Shoes: Zara Shorts: River Island 4. Boots: River Island Shorts: River Island
At this moment in time, I feel like death warmed up..which is slightly ironic seeing as I'm wearing all black today... I've got the flu :( My desk is surrounded by tissue boxes and I'm constantly reapplying powder to my red nose -_- not the most attractive look. Hope everyone has had a good week! I think its gone pretty slow actually, what has everyone got planned for tonight? I'm going round the BFF's with the rest of the girls to order Pizza Hut and watch chick flicks. I'll be having a large super supreme all to myself..with two sides muhaha. I've been looking at the Daily Mail today and I saw that the Spice Girls are rehearsing! Eiiii I love them! Posh has always been my favourite obviously ;)
Now for today's post, I'll explain why I'm obsessed with the jumper. I got the train this morning and around 8.15am she appeared. She could be Millie Mackintosh's twin - gorgeous, skinny with glowing skin and her fashion sense is amazing. Millie Jr. quietly got on the train and had every man subtly drooling at her with their mouths open - I was also admiring (but at her outfit). I was so tempted to ask her where she bought everything but a. I didn't want her to think I was a crazy stalker and b. well..reason a again.

So I did my detective work and found alternatives - she wore tropical shorts with the black jumper and gorgeous brown wedges. Now I personally wouldn't have put these things together, we all know how plain and simple I dress but I am in love with this outfit. The baggy jumper hung off this woman perfectly and when I buy one it better do the same! Damn my boobs... Anyway, I also put together how I would wear the jumper. You know I have issues with flat shoes (although I'm wearing sandals today so I'm getting better!) so I've found different heel styles. I am seriously in love with these outfits - I want them all! Other than the tropical shorts, I would say the nude ones from River Island are my favourite. Which one do you prefer? How would you wear the black jumper? I promise I won't frown if you say the word Converse - I'm tempted to buy a pair mum keeps moaning at me that I don't have any practical shoes. Pffft.. I'm back to ordering products for next weeks shoot - I feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to my voice today, I sound like a foghorn..sigh. Have a great weekend girls! ♥

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

empty places ♥

Hi girls, hope you’re having a good week. I feel completely exhausted – I need sleep! I’m still at the lovely more! magazine this week and I’ve just had to run to a studio to pick up some products from my beauty routine shoot. I’m just back at my desk and researching new beauty stories – I’m still in shock at Kelly Osbourne’s lack of eyebrows…bring them back Kelly! It just goes to show how much of a difference a pair of eyebrows can make, I really want to try eyebrow stencils! Has anyone tried them? I know Eylure sell a pair. This might be worth investigating! My plan for tonight is to sleep and then add some more sleep to my To Do List, you can tell I'm still in Uni mode - if I could wheel my bed into the more! office tomorrow, that would be amazing. Anyway, last night I went and saw Ted at the cinema, it was so funny, it was basically like a long family guy episode but still, it was really funny. I got my nachos and cheese again! Oh and the prawns ;) I've seen quite a few films these past two weeks actually..Ted, Dark Knight Rises and Magic Mike. I have got lots of goodies to review for you all, I'm going to have a quiet weekend this time so I will purely focus on the products and some much needed outfit posts. And this might sound odd..but my mum bought the second book of the Fifty Shades of Grey series! She was quite impressed that I finished the first one in two days (why doesn't she know I like reading?!) so she bought me it yesterday. I had a dream Christian Bale was cast as Christian Grey the other day, if he does get cast in the film, I'll assume I can predict the future haha.

For today's post, I wanted to do my August wish list, I know I'm a week late but it's better late than never. I'm still in my skirt and shorts mood for when I go out but I've started wearing Peplum tops - I know I'm 100 years late to this trend but...;) I think they are incredibly flattering to your figure and I love white or cream Peplum tops. when I wore one on Sunday, I paired it with my black leather trousers and heeled wedges - yes it was Kim Kardashian inspired ;) Pairing a chunky necklace with the top is a great way of adding glamour to the outfit, H&M really do have the most amazing necklaces lately. I am becoming a chunky necklace addict! Now if I had to pick one of my favourite items from my wish list, it would definitely be the pink River Island tweed biker jacket - words can't describe how much I want this in my wardrobe! It really reminds of the original Chanel one, very preppy but also very chic. You could make this jacket dressy with some shorts and heels or casual with some jeans and a oversized bag. Let me know what your favourite item is, I'll add all the links when I get home tonight. I'm just about to sort out the beauty cupboard - words cant describe how similar this is to thearopy. I feel so relaxed afterwards! Sad, I know haha. Hope you're having a great week girls - I shall be over happy tomorrow because one of the floors is having a giant beauty sale. I'll take pictures of all the goodies I get, promise! ♥

Monday, 6 August 2012

older and far away ♥

Hi girls, hope you've had a good week/weekend. My two weeks at more! have flown by, it should have been my last week on Friday but they've asked me to come back. I've had to call in products, run to beauty shoots and I've had to write my beauty routine for the girls - they were in shock when I said it takes me 5 hours to get ready. I still can't believe Kim K only take 2 hours to get ready?! Although..she does have a team that does everything for her... I spent the weekend out at Friction in Beckenham then on Sunday I finally watched The Dark Knight Rises - it was amazing. I'm still a bit iffy on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but that's only because I've been obsessed with Michelle Pfeffier's Batman Return's portrayal of her. I was on cloud nine because I had nachos with salsa and creamy cheese - this is the way to my heart haha. I also sneaked in my prawns again, I must be the only person to eat prawns in a cinema... I'm currently writing this at my desk, I've almost got all my products in for my beauty routine shoot tomorrow, I'm so excited for you to all to read it! I think the issue will be out next week hopefully? I'm not too sure, I'll have to find out! My plans for this week are to see Batman (again...), try to go shopping at some point especially in H&M because the clothes I've seen look amazing! I'm still trying to be healthy girl at the moment, I'm eating fruit in the morning (minus the little chocolate snacks that are flying around the office), for lunch I've got the Boot's meal deal which is all Shapers - so still healthy! I'm finding it painful trying to eat healthy, I allowed myself nachos as a treat! The first photo is my portfolio, I actually bought one and put my dissertation in there with all of the work I've written for more! magazine, Zoo etc. I'm quite impressed I filled it up!

Next is my mothers cooking..I have no idea what it's called but I could eat 100 bowls of it. Next is me in a very old Primark playsuit outside the new Chanel beauty store in London - it was gorgeous inside! They don't let you take photos but it really is amazing in there, I need a money tree...
Now I managed to take a sneaky picture of the unbelievable more! beauty cupboard - my jaw dropped the first time I saw it, they have more products than Boots. Next is me at my dad's work, I thought my purse and YSL compact looked pretty on my desk haha. The L'Oreal bag was the first official beauty product sent to me for a more! beauty shoot - I got so excited it had my name on it! (Yes, I'm sad...I know). My beautiful nachos, I want them right now, ohhhh that cheese is amazing. The right image is when I went to a fun fair and had a face paint, I came back home then generally went out with it still on my face haha. Next is the Taylor Swift perfume, it really is perfection in a bottle, I feel like I'm going to run out of it pretty fast.. We all know the 1989 Batman is my favourite film, so I was incredibly pleased when it was on the itv the other day. The black heels were given to me by the fabulous more! girls, one of the perks of working there! They are so easy to walk in too! Thought I'd include my results email too, eiiii still in shock about it. Finally I have my delicious Chinese take away and then my Dark Knight Rises cinema ticket - I'll be honest, I didn't like the ending of the film. But it was still amazing! ♥
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