Thursday, 24 May 2012

choices ♥

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Hi girls! Hope you're having a good week, first of all - it's my 21st birthday today! I wish I could say I'm having an amazing day but I fractured my leg a few days ago so I've been on crutches for quite a while - not exactly how I pictured my 21st. I've finally moved back home to London which has been lovely because I've got to see everyone again :) It's just a bit strange that I won't be heading back to Southampton in a few weeks to do any uni work. I am officially no longer in full time education...:S very surreal! Good news is, I finally found my birthday dress! It wasn't from my earlier post when I posted a range of birthday dress options, I opted for this little black dress but it's covered with sequins so it still is dressy and birthday girl appropriate. Hopefully my leg will be healed by the time I go out on Saturday - I'm still in shock at how clumsy I am?! I didn't fall or walk into anything - I simply stepped funny. Typical Jade, just typical. I guess the upside is, I can watch as much Snapped - Women Who Kill on the TV, I am seriously addicted to this program!

Now for today's post I thought I would do a wish list that was quite specific to the latest summer trends but I've tried to include my a variety of different styles. I think I'm quite specific with my own personal style, so I thought I'd mix it up a little bit. You can still see that I would love to have every item on here though! I need to start saving up...and have a walking leg would be a good start too. My favourite item would have to be the Victoria Beckham Leather Tote bag and the Zara Sandals. I need them in my life and wardrobe! I'm going to attempt to hop downstairs to make some dinner...this is a lot harder than it sounds. I want my leg to heal and go back to normal now! My next post will be a How to Wear edition - I don't think I've done that in a while. Have a good week girls and let me know what your favourite item is. ♥


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

(a late) May Wish List ♥

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Okay so this is a late May wish list but its better late than never, right? When I move back home to London, I'm going to start saving and working for my dad occasionally so for the first time in three years, I'll actually have money! This is the only plus side I'm finding about leaving Southampton - I only have four days left here :S I can't believe how fast three years have gone, I was looking at the really early blog posts from Fairytale Kiss and it's nice to see how it's slowly improving - we all remember how I used to colour my text a little too often... While I'm writing this, I'm watching a Youtube video on how to do the Bad Romance dance by Lady Gaga - all my friends can do it but me! hahaha sad I know, but it is a pretty cool dance ;) My plan for today is to clean the house and get ready for the party tonight - lets hope the house doesn't get too messy otherwise I'll go Bruce Lee on the nicest way possible ;) I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night and words can't express how much I love this film. Is it me, or is the moral of the story don't have a boyfriend? I would never give up Andrea's career though! But seeing as she never wanted to be in the fashion industry, I can see where she's coming from. I want to see the September Issue - can you believe I've never seen it?! I'm adding that to my wish list!

This wish list has come at a good time seeing as its my birthday in nine days - I'm going to be 21! I won't be checking for wrinkles just yet. Anyway, for this months wish list I've noticed that my choices are slightly black and white themed - maybe I'm not in a colourful mood lately. If I could pick one item from this list, it would be the pleated leather skirt by Karl Sachi. This would be perfect to dress up and to dress down, I remember that Primark did something very similar to this so I might eBay it. If you haven't noticed by now, I wear black faux leather even in the winter - I'm addicted! The second item that I am hunting for is the Topshop denim shorts, this particular style of shorts is everywhere right now and I think they would look amazing with a pair of stilettos and one of my blazers. I've included the Lipsy dress in there too just because I'd love that as my birthday dress, I think £110 is a tad out of my price range though :( It's okay, I'll start my dress hunt when I get home. I'm going to start my getting ready routine for tonight, which lets face it, does take quite a while. I've been very good recently, I haven't used a lot of heat products on my hair so it'll be odd using a hair dryer and GHD's on it! Let me know what your favourite item is and if any of you know where I can get a cheap leather pleated skirt from :) ♥

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The 21st Dress ♥

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Hi girls! Hope you're having a good week - I've had enough of doing uni work. It's a week until my final deadline and I am exhausted. All I do is spell check and type, type then spell check. I think doing a post will get me back to my normal routine! I don't really have anything excited to report - I'm going to the cinema tomorrow to see Cabin in the Woods if that counts? Nachos will be my highlight of the week! As you can see, my healthy eating plan is slowly fading away...I'm still exercising though, so I think that's some progress. I can't believe I have a week left of university - FOREVER. What am I going to do after?! I've been applying for internships but alas I've had no replies... Any tips you could give me would be amazing! Are any of you nearing deadlines? You should see how crammed the uni library is right now, the guy next to me might as well be sitting on my lap -_- I've treated myself for handing in some work early, I bought Angel season 3 on DVD and Red Riding Hood, no one I know really likes that film. I love it! How do you treat yourself when your work is going well? Mine is apparently DVDs and hot baths. Back to the post, my 21st birthday is coming up (on the 24th) and I am on the hunt for a birthday dress.

Now, for me personally, I think your 21st birthday dress should be a shorter version of a red carpet dress, so this means: glamour, glitter and more glamour! I want a gold, sequin style dress that is slightly fitted. I love these dresses that I've picked, I just wish I could afford them all. I've included some designer ones, such as the black Gucci dress, isn't it gorgeous?! I think I like number 8 the most, I love how the fabric looks. Now what type of birthday would you buy? Do you think you should dress glittery or keep it simple? I hope that if its your birthday coming up, you'll get some good inspiration from these dresses. I think we'll be going Cafe De Paris or No5 Cavendish - I hate organising things like this though :( Can't I just turn up and wear my dress?! I'm also having my birthday up in Southampton, which is fancy dress themed, I've decided to do it on fairy tales! I might go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast or be cheeky and wear my Red Riding Hood costume again - that's if my mum can move her toosh and send it in the post! I can't believe I left it at home in London..I'm such a dope! Anyway, I'm going to go home, hope my Angel DVD's have been posted and eat! I hope I don't eat any fast food on the way back - be good Jade, be good! Hope you have a good evening girls, let me know what you think of the dresses! ♥

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