Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bikini Tumblr Girls ♥

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Hi girls! Hope you’re having a good weekend, I have been stuck in my room for the past few days typing away at features and sticking things in my research book. When it’s all finished, I’ll have to show you my MAC research book – I love it! I've created a MAC contract magazine from scratch and based it on Glamour. Because its my magazine, I could fit in as much Kim K and Cheryl as I wanted! Ahhh happy days haha :) Are any of you adding the final touches to your uni work? I have no idea whether I’m ahead or behind – my tutor says I’ll probably get a first in my Final Major Project so I’m happy, happy, happy! Between doing features, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few Angel episodes and make those ice cream milkshakes…Not very healthy. But this brings me to what today’s post topic is going to be about!
For today’s post I wanted to steer it more into the fitness/diet section. We all know that bikini season is creeping up on us and I want to get started early with my exercising. Lately, I have been eating absolute rubbish and I just can’t stop eating it. I’m really unhappy with how my stomach is looking and my thighs just aren’t toned at all - so I am actually going to do something about it. Before I start explaining my fitness plan, I just want to say that I don’t want to be a size 0 stick figure - the images I’ve used are just what motivate me to have a healthier body. I know I can never look like these girls - I just admire the dedication they have for being toned and lean! And I’ll include my jealously in there too ;). Here is what I’ve been eating so far:


  • Cheerio’s with semi skimmed milk
  • Muller light yoghurt
  • As much fruit as possible (apples, berries, banana)

  • Soup

  • Rice with vegetables and tuna
I’m also trying to drink 8 glasses of water too…for some reason, I can’t stand water. I have no idea why? Now I’m pretty happy with what I’ve been eating these past two days, I don’t feel like I need to run to KFC (which is very common for me). I know it sounds slightly weird eating rice with tuna but I love it! Anyway, now for the exercise routine I’m starting:
  • 30 minutes on my stepper machine
  • 20 minutes of cardio (Pump it up work out DVD – It’s amazing!)
  • 20 reps on my weights
  • 30 arm circles
  • 10 sit ups
Because I haven’t exercised in forever, I’m starting pretty slow and breaking this routine up over the course of my day. I’m making sure to stretch before and after I start and my water bottle is glued to my side! I hate doing the sit ups with a passion though -_-
I wanted to include some pictures that motivate me and some bikini's I want to fit into by the summer! Disclaimer: All the images I’ve found belong to Tumblr – I don’t own anything! This fitness plan is what I personally think will work for me and I am not saying there is anything wrong with treating yourself with some fatty treats once in a while! :) Let me know what you think of my diet plan and if I need to change anything, also – other than crunches, are there any other ways to tone my abs?! Have a good weekend girls, hope you like the bikini's I've picked out! ♥

Thursday, 19 April 2012

What's In My Make-Up Bag ♥

Hi girls! Sorry for the major lackage of blog posts this week, I suck. I’ve been putting the final touches to my Final Major Project – can you believe I’ve basically finished it?! I remember asking you all to do a survey about it last year! Time is going too quick, I officially have 21 days left at Southampton Solent University :S It really hasn’t sunk in yet, although my mum dragging the majority of my possessions into her car yesterday was a big wake up call. That woman wastes no time haha.
For today’s post, I wanted to do an update to What’s in my make-up bag, I did one in September but I’ve bought a few more goodies since then. First of all, my apologies for the crappy make-up bag, its slightly lumpy but it carries everything in there! To start with the lip products, I have the Bourjois lipstick in shade colour – it’s my favourite red lipstick, perfect for dressing an outfit up. The next is my YSL lip-gloss, this baby was given to me by the fabulous more! magazine team. I think it’s worth more than my entire make-up collection but it’s worth it! It has a lovely creamy formula to it. Next is my L’Oreal Glam Shine lip-gloss, such a pretty shade and the applicator brush is very precise. Finally are my Revlon, 17 and Body Shop lip glosses, these are perfect for adding a pop of colour to my look. The Revlon one always gets stuck on my teeth though -_-      

These products are used for my face and eyes. I’m trying to not use eyeshadow at the moment because I feel like I’m putting too much on. I’m being strict here! Haha. My favourite product has to be the Estee Lauder bronzer, I got it from a set years ago and I still have it. It is an amazing bronzer and I also use it for contouring. When it comes to mascaras, I have to have the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, it is my all time favourite mascara. I have really short lashes so its perfect for adding length!

I’ve just finished my Fashion Freelancer seminar – more work to cram in! Sorry if I haven’t replied to any emails yet, I will go through them after this blog post. I don’t really think I have any exciting to report – I’ve spent the past few days watching Keeping up with the Kardashian’s and drinking ice cream and milk from a cup (it’s a lot nicer than it sounds haha). My housemate Louise has moved out early because she got a job back home – the house is so quiet without her in it. I haven’t blown up anything without her yet so I think this is progress. Are any of you finishing uni in the next few months? I’m going to do another post for tomorrow then I’m back home and getting into bed –I’m feeling a bit rough :( Hope you’re having a good week girls!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Timothy Roe Darling Ring ♥

Yesterday morning I received a sweet little package from the lovely Timothy Roe jewellery company. To say that I am incredibly picky about the accessories I wear is an understatement but straight away I was glued to the petite ‘Darling’ ring staring up at me. The size is XS because my fingers are like long twigs (sigh) but it’s a perfect fit, luckily though Timothy Roe do a large range of different ring sizes so you can get it perfect for you! What I like most about this ring is that its actually perfect quality – it’s real sterling silver so that means it won’t go mouldy or have to take a trip to the bin in a few months. I thought I would get this specific ring because it’s quite unique and I can wear it with my Buffy/Angel claddagh ring – yes we know I am Buffy obsessed! The Darling ring has a small heart attached to it and a small pink pearl, it’s not too big so it doesn’t irritate you or get in the way when you’re running around.

I just love how professional and elegant the ring looks because I’m tired of buying rings from other shops where they just end up breaking or don’t fit right... There are about 30 of these types of rings in the Primo section so there are plenty of styles to pick from. I might invest in the Buttercup spinning ring to put on top of this one, because they are so dainty, you could wear quite a few on one finger. This company doesn’t just specialise in everyday rings either, they do…engagement rings!! Yes, I know I’m a lonely spinster Bridget Jones lady but I still had a look! We all know you’ve browsed past jeweller shop windows and said what engagement ring you would pick ;) I think the Claw set diamond engagement ring is perfection – my invisible fiancé has high standards to reach haha ;) What one would you pick? Don’t worry, our future husbands will never know… Thank you to Dan and the rest of the Timonthy Roe team for contacting with me, the Buttercup ring is getting added to my birthday list as we speak :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

aztec/tribal trend ♥

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So instead of doing my politics feature, I am drinking strawberry Ribena and watching Batman cartoons again – I couldn’t be in a better mood. The nice weather has got me thinking about the trends for this spring and tribal and Aztec print definitely come to mind. For me, this trend definitely shows that we are entering warmer weather – playsuits are a must have for my wardrobe. I love that you can dress them up or just wear them casually. Personally, I would only wear one tribal print item and then keep the rest of my outfit plain. Mixing different types of print together is a no in my books, but I’m always eager for someone to change my mind. I think I’m pretty simple with wearing these types of prints, whether its leopard or stripes – I prefer keeping the attention to just one bit of clothing.

My favourite item out of my picks is definitely the tribal print playsuit from It would look perfect with a pair of black stilettos and clutch for a night out – I’m tempted to do a ‘How to wear’ post on this playsuit – yay or nay? I’m just about to paint my nails and get ready to go round my friends to watch 500 days of summer, I hope he has popcorn in his house… I think I’m going to wear my leather jacket, nude skirt and black strap top – plain but still edgy because of the jacket. I do over wear leather don’t I?! Let me know if you’ve found any other tribal print items, have a good week girls! ♥

Sunday, 1 April 2012

april wishlist ♥

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Today I am nursing a small but unfortunately still effective hangover, it was Emma’s birthday last night so we all got dressed up and went to her house party – I feel so American when I say house party, I know it’s a general word for when you have a party in your house but you know what I mean… It was very odd standing next to big bird in my red riding hood costume, oh and someone also came as Batman so you know I was happy about that! Yes, Batman keeps me easily amused. Also, this is the highlight of my week – Emma’s boyfriend actually bought her a puppy for her birthday present. I know, I am still in my shock/jealous mode haha ;) I’ve spent today eating unhealthy amounts of Pringles and watching Batman: The Animated series, I am such a grown up. Tomorrow I’m going round my friends to watch 500 Days of Summer – can you believe that he’s never seen it before?! I’m definitely getting an early night tonight, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. How have all your weekends been?

I thought I would do a wishlist for today’s post because I can’t remember the last time I blogged about one! Seeing as we’ve been having beautiful weather this week, I thought I would take advantage and base my picks for spring! I’m gradually grasping the fact that I won’t be able to wear my leather trousers – we all know how obsessed I am with them… It is incredibly hard to pick one wish list item that’s my favourite – I want them all! I am in love with the Giuseppe Zanotti colour block sandals; I definitely need a money tree. I’ve mixed a little bit of designer brands in there, seeing as it’s a wish list. I’m in a very colourful mood lately - usually everything I wear is black… It’s nice to know I’m going with the bold colour trend this spring. Let me know what your favourite item is and if you have any clothes on your hit list at the moment!
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