Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bikini Tumblr Girls ♥

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Hi girls! Hope you’re having a good weekend, I have been stuck in my room for the past few days typing away at features and sticking things in my research book. When it’s all finished, I’ll have to show you my MAC research book – I love it! I've created a MAC contract magazine from scratch and based it on Glamour. Because its my magazine, I could fit in as much Kim K and Cheryl as I wanted! Ahhh happy days haha :) Are any of you adding the final touches to your uni work? I have no idea whether I’m ahead or behind – my tutor says I’ll probably get a first in my Final Major Project so I’m happy, happy, happy! Between doing features, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few Angel episodes and make those ice cream milkshakes…Not very healthy. But this brings me to what today’s post topic is going to be about!
For today’s post I wanted to steer it more into the fitness/diet section. We all know that bikini season is creeping up on us and I want to get started early with my exercising. Lately, I have been eating absolute rubbish and I just can’t stop eating it. I’m really unhappy with how my stomach is looking and my thighs just aren’t toned at all - so I am actually going to do something about it. Before I start explaining my fitness plan, I just want to say that I don’t want to be a size 0 stick figure - the images I’ve used are just what motivate me to have a healthier body. I know I can never look like these girls - I just admire the dedication they have for being toned and lean! And I’ll include my jealously in there too ;). Here is what I’ve been eating so far:


  • Cheerio’s with semi skimmed milk
  • Muller light yoghurt
  • As much fruit as possible (apples, berries, banana)

  • Soup

  • Rice with vegetables and tuna
I’m also trying to drink 8 glasses of water too…for some reason, I can’t stand water. I have no idea why? Now I’m pretty happy with what I’ve been eating these past two days, I don’t feel like I need to run to KFC (which is very common for me). I know it sounds slightly weird eating rice with tuna but I love it! Anyway, now for the exercise routine I’m starting:
  • 30 minutes on my stepper machine
  • 20 minutes of cardio (Pump it up work out DVD – It’s amazing!)
  • 20 reps on my weights
  • 30 arm circles
  • 10 sit ups
Because I haven’t exercised in forever, I’m starting pretty slow and breaking this routine up over the course of my day. I’m making sure to stretch before and after I start and my water bottle is glued to my side! I hate doing the sit ups with a passion though -_-
I wanted to include some pictures that motivate me and some bikini's I want to fit into by the summer! Disclaimer: All the images I’ve found belong to Tumblr – I don’t own anything! This fitness plan is what I personally think will work for me and I am not saying there is anything wrong with treating yourself with some fatty treats once in a while! :) Let me know what you think of my diet plan and if I need to change anything, also – other than crunches, are there any other ways to tone my abs?! Have a good weekend girls, hope you like the bikini's I've picked out! ♥


  1. I loev the second swimsuit :) so pretty

  2. The last three ones are so cool, love them.

  3. Great post... Yes, yes the summer is coming we have to start to be fit ;o). Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

  4. Diet plan looks good! Fruit and vegetables are definitely the way forward. A bit of protein, like eggs, a different type of fish or lean chicken or even something like lentils or chickpeas will keep you feeling fuller as well so will curb the cravings :) as for ab workouts, i like to do reverse crunches, where i lie on my back and point my legs up to the ceiling, then do a shoulder stand and hold it for as long as possible- that's good for working your upper abs! Good luck :)

  5. Love the pink swimsuits you posted xx

  6. Good luck with your healthy eating kick! Sounds like you're really going for it. For abs, try bicycle crunches, they work most of the ab muscles, so really sculpt you. Or try holding plank poses for as long as possible, these work the whole of your middle, your arms, and back...a great workout, and harder than it looks :D


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  8. Such pretty swimsuits! I love your blog xoxo

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  11. my fav bikinis are in the first picture

  12. it sounds like you've got it all planned out, for your summer body, I really need to do something similar to this, you've inspired me too, actually do something about, it, I need to eat healthier and excerise more! great blog, I'm following!! :-D xx

  13. it's a great menu you have there! It's healthy, but delicious! I've been eating similar stuff and I see progress already(two weeks)! Anyway, I love your blog, you're amazing, just keep up with great work! wanna follow each other on Bloglovin'? xx

  14. hmmm the 4th bikini is my fave, have seen it at h&m and i'm still not sure whether i should buy him or not. and i know where u can order this AMAZING stars'n'stripes bikini, too bad the price raised from 20€ to about 40€.. x

  15. I kickstarted my regime about a month ago now and am already seeing results, take a look at my Slimming Into Summer posts :) I'll follow you and be inspired by what you're doing and maybe you could do the same with me? You should definitely encourage some other people on board too, it'd be great to spread the word and get it going as a group thing :)

    Lea x

  16. That black and white animal print bikini is SO risque! And I absolutely LOVE it, do you have any idea where I could find it?


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