Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Timothy Roe Darling Ring ♥

Yesterday morning I received a sweet little package from the lovely Timothy Roe jewellery company. To say that I am incredibly picky about the accessories I wear is an understatement but straight away I was glued to the petite ‘Darling’ ring staring up at me. The size is XS because my fingers are like long twigs (sigh) but it’s a perfect fit, luckily though Timothy Roe do a large range of different ring sizes so you can get it perfect for you! What I like most about this ring is that its actually perfect quality – it’s real sterling silver so that means it won’t go mouldy or have to take a trip to the bin in a few months. I thought I would get this specific ring because it’s quite unique and I can wear it with my Buffy/Angel claddagh ring – yes we know I am Buffy obsessed! The Darling ring has a small heart attached to it and a small pink pearl, it’s not too big so it doesn’t irritate you or get in the way when you’re running around.

I just love how professional and elegant the ring looks because I’m tired of buying rings from other shops where they just end up breaking or don’t fit right... There are about 30 of these types of rings in the Primo section so there are plenty of styles to pick from. I might invest in the Buttercup spinning ring to put on top of this one, because they are so dainty, you could wear quite a few on one finger. This company doesn’t just specialise in everyday rings either, they do…engagement rings!! Yes, I know I’m a lonely spinster Bridget Jones lady but I still had a look! We all know you’ve browsed past jeweller shop windows and said what engagement ring you would pick ;) I think the Claw set diamond engagement ring is perfection – my invisible fiancé has high standards to reach haha ;) What one would you pick? Don’t worry, our future husbands will never know… Thank you to Dan and the rest of the Timonthy Roe team for contacting with me, the Buttercup ring is getting added to my birthday list as we speak :)


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    1. I know, it looks lovely doesn't it?! :) xxxx

  2. thats so lovely, I've got some spinning rings already and might have to pick up a cheeky few of these! xx

    1. Oh really? :) Where they bought from Timothy Roe or did you get them somewhere else? :) xxx

  3. Such a cute ring!

  4. Thats so nice! i love rings i have loads!

  5. Hola reina!!que lindo essss!
    Besotes guapa;)!
    Karola de ESTILO MODA
    @estilomodala en twitter

  6. OMG! That ring is so so cute.

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  7. So lovely ring... Have a nice time. Xoxo V.V.

  8. The ring is gorgeous!

  9. This is stunning! :O

    Steph xxx

    I'm having a blog sale;


  10. i love your ring its beautiful. x

  11. This is such a lovely ring.. Simple and understated..

    Kisses! xxx

  12. Love this ring it's super cute! Following you now. Come check mine out and hopefully you return the favor!

  13. What a pretty ring!! It's so rare to find delicate and unusual rings like that! :) xx


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