Saturday, 30 June 2012

helpless ♥

My sister is currently teasing me with a giant pizza - this diet is driving me crazy, I want to eat everything! Last night I went to Pizza Express with the girls, for £13 I had a starter, main and desert - how amazing is that?! So much for being healthy... I am starting to exercise more though so I'm quite pleased that I am actually doing something about my figure. I really like Miley Cyrus's figure, she looks lovely and toned! I woke up this morning covered in insect bites though, so I'm not impressed - I look like I've got chicken pox..sigh. Apart from covering myself in insect bite relief cream, I've been reading Twilight (for the 158606th time) and bouncing around on the trampoline. Everyone has been talking about the 50 Shades of Grey book, I am curious about it. Have any of you read it? Tonight I'm going up to London to a club called Punk - I've never been before but fingers crossed they play Britney.

My kind and lovely mother felt sorry for my low income (which is 0 because I don't have a job yet), so she bought me a dress for Missguided. The Althena Bodycon Plunge Dress to be exact ;) I love this dress because it really reminds me of the Kim Kardashian nude outfit that she wore last week. The straight slit in the plunge neckline is very classy but it still looks glam enough for a evening dress. I'm wearing it tonight for Punk so I'll be sure to take pictures! I got the dress in Peach and my sister bought the black one so I can steal hers too, although her size 6 dress might no go too well with my large bum... I'm just about to use the St. Tropez Bronzing Gel, I have a little tip for you! I don't really like using a tanning mit so when my dad went to the petrol station last week, I made him get me a pair of the gloves there. There only plastic gloves but I find they help my tan go on more evenly. Try it out and see what you think! ♥

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

the harsh light of day ♥

The weather has been lovely for the past two days so I'm taking full advantage of wearing my black maxi dress. I say 'my' maxi dress but I actually stole it from my sister - she should be aware that she is never getting it back muhaha. I'm currently at my desk in Red typing away while I wait for the features team to select what news stories could be feature idea worthy. It is unreal how much I have learnt in terms of how a magazine is put together. Everything is thought out carefully and research is very important - I really admire the content that Red produces, even though it's aimed at a slightly older readership. I still find myself flicking through all their magazines at lunch - especially the food section ;) My plan for shopping tomorrow is still in order, I hope they have the skirt in stock! We all know with my luck though I'll end up having to glue pink bird feathers on a bin bag, sigh... I ran to Boots this morning and bought a big tub of vanilla flavoured Slim Fast - now I know it doesn't sound like a healthy idea but instead of me chomping down on four chocolate bars for lunch (with a sandwich and crisps) I'll have a slim fast and then a healthy dinner when I get home. Then I'll actually have to start exercising - great -_- I think we should all naturally have Adriana Lima's figure, I would wear underwear to work everyday if I did haha. Sounds like a good idea right?!

Today's outfit is nothing fancy, its just a plain black maxi dress from New Look (it's from last year), the cropped leather jacket is £30 from Vera Moda and the sandals were £9 from Primark. The second photo was me giving my brother a confused look because I didn't think he pressed the right button. I wrote the first half of this post at work and now I am back home and exhausted, I watched a few Criminal Mind episodes (of course) and now I'm going to exercise..I dont want to! I might start with some yoga, yoga counts right?! Oh before I forget, I got an email today about a competition - I just wanted to show you all the link so you can enter. Basically if you post a picture of your bedroom you could win £100 worth of Zara vouchers - this probably means I'll have to clean my room... The deadline is the 22nd of June so get tidying! I'd like to thank Sara for telling me about this competition - she's well aware of how much Fairytale Kiss readers love Zara clothes ;) I'm off to exercise but let me know if you've bought any nice maxi dresses or if you're entering the Layezee competition! ♥


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

bewitched, bothered and bewildered ♥

I didn't think I could eat a whole plate of rice and chicken, but it turns out I can eat it pretty fast and have seconds... I swear I will start exercising again, I'm just taking advantage of my mums cooked food now I'm back home. I feel slightly sick now though - whoops. I'm currently being kicked off the television because football is on...again -_- how many more days do we have left of this?! Work was pretty good today, I got to organise all of the new season make-up for the October and November issue. I can officially say my eyes have witnessed the new season colours ;) If I had to pick my favourite brand out of the new collections it would have to YSL and MAC - Yves Saint Laurent has the most beautiful warm shades out for this Autumn, I need to start saving! I only have three days left at Red :( Who's going to admire the beauty cupboard when I leave?! Eurgh the shouting that my dad and brother make when football is on...can't it be a quiet sport -_- I just heard the sad news that Johnny Depp has split from Vanessa Paradis - I feel so bad for them, they were such a lovely couple! Now before I start to over ramble, lets get straight to the outfit...

Now for today's post I was going to feature the foundation and lipsticks but I'm going to show you the outfit I'm going to buy on Thursday - well the skirt and top. I can't afford the black Kurt Geiger stilettos...but you get the idea. I really like the pink skirt - its £32 from Topshop and would look perfect with the cropped white top or if I tucked a white top into it. I've been wanting this skirt for ages so hopefully it will be in stock when I go shopping on Thursday. I love the River Island bag, its only £18 and I think that's a pretty amazing price for River Island. Luckily, my sister bought it yesterday so I can steal it for this weekend muhaha ;) I'm still slightly unsure on pairing the black heels and bag with the pink, I'm tempted to find a nude pair of heels or maybe a orange pair? I might be in a brightly coloured mood today... Eurgh again my dad and brother are shouting! Football owes me and the rest of the female population a lot of peace and quiet -_- I hope you like the outfit, post any shoes that you think will look better than the black ones. Hope you're having a good week girls! I think I'm going to watch The Other Boyleyn Girl with my sister. Love this film! ♥

Monday, 18 June 2012

i only have eyes for you ♥

I started this scheduled post last night but I ended up getting distracted by food (as usual) and my plan was to go Nando's with my dad tonight but he's apparently run away somewhere. No nando's sauce or chips for me tonight :( Last night I was in the living room while Portugal and Holland were playing football..I got told to be quiet because apparently shouting 'Marry me!' at the TV when Ronaldo came on, really wasn't football suitable. Pffft.. I'm sure Ronaldo appreciates my comments - isn't he lickable?! I've literally had the laziest weekend ever - too much food has been consumed. I need to get back into my exercise habit! It's my last week at Red magazine and I really don't want to go :( I like using the cute little swipe cards and they even have a milk machine!..the things that please me. But I am looking forward to my three work placements that I have lined up - Look magazine, Nuts and Heat! :) I'm so, so, so excited to start at these magazines. I have to admit I can feel a bit nervous that I've left uni and I haven't got an internship or a job yet...but at least I can say I've got a lot of experience under my belt and I can work at my dad's estate agents in the meantime to save up some money. I've emailed a few people about some internships so hopefully something will turn up! :) So by the end of this year, I can say I've worked at More!, Red, Look, Nuts and Heat - that's a whole lot of milk machines ;)

Continuing from yesterday's post, I'm getting back to the eye shadows - yesterday was Chanel and today is MAC. I must say that these colours really are beautiful and personally I am not very experimental when it comes to eye shadows, so you know MAC must be doing something right! First of all there is the MAC Quad Eyeshadow x4 - what attracted to me to this palette was the uniqueness of the shades. The teal and lemon go perfectly together even though they clash - the yellow reminds me of Beyonce in the Telephone music video with Lady Gaga. I definitely think this palette is a must if you're feeling experimental - especially if you like to stand out from the crowd! For the duo eyeshadow, it comes from the Reel Sexy! collection and it's called the Dynamic Duo 4: Eyeshadow X2. The pink shade has a satin finish and the dark violet has a matte finish. It's perfect for creating a unique smokey eye - personally I'm not a fan of shimmery eyeshadows unless I know 100% that they don't crease or have any fall out (the Chanel eyeshadow from yesterday is the only one I like lately!) so I love how matte these shadows are. You can easily create a high fashion look with a nice twist. Now the little blue eyeshadow is called 'Nautical Navy' and like the violet shade in the Dynamic Duo collection, it is also matte. This shade would be perfect for blondes - I absoletely love blue smokey eyes on my best friend Emma. She looks fabulous as soon as blue shadow goes on her eyelids! What I like most of all about this product is that it's small and easy to chuck in your bag. You don't have to carry around a giant 15 eyeshadow pallete when you only want to use one shade. It's very practical and perfect for when you want to do touch ups. Now tomorrow I will talk about foundations and MAC lipsticks - I told you I was in a make-up mood this week ;) Have a good evening girls! I'm back to watching Criminal Minds and eating my body weight in pringles. ♥

Sunday, 17 June 2012

once more, with feeling ♥

I’m currently eating my second bowl of Coco Pops – even though it’s 11am… I’m slightly struggling with eating healthy this week. As soon as I get home from Red magazine I eat everything in the fridge. Woops… Tomorrow will be my final week at Red :( It is unreal how much I don’t want to leave, I’ve learnt so much and I love that I’ve worked in features, beauty and the sub editors section. I found the beauty section really interesting and it’s definitely something I want to work with in the future. I’ve had to file products, deal with PR releases on new cosmetics and sort out all sorts of designer products. The sample room is filled with Dior, Chanel and YSL – seeing that much make-up kept a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the day. Another reason why I’ve had a big grin on my face is because my Zara dress finally came! I picked it up a few days ago and it’s beautiful – as soon the English weather shows us some sun, I’ll do an outfit post on it. This weekend I’ve had a fairly lazy few days and caught up on Criminal Minds, food and my bed. I had Mexican with the girls at the start of the week and I also went to the cinema and saw The Dictator – I loved it! I couldn’t stop laughing and I also smuggled in prawns and cocktail sauce. Yes, this sounds like the strangest thing to do but I’ve been having sea food cravings! I can’t help it! Hahaa ;)

Anyway, for today’s post I wanted to do an update of all the new make-up goodies I have. I have got a lot of new stuff so I think three or four posts will be enough to cover everything. I’ve started with the eye shadows for this post and WOW are they amazing or what?! I can definitely say that using designer products has really changed my outlook on make-up, I know I’ve had to always use high street products because of being a student but now that I’ve been using Lancome and MAC, I will definitely be sticking with it. The difference between high street and designer is unreal and it’s not just the packaging, it’s the texture of the products and the quality of it. Foundation is the main thing that has made an impact in my whole beauty routine. I can’t stress enough how amazing Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H is. It’s creamy, dewy and lasts no matter what the weather is like.
Right now back to the eyeshadows, I’m going to focus on Chanel - the Illusion D’ombre eyeshadow to be precise. This little pot of heaven really is amazing; I can’t wait to wear it out on a night out. The best way to describe the formula is probably like using dream matte mousse. It’s thick but very soft and is perfect for creating the ultimate shimmery black smokey eye. The shade I have is called 85 Mirifique – a glittery carbon black. As you can see from the sample on my hand, it looks beautiful when light is reflected onto it but it doesn’t look cakey or too harsh. Out of all of the eyeshadows I have, this one is definitely my favourite. I don’t usually like using cream based shadows because they tend to crease but this Chanel wonder is faultless and is definitely essential for a night out. Have any of you used the Chanel Illusion D’ombre eyeshadow collection before? Let me know what you think! The next post will be a detailed look on the other eyeshadows and lipsticks – I’ve got a lot to get through! Hope you’re having a good weekend girls, tell me if you’ve bought any new make-up and if you’ve ever smuggled prawns into a cinema…

Monday, 4 June 2012

How to Wear - Pleated Maxi Skirts ♥

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
I'm currently hiding in my bedroom because I've stolen the last bit of the cranberry dad is going to KILL me. He is rather fond of cranberry juice, how healthy haha. Besides from stealing juice, I've had a pretty lazy day today, I'm taking full advantage of the bank holiday and I've caught up on much needed sleep and listened to Fleetwood Mac for quite a while now. My best friend Harry is coming round in apparently 7 minutes to watch some Inbetweeners or Essex - he sounds exactly like Mark Wright which is slightly creepy at times haha. How have you spent these past few days? I've finally bidded on a leather pleated skirt, I have a horrible fear it will rise up to £50 though :S It was only £14 when it was being sold in the shop! -_- My plans for this week include seeing The Dictator with Harry (with nachos), shopping and going to work. It'll be my second week at Red magazine! It's already going too quickly :( Anyway, I thought I would do my version of how I would wear maxi skirts. I am dying to find a bright fuchsia pink one - I've looked everywhere but I can't find it!

I think they look absolutely gorgeous and are very classy. I found this skirt for £18 from Tesco's so I'm tempted to treat myself - isn't it lovely? I've done two looks for this, one is what I'd wear during the day and the second one is more of a evening look. I really, really want to buy a big floppy hat for this summer and the one I've picked goes perfectly with this outfit. It's slightly bohemian so it's not my usual style. I'll admit it - I saw Kim Kardashian wearing one. She makes floppy hats look good okay?! It's not my fault if she persuades me! I really like the belt between the crop top to structure it more, it's a gorgeous belt and is definitely a wardrobe essential. For the next look, I wanted it to be subtly glam. I think the skirt makes a big enough statement as it is, so the white bralet brings the right amount of glamour to the look without it being too much. This would be a pefect outfit for a bar or date. I know it's slightly hot for the leather jacket but hey - we all know I love my leather items. Although it may be hot, its also English weather and we all know how "predictable" that can be... I couldn't find the exact link for the Mango leather jacket so I found another Mango one which looks pretty similar. Anyway, I can hear Harry's car now so I shall post tomorrow with a June Wish List! Have a good bank holiday girls. ♥

Sunday, 3 June 2012

becoming ♥

Hi girls, hope you're having a good week! So sorry I've been absent for a while, I've just started my placement at Red Magazine so I've been all work and no play. I have to say that my first week has been amazing, I'm learning so much and getting a completely different angle of the magazine industry. Red has a slightly older readership so it's nice to widen my experience and understanding of fashion and beauty journalism! It's pretty surreal that ELLE is downstairs too, I'll definitely have to chain myself to the building when my placements finished haha :) I also have good news - I've got work experience at Nuts magazine too! I know a men's magazine isn't where I want to end up, but I think this will be a greart oppurtunity to make my CV stand out, especially if I have a range of different magazines on it. I'm so excited to start! I wonder if busty models will be walking around in lingerie in the office? I don't really have anything exciting to report other than the Red and Nuts news, I twisted my leg a few weeks ago and I had to be on crutches for a few days - so annoying!

I had a lovely birthday back home in London, we went to No 5 Cavendish and I got sparklers with the large vodka bottles! I'm so easily pleased hehe :) Oh and with my birthday money, I will be buying this Zara dress, I think it's beautiful and is perfect to wear around town or to dinner. I'm just buying it online as we speak ;) I hope you like todays post, I wanted it to be simple and easy to understand, I feel like this post is straight to the point but has a little recap on what I've been up to. Anway, I've been feeling a little rough these past few days so I'm going to get into bed with some lemsip and watch Keeping up with the Kardashian's - the clothes always make me feel better! Hope you have a good bank holiday girls, here a picture that my best friend took in my birthday outfit! :) ♥
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