Monday, 30 July 2012

lessons ♥

It's week two at more! magazine on the beauty desk and I've spent today running to Shu Uemura to pick up some gorgeous eyeshadows, calling PR companies for products and researching what looks the celebs are sporting. There's a giant box of fruit here and you can help yourself to all of it - no wonder why all the girls have amazing figures here! It's currently my lunch break right now, instead of spending money I don't have on food, I'm eating coronation chicken with cous cous. My mum made it - how cute ;) I cut up some carrots and put a giant blob of hummus next to them..slightly less cute. At the weekend, I finally started to read Fifty Shades of Grey (I finished it in two days - so proud of myself haha) I did actually like it. I know everyones a bit 50/50 about it (get it fifty/50?..muhaha) but I'm quite curious about the film. I hope Ian Somerhalder is cast as Christian - he would be perfect! I'm also back on my healthy diet plan, I find it so hard to not over eat! I don't think it's what I eat, its how much I eat of it... So ultimately it defeats the point of eating healthy in the first place...sigh. Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with the girls to watch Magic Mike, I am so getting nachos! Cinema food may be expensive but the nacho cheese is worth every penny. Nom, nom, nom. Also, I heard about the Kristen Stewart madness - I have never been a fan of Kristen but I am still shocked about this whole scandal, poor Rob :( How awkward will the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere be?!  Today I'm sporting my brown faux leather trousers, white strap top and white blazer - I've gone back to wearing nude lips, I think I killed the whole 60's red vibe last week..

Anyway, for today's post I wanted to look at the Susan Posnick lipstick - I know my last few posts have been pretty product based but come onnnn...they're all so pretty! ;) The shade is called Marrakech and the best way to describe it is...a dark bronze. Unfortunately I got a little bit tan happy when I took these pictures, so it basically matches my skin tone -_- Ola stupido! Moving on...I would definitely recommend this shade to anyone who wants a bronzed look but without having to do the old fashioned nude lips. I've totally killed nude lips - I've over done them. But I am really getting into bronze and brown shades - totally 90's ;) Not only do I love the packaging of this lipstick but when you put the lid on it automatically closes - like a magnet! As you can imagine, this keeps me amused most of the time. The texture of the lipstick is creamy but slightly thick - it definitely lasts a long time on your lips which is perfect for me when I'm stuck in a office all day. You can always add concealer on first then apply if you want a more subtle bronze shade - either way, it's perfect for this summer! (Not that we've really had one with all this rain...) So let me know what you think! Have you got any Susan Posnick goodies in your draw? I'm off to exercise now because I feel like I've eaten a horse today - damn you food portions! Have a good evening girls, let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to review. ♥

Sunday, 29 July 2012

conversations with dead people ♥

How crazy has the weather been today – Kaya hasn’t stopped running around and she's been jumping on my lap whenever she hears thunder. Although it hasn’t really rained that much, it has certainly made up for it today. I’m back at the amazing more! magazine this week and it feels like I never left. I specifically sit on the beauty desk now so I get to look at all the new season goodies. I don't know if I’m allowed to say what things are being released but make sure you watch out for October ;) On Tuesday I ran to the new Chanel store in Covent Garden, it really is amazing in there – I took a photo outside actually so I’ll add it to my pictures of the week post :) I felt incredibly poor as I walked around the room, seeing as I’m still a poor student (I still have a few months until graduation…), I still can’t afford any of the beautiful items in there. From lip glosses to the perfumes, it literally has everything. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in London :) I’ve just cooked a pizza and covered it in coronation chicken sauce – wowow. Not the most healthiest option, but I gave up on being healthy today. Krispy Kreme sent the more! office boxes of doughnuts…We all know what I’m like haha. Ahh I’ve just spilt the coronation chicken sauce on my phone...sigh. The reason why I haven’t been able to post this week is because I lost my camera in my room…I literally couldn’t find it and today I found it – in my draw -_- Typical!

Anyway, for today’s post I wanted to look at the amazing Susan Posnick. She created a cosmetics range in 2002 and it has got bigger and bigger ever since. I’ve also got one of her lipsticks but I’ll do that for tomorrows post. As you can see, I’ll be looking at the blusher today. The full name of the Susan Posnick blusher is actually called the Susan Posnick Colorme Blush For Cheeks & Eyes and the shade that I have is called Camelia. Now the reason why I love this product so much is the fact that its by Susan Posnick. This woman is a renowned make-up artist and has worked on countless celebrities including the gorgeous Cindy Crawford. We all know how obsessed I am with beautiful celeb looks and I love that Susan has actually had years in the celeb/model industry. So you know straight away that this woman knows what makes a good cosmetic range! This blusher is perfect for if you’re on the go because you literally dab it on your cheeks without needing to use a brush to apply it with. I’ve been using it on the train on the way to more! magazine in the mornings (yes, I’m the woman who does her make-up in the middle of a packed train…) and it really is practical for when you’re in a rush. This particular shade suits me perfectly and it has a lovely bronze tint to it. I can't recommend this blusher enough! Let me know what you think and I’ll show you the lipstick tomorrow. Hope you’ve had a good weekend girls ♥

Sunday, 22 July 2012

when she was bad ♥

Well I finally got what I was moaning about in my last post - the sun! The weather has been lovely today, lets hope I don't jinx us... Hope everyone has had a good weekend, I went out with the girls on Friday night and then Harry came round and we watched Insidious. Seriously, I never get scared of films but I was hiding behind Harry after 20 minutes hahaa. I'm back at the amazing more! magazine tomorrow for two weeks, so excited to see everyone again. I'll be on the beauty desk, so you know I'll have a permanent smile on my face. I also got my work published in Zoo magazine this week, it's such a nice feeling that my name is on the page - I've had such an amazing week! :) Today I had to run down to the train station and get my train ticket, I know I've lived in London for 100 years but I get really panicky buy my train tickets in the morning - I'm always worried I'll have to que for hours! hahaa :) I spent the rest of my day reading copies of Vogue and Twilight out in my garden, with pineapple lolly pops. Yum, yum. How did you all spend today? I hope that you're all going to see The Dark Knight Rises at some point (if you haven't already), I think I'm going to go to the IMAX to see it, I want a big, big screen to see the gorgeous Christian Bale. As much as I love Anne Hathaway, I really can't imagine her playing Cat woman well...for me it will always be Michelle Pfeiffer. Hopefully Anne will prove me wrong though. (Notice how I didn't mention Halle Berry's Cat Woman role...sigh)

For today's post I wanted to show you some new products I received from the lovely Lynee. I'm going to break it up rather than have 100 pictures in one post...or would you prefer them all in one go? Anyway, today I'm reviewing the Vitage Age Defence Skin Hydrator SPF15. Now, the bottle is 50 ml, which I think is the perfect size for carrying in your bag. I love having moisturisers because they really are the most important thing for me when it comes to skin care. With that in mind, this Vitage product certainly lives up my expectations. It's creamy and smells divine. The best way to describe the smell would be freshness. It's not strong or sickly, (which I cannot stand when using skin products) so it suits me perfectly. I've only been using it for a few days and already my skin feels less oily and more dewy. It's a perfect base for your foundation, especially if you want a 'Victoria Secret' glow. The bottle says that the purpose of this product is 'Multi-tasking, anti-ageing moisturiser with UVA and UVB protection.' So basically, it's perfect for the summer and has added benefits for your skin. Sometimes we skip using a base for our foundations, but using a moisturiser or primer before really improves how the foundation sits on your skin. I'm giving this product 8.5/10 for the quality of the formula and 10/10 for the packaging - I love how cute and little it is! :) Let me know if you've used any of the Vitage brand, I still have the radiance serum to review. Have a good week girls, I'm back to watching Nikita and getting ready for more! tomorrow ♥

Thursday, 19 July 2012

listening to fear ♥

I don't know why this keeps happening to me, but it does. I'm covered in insect bites, yet again -_- At least if I were on holiday, I would have the hot sun to make it worth while but instead we have this years 'English summer'. I really need to have a holiday! I'm currently wrapped up in my duvet, drinking a large glass of milk and watching Nikita. I love the series so far, I'm only on episode 6 and I'm getting incredibly addicted to it. Shane West = perfection. I'm having such a great week so far, I've had amazing uni results, I had work published in this weeks Zoo magazine and More! have asked me to come in for two weeks on the beauty desk. So excited to go back there, its such a lovely working environment, I wonder if I'll see Alan Carr again :) Today I did a kind deed for the mother and I cleaned and hoovered the house, I managed to do this even though Kaya (my dog) kept trying to chase the hoover around the room...sigh. Hope your week is going well! :) For today's post, I wanted to show you all my little make-up draw and how I organise everything. I'm always looking at these types of pictures when other blogs post it - it motivates me to clean my room haha. I didn't want a wardrobe for my room, I wanted two rails - I've obviously been looking at too many tumblr girl bedrooms ;) As you can see, I've made a poor attempt of colour co-ordinating my clothes on the first rail..

Now when it comes to products, I've organised it so there are 3 draws/shelves that are just for products. Tan/body, cosmetics and hair products have all been divided and so far it makes my mornings so much easier! It's slightly sad that I haven't been able to buy any nice holders for my mascara's or lip glosses though... I've cut water bottles in half and kept them in there, on the plus side though, I made ice lollies with the other half of the bottles :D How easily amused I am.. You can see I've organised my make-up by foundation, powders, eye lashes, nail polishes, lip glosses and mascaras. At the back of the hair shelf I've put all my eye shadows. Actually looking at my make-up drawer makes me realise I don't have that much make-up! Or do I? Compared to other bloggers, I think my drawers are pretty bare! aha. Gah I'm covering myself with anti-bug bite cream again, it smells funny :( My plan for tomorrow, if I don't get kidnapped by insects tonight, is to go food shopping for my mum, (my dad's driving me - he isn't trusted to do food shopping alone haha), then I'm going out with the girls. I have to show you the new outfit I bought! I'll be wearing high waisted khaki shorts with a black crop top from Topshop with nude heels. Pretty simple outfit but I'll do my big Cheryl hair to make it look more glam. Hope you have a good weekend girls, I have amazing skin products to review for you and pictures from my week! Let me know how you organise your make-up :) ♥

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

lies my parents told me ♥

Hi girls, hope you’re having a good week – I’ve finally finished my bedroom now and I wanted to take pictures and show you, but my camera has vanished -_- How typical! I’m having a amazing week so far, first of all I finally got my uni results. I got a 1st for my dissertation and overall I got a high 2:1 – I am seriously still in shock. I really didn’t expect to get a 2:1, all that hard work really did pay off! I’ve spent today relaxing with ice cream and I’ve started watching Nikita. I’ve only seen two episodes but I have a feeling I’m already going to get hooked… Does anyone else watch it? Anyway, for today’s post, I wanted to list some of my favourite fashion websites. But mainly websites that are affordable and still have amazing trends. You can still look like a million dollars without having to actually spend that much! 
The list so far:

Miss Rebel

The first site that I love is Prodigy Red – this site is simply amazing. Every item is under £15 and I mean literally everything. From dipped hem dresses to Aztec prints, Prodigy Red has all the key trends covered and for £15 or less, it doesn’t get better than this. Next is Love Sacha, now I only found out about this site a few months ago but I am officially hooked. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous and this site is perfect if Kim Kardashian or Lucy from TOWIE is your style icon – the pencil style dresses are perfect! I love the one I featured in the main pictures, the ‘Z’ style neck is really unique and you know I want it as soon as the fabulous Kim K puts it on. Miss Rebel is another favourite of mine, it's fresh and funky without any big price tags. I think what I count as a good fashion site is one that has a good range of evening dresses. I don't know about you, but I'm so tired of spending £40 to £50 on dresses from Topshop or Miss Selfridge, yes they may be gorgeous but I can't afford to keep doing it!! I hope you have a good week girls, I'm going to keep adding shops to this post, but comment and let me know what you're favourite online shop is and if you've used these three sites before! ♥

Friday, 13 July 2012

this year's girl ♥

Hi girls, hope you've had a good week. Can you believe I'm still trying to turn the dining room into my bedroom?! I went to Ikea last night (purely for the 50p hot dogs of course) and I bought a rail and quite a few candles - hopefully it will make my room look more girly. Because of me being a poor student, I couldn't afford to go on holiday this year :( but my best friend is so I won't see her for a week - so instead of going out tonight, I'm going to spend my evening watching Twilight films and The Departed. I know it's a weird combination but I've been wanting to watch these all week - how odd?! Anyway, I just want to tell you about an article that the lovely Kathleen sent to me. It's basically everything we need to know about health and safety for the beauty products we use. Apparently there is a limit to how long you can keep sun cream - what?! I never knew this! Bad Jade... Anyway, here is the link  - I think it's really helpful to everyone and with the amount of money we spend on cosmetics, its good that we know when to throw bits out! It's about time I mentioned an article like this - I don't fancy us all getting bacteria all over our make-up...

Now for today's blog post, I wanted to focus on the 2012 Autumn/Winter looks from the runway. I've picked my favourite looks and I think I've got quite a few different styles. My favourite has got to be the dark burgundy red lips - I can't believe how much the Burberry lipstick looks like the models lips?! Pretty good match I'd say ;) I really want to try this look, I love the glossy twist to it and the peach eyeshadow - definitely getting added to my wish list! The top look is a lovely update of the smokey eye, I could picture myself wearing this with giant hair and false lashes. It really is perfect for a night out, I'm getting tired of my evening make-up at the moment so I think this will add a new twist to it. Now the second look is quite tricky (well for me anyway), I do struggle getting the perfect line but I find using cotton buds and concealer a perfect weapon against uneven strokes. Practise does make perfect after all ;) What look do you think is the best one? Are you looking forward to the new season make-up trends? I'm going to start watching Eclipse (knowing me though I'll end up watching Criminal Minds again...) so I hope you have a good weekend girls, let me know if you try the Burberry lipstick! Also - has anyone noticed where I'm getting my post titles from lately? ;) ♥

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

the yoko factor ♥

My Rhodesian Ridgeback weighs roughly 9 stone and was originally breed in Africa to hunt lions - with this intimidating information it puzzles me that as soon as she hears thunder, she jumps onto my lap with her tail between her legs. Yes, my dog Kaya has been breaking all my bones this morning from being a little scaredy cat. Apart from this, I'm still trying to sort my room out and make it look more um...bedroomish. Last night I wrapped my duvet around me and watched more Criminal Minds and the 1995 film Dangerous Minds that starred Michelle Pfeiffier. I know I need some time apart from Agent Hotchner and the rest of the gang but I'm seriously addicted to it! I've just made a tuna salad - I feel slightly guilty for eating pizza two days in a row... Trying to eat healthy sucks -_- I really want this weather to have more sun involved! I'd feel more summery if the sun was out, I'd love to be able to blog outside but I don't really see this happening though. Anyway, lets get on with the outfits today - I wanted to feature the white bustier top simply because I think it will go with any outfit. We all know I have a strong appreciation for fringed shorts as well (or as I call them - 'shakey shakey pants').

I'm pretty impressed with the black ones from River Island. As usual, these outfits are simple but glam with huge inspiration from Kim Kardashian. I love how she wears bold blazers with simple fitted shorts and tops. The Suede black studded bag is perfect for adding texture to this look without being too overbearing. Both of the blazers are actually from Topshop and when I was at uni I obviously couldn't afford to spend money in there, so I was Primark bound. Now I've actually got the yellow blazer I can really see the difference. The quality of the fabric and the way the blazer is fitted really does show how amazing Topshop are. I really recommend starting a blazer collection if you don't already - they literally add glamour to any outfit and can add a touch of class without stealing the attention away from the main dress or top etc. For the second outfit, the skirt was £15 from H&M - I'm not too sure if they still sell it but there are hundreds on ebay. I had to include the Runway Red lipstick by MAC - definitely a great way to make your outfit stand out! Finally there is the Chanel Lambskin Maxi Single Flap Black. If I ever win the lottery, this will be the first item I buy. I remember seeing one of the women at Red magazine have one, my eyes were constantly admiring it. So what do you think? Do you think the clothes are too glam or do you think the blazers and accessories tone it down? Has anyone else had a Chanel bag drool moment? haha ;) Hope you're all having a good week! ♥

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

i was made to love you ♥

I thought for today's post, I'd do something a little different. Basically a detailed ramble on my advice for blogging and why I started Fairytale Kiss. I created Fairytale Kiss on February 2011, with my first post being about The Vampire Diaries (surprise, surprise). This wasn't the first blog I had created, I think it was called Fashion Valentine Jade or something odd like that... I didn't really create a clear theme with it so I lost interest and didn't develop it. The main reason I created Fairytale Kiss was to show my passion and interest for the fashion and beauty industry. It sounds like such a cliche when people say how they've wanted to be a writer since they were born, but I remember vividly saying in year 3 that I wanted to be editor of Vogue one day. I literally have never wanted to do anything else - in year 4 I do vaguely remember wanting to be a actress to star in Buffy (how cute) but besides my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, being a journalist has always stuck with me. I love writing and I think it's a great way to get my thoughts and opinions out without talking to myself all day. Whether I'm any good at it is a completely different story but if you guys keep checking this page everyday then I must be doing something right? (I hope anyway...)

Now, I'm not saying I am the ultimate blogging guru because my blog is only 17 months old, but my advice for any bloggers that have just started out is to be yourself. Yes if you're making a fashion and beauty blog, we're basically talking about the new trends and products out there, but see it from your perspective. Although I try to appeal to different body types and trends, I always make sure its something I personally would buy. I would never write about something that I didn't think was a good product, otherwise then whats the point? I do think I need to vary myself more, but I'm very boring and particular with my look. I grew up watching Buffy and I have to say this is one of the biggest influences for my style. Season 2 is a perfect way to explain my taste - Sarah Michelle Gellar dressed in leather jackets and trousers, plain tops and nude, grey toned make up. Besides from my Cheryl Cole imitation hair, I still love wearing looks inspired by Buffy's character. It sounds slightly weird to not have a modern day style icon, but hey - we all know I'm weird. Of course I love Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole's style so I do have a mixture of looks I like.

When it comes to the design and layout of my blog. Ive tried to put my personality into every aspect and I think it's pretty clear what my hobbies and interests are. That's why I love reading other peoples blogs - you get to know them and how their style relates to them. So when I first created my blog, I kept working on the specific images I wanted and what message I was trying to send. Other than your posts, the layout is the most important thing - the images you use can make a person relate to you. I think the first words that come into your head when you think of Fairytale Kiss are 'crazy single girl who watches too much Buffy, eats too much pizza and needs to buy clothes instead of make-up...'. This statement really isn't far fetched at all - we all know I need help with my make-up habits. Anyway, back to my main points - if you are starting your own blog, remember to enjoy it and make it clear you enjoy what you're doing. Don't try and follow what everyone else is doing just because you think they're blog is popular. It just takes time to get a strong following and the more you keep your own identity, the more people will like your freshness and individuality :) I hope this has been helpful to some of you and if you have any questions just leave a comment below! Let me know if there are any particular topics you want me to ramble about. Have a good evening girls ♥

Monday, 9 July 2012

where the wild things are ♥

My diet has literally gone to hell and when I mean hell, I mean little devils shaped as ice cream scoops and pizza slices has been following me around all day. The amount of junk food I have eaten this weekend is unreal - pizza hut, Chinese, KFC. Its bad, really bad. Although I am incredibly comfortable right now, I'm watching Criminal Minds (season 3) and eating Carte D'or Chocolate Inspiration, I might have chucked chocolate over the ice cream too...whoops. Anyways, how was your weekend? I went out on Friday and finally wore the Topshop Pink Fringed skirt outfit, its definitely one of my favourite outfits! I covered myself with St. Tropez tanning mousse which is absolutely gorgeous, it definitely makes a difference and I really recommend it. Then Saturday I finally saw Harri, who came down from Maidstone - we went to the fair and I actually got a face paint! Although, some of the workers there thought we were both fourteen years old..I was not amused haha ;) Then I met up with the girls and we had Pizza Hut (sigh) and watched The Devil Wears Prada. For today's post, I wanted to do another recap on the new make-up goodies I have. We all know my poor student budget has left me with Primark lashes (although they are amazing) and Pound Land foundation's... So it gives me great pleasure to show of these bad boys ;)

The first image is the foundation's and wow they really are perfect. The first one is by Illamasqua - funky and cheerful, this liquid has some added shimmer so its perfect for a night out. I know shimmer and foundation may sound a little confusing but it basically creates a youthful and 'dewy' skin tone - pretty much inspired from a tanned Victoria Secret Angel. It's limited edition so it makes me feel special ;) The next one is by Lancome and it's definitely my favourite, its perfect for day or night and provides perfect creamy coverage. Plus it smells gorgeous too! The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is lovely but I find it too shiny - the Illamasqua one creates a shimmery shine so it blends well with everything, but I find unless you have powder with you non stop, the Rimmel liquid can make you look very greasy :( Next are the nail varnishes - you already know what one is my favourite. Nothing like a little bit of Yves Saint Laurent to spice up your make-up bag. All three shades are gorgeous and I personally prefer matte shades without any shimmer to them. The lipsticks are my favourite type of cosmetic - I am constantly looking for the perfect type of colour and texture and I think these three really hit the mark. The first MAC lipstick is called Runway Red - out of all the red lipsticks I have had - this ones comes close to a perfect 10. It has a satin finish to it and has a blue undertone, it's taken me a while to find out I suit blue hinted reds.

The final pictures are of the new Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatic eye shadow palette in number 8 - isn't it pretty?! Definitely perfect for brown or hazel eyes. I know I love my matte eye shadows but...its so pretty! The shades are perfect for creating a subtle or dramatic smokey eye, I love the green shade, although it looks slightly grey from my camera. Stupid camera -_- This compact is ideal for flashing it out in public and getting envious states, believe me - I was doing this on a train muhaha. I love this compact because the quality of the shadows are immense and you definitely get your moneys worth. I'm back to watching my next Criminal Minds episode (I'm addicted) but let me know what you're favourite product is and what one you want me to try out. Also, now I've moved back to London, I'm going to have my own room! I've had to share with my sister -_- but now I'm turning the dining room into mine. I'm so excited (sad but true) so I'll take pictures once it's all decorated and all 'Jade inspired'. Hope you're having a good week fairytale kissers ;) ♥

Thursday, 5 July 2012

prophecy girl ♥


Hi girls, sorry I haven't posted all week - on Tuesday I was randomly asked to come into Zoo magazine. How amazing is that?! So I've been really busy at work and all I can say is every boys dream. They have a pool table, wide screen TV where they play Fifa and watch Sky Sports, sit on bean bags, have walls covered in topless girls, a speaker system which they blare music from and vending machines galore. Everyone is so lovely there and I've had such a crazy week! I've never been to a men's magazine before so it's really nice to experience what Zoo is like. They work so hard so it's no wonder why its one of the best selling men magazines. I'm really grateful they emailed me to ask me to come and see them, my CV is getting much longer now! I don't want to leave :( I added a picture of me in the Missguided dress that my mum bought for me last week, it's much more peach coloured in natural light but for some reason the colour is slightly off here.. I hope you like my 'Cheryl' hair - can you believe I actually used rollers?! hahaa.

For the wish list today, I pretty much based it all on pretty tops and shorts. That's all I wear when I go out lately! I'm really bored of my evening dresses and until I get paid, I'm going to stick to the top and shorts routine. My favourite item has to be the River Island shorts on the second row. I need them in my wardrobe! I'm slightly rushing this post because I need to wash my hair and get sorted for Zoo tomorrow, but I'll add all the details for each item. In the meantime, if you're dying for a item just comment what item and I'll find out for you! :) My plans for this weekend involve going out for my Jade's 21st birthday, going Bluewater for shopping and cinema and Sunday I'm seeing Harriet from Southampton! I haven't seen her in too long so I hope she braces herself for an emotional hug haha. What are your plans for the weekend? I'm really sorry if I haven't got around to emails yet, I'm going to sit down and have a email session ASAP! Have a good weekend girls :) ♥
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