Thursday, 24 May 2012

choices ♥

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Hi girls! Hope you're having a good week, first of all - it's my 21st birthday today! I wish I could say I'm having an amazing day but I fractured my leg a few days ago so I've been on crutches for quite a while - not exactly how I pictured my 21st. I've finally moved back home to London which has been lovely because I've got to see everyone again :) It's just a bit strange that I won't be heading back to Southampton in a few weeks to do any uni work. I am officially no longer in full time education...:S very surreal! Good news is, I finally found my birthday dress! It wasn't from my earlier post when I posted a range of birthday dress options, I opted for this little black dress but it's covered with sequins so it still is dressy and birthday girl appropriate. Hopefully my leg will be healed by the time I go out on Saturday - I'm still in shock at how clumsy I am?! I didn't fall or walk into anything - I simply stepped funny. Typical Jade, just typical. I guess the upside is, I can watch as much Snapped - Women Who Kill on the TV, I am seriously addicted to this program!

Now for today's post I thought I would do a wish list that was quite specific to the latest summer trends but I've tried to include my a variety of different styles. I think I'm quite specific with my own personal style, so I thought I'd mix it up a little bit. You can still see that I would love to have every item on here though! I need to start saving up...and have a walking leg would be a good start too. My favourite item would have to be the Victoria Beckham Leather Tote bag and the Zara Sandals. I need them in my life and wardrobe! I'm going to attempt to hop downstairs to make some dinner...this is a lot harder than it sounds. I want my leg to heal and go back to normal now! My next post will be a How to Wear edition - I don't think I've done that in a while. Have a good week girls and let me know what your favourite item is. ♥



  1. Wow, I love everything on this list!

  2. Happy birthday!
    Oh no! Hope you get well soon.
    LOVE the birthday dress.
    Ooh, can't wait for the "How to wear Post"! :D
    Love the first bag, fourth and fifth watches and third sunglasses.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope your' leg mends soon! I'm IN LOVE with the Victoria Beckham bag too...unfortunately it's a little bit out of my price range though hahaa :) xx

  4. Happy Birthday!
    And that last bag is amazing.

  5. love the wish list especially the watches!!!

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    would you maybe like to follow each other?
    just take a look at my blog and let me know^^

  7. cute blog :)

    I've followed you, can you please check out I've just opened it and need an audience!

  8. I love your Blog :)
    I follow you now :)



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