Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Missguided Favourites ♥

A very rare occasion is happening right now - I appear to have Christmas money left over. How is this possible? I have never have money! I'm usually the poster girl for being poor, but for some reason I looked into my purse today and £60 was looking up at me. We all know how rare having money happens for me so I'm taking full advantage of this situation and running to Missguided. Although you can't technically run to Missguided because it's an online store, but you get my drift ;) I've been glued to their website for two hours now and I've come up with this list to show you everything I want! I want it alllllllllll :( I can't believe how cheap everything is - and you know if a poor student is saying this, it must be cheap haha. I'm really liking plain T-shirts right now and I think number 3 on the top row is gorgeous! It would look great with a black leather jacket and skinny jeans. Let me know what your favourite item is :)

I'm currently listening to the Bed Intruder song on Youtube..don't ask me why haha. I'm going to watch Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson in it - I love this film! Have any of you seen it? Having some hot chocolate and warm blankets is in order right now ;) I'm not sure what tomorrows post will be about..we shall see. Hope your having a good week girls and don't forget to like my new Facebook' fan page :) ♥


  1. I want leather pants so bad it kills me!

    Love your blog, just started following.
    I am trying to make my dreams come true this year.
    follow back please?
    thank you, much appreciated <3 :)

  2. Love love love. My faves are the top row far left and far right and then the bottom row middle right

  3. the first dress is my preferit!!!
    thanks for your visit on my blog, also I like your blog, Now I am happy to be your follower , I hope you will want to follow me also on facebook
    http://keepintouchwithfashion.blogspot.com/ have a good day... keep in touch ....

  4. I like your blog! is really cool and trendy! if u can visit:
    See ya!

  5. I adore missguided too! although I've never ordered cos i'm funny in sizes so I like to try stuff on etc... before you spend your pennies check out forever 21, they've got loads of nice stuff in too :)



  6. I have never heard of Missguided, but everything is so beautiful..and affordable! Awesome :) Love your blog. I'm a new follower. Hope to hear from you soon!


  7. Awesome Blog!
    Just got a new follower ;)


  8. I love those boots! Going to have to scrape some money and order them!

    Lovely blog, now following
    elissex.blogspot.com xx

  9. Love the first dress!! Tempted to buy it for my birthday celebrations next month!


  10. Love the tee:)
    Laur x


  11. Wow, some very good choices.. I'll be checking out that website. Suprisingly, I also have christmas money left too.. It doesn't feel right. Ha..



  12. new follower!! hope you follow me back!!=)


  13. missguided is so good for value, i love those bondage style tights. thanks for following my blog by the way, means the world :) love your writing style. Suzie xxx



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