Sunday, 1 April 2012

april wishlist ♥

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Today I am nursing a small but unfortunately still effective hangover, it was Emma’s birthday last night so we all got dressed up and went to her house party – I feel so American when I say house party, I know it’s a general word for when you have a party in your house but you know what I mean… It was very odd standing next to big bird in my red riding hood costume, oh and someone also came as Batman so you know I was happy about that! Yes, Batman keeps me easily amused. Also, this is the highlight of my week – Emma’s boyfriend actually bought her a puppy for her birthday present. I know, I am still in my shock/jealous mode haha ;) I’ve spent today eating unhealthy amounts of Pringles and watching Batman: The Animated series, I am such a grown up. Tomorrow I’m going round my friends to watch 500 Days of Summer – can you believe that he’s never seen it before?! I’m definitely getting an early night tonight, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. How have all your weekends been?

I thought I would do a wishlist for today’s post because I can’t remember the last time I blogged about one! Seeing as we’ve been having beautiful weather this week, I thought I would take advantage and base my picks for spring! I’m gradually grasping the fact that I won’t be able to wear my leather trousers – we all know how obsessed I am with them… It is incredibly hard to pick one wish list item that’s my favourite – I want them all! I am in love with the Giuseppe Zanotti colour block sandals; I definitely need a money tree. I’ve mixed a little bit of designer brands in there, seeing as it’s a wish list. I’m in a very colourful mood lately - usually everything I wear is black… It’s nice to know I’m going with the bold colour trend this spring. Let me know what your favourite item is and if you have any clothes on your hit list at the moment!


  1. I love that yellow blazer :) It looks just like summer. great wishlist, my dear ♥

  2. I'm so shocked your friend hasn't seen 500 days of summer! What a film

  3. I really like the two bags!! & I'm after those stripey river island shorts too!


  4. Love all these items, literally can't pick a fav :)

  5. Great wishlist! All the items are so fab, especially the high-low skirt. I've been so obsessed with them :) x

  6. You have an awesome selection here, I love the golden bracelet.

  7. i did a post about those kurt geigers a while back i am in LOVE with them!
    p.s i am a huge fan of your blog and have awarded you the versitile blogger award! check it out on my blog ♥♥


  8. Great wishlist, I wouldn't mind all the stuff on it too! lol



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