Sunday, 3 June 2012

becoming ♥

Hi girls, hope you're having a good week! So sorry I've been absent for a while, I've just started my placement at Red Magazine so I've been all work and no play. I have to say that my first week has been amazing, I'm learning so much and getting a completely different angle of the magazine industry. Red has a slightly older readership so it's nice to widen my experience and understanding of fashion and beauty journalism! It's pretty surreal that ELLE is downstairs too, I'll definitely have to chain myself to the building when my placements finished haha :) I also have good news - I've got work experience at Nuts magazine too! I know a men's magazine isn't where I want to end up, but I think this will be a greart oppurtunity to make my CV stand out, especially if I have a range of different magazines on it. I'm so excited to start! I wonder if busty models will be walking around in lingerie in the office? I don't really have anything exciting to report other than the Red and Nuts news, I twisted my leg a few weeks ago and I had to be on crutches for a few days - so annoying!

I had a lovely birthday back home in London, we went to No 5 Cavendish and I got sparklers with the large vodka bottles! I'm so easily pleased hehe :) Oh and with my birthday money, I will be buying this Zara dress, I think it's beautiful and is perfect to wear around town or to dinner. I'm just buying it online as we speak ;) I hope you like todays post, I wanted it to be simple and easy to understand, I feel like this post is straight to the point but has a little recap on what I've been up to. Anway, I've been feeling a little rough these past few days so I'm going to get into bed with some lemsip and watch Keeping up with the Kardashian's - the clothes always make me feel better! Hope you have a good bank holiday girls, here a picture that my best friend took in my birthday outfit! :) ♥


  1. felicidades!!
    Karola de ESTILO MODA

  2. You looked so so hot! Happy Birthday!!!!

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  3. Great post ! :)
    We follow you ! Kisses. ♥

  4. I love the second look. I want to trial it.

    Happy Birthday :)


  5. Thanks for the inspiration <3

    Lea x


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