Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cut Out Dresses ♥

Now in case you haven't been following me on twitter, I have spent today craving Starbucks. Particularly their double chocolate frappuccino. Yum! I tried to make myself one earlier but it turned out to just be vanilla ice cream and milk melted in a cup..It was still yummy though hahaa. I've been quite productive today, I've managed to finish a feature on make up based on Red Riding Hood, tidy my room, read some blogs, make my own Starbucks, have a hot bath and make this blog post today. Of course I had help from my trusty To Do List ;) I find that making one keeps me from drifting off the beaten path and I actually get things done! I'm currently waiting for my mum to cook apple pie..I always say that word in a American accent, very odd. At 9pm 500 Days of Summer is playing on Channel 4, it is one of my favourite films and I suggest it to anyone who's ever had their heartbroken...Ahh memories -_- haha ;)

I wanted today's post to be on the current trend of cut out dresses, I think these dresses are gorgeous and I especially love number 2. from Topshop. They add a hint of sex appeal to your look without being too over the top. I lost the website link for dress number 7, so if anyone knows where it's from, feel free to post the link below :) What dress is your favourite? Are you a fan of the cut out trend or will you give it a miss? Let me know! :) I'd just like to add a big thank you to everyone who has recently started following my blog :) You rock ;) ♥


  1. # 2,3,4 and 10 are my favourite's, absolutely stunning.

  2. oh no! no. 7 is my fav, if you do find out where its from let me know aswell its lushhh!


  3. I'm loving #6 & #7! These are absolutely beautiful, I do believe that showing less skin can be very sexy, but these cuts can be very fashionable/sexy as well.


  4. oh my giddy aunt @ #8
    but sold out, boohiss.

    great post
    all look amazing! xx

  5. I love 4, 8 and 9. I love this trend, It is so original and all these dresses are cute !
    OMG 500 Days of Summer on TV ?? I would never happen in France >< It is my favorite movie too !! Love it so much, Zooey and Joseph are perfect together.
    Your blog is so fun, I'm following it ^^

  6. I adore number 8! I wish I had the figure for these dresses.

    And 500 days of summer, is one of my all time favourite films, amazing!


  7. Love number 6! :)

  8. Lovely blog - thanks for following! I've returned the favour with pleasure! Loove number 7 - really unusual colour! I'm dying for a cut-out dress but have just spent (even more) on a dark green fit & flare with a crochet waist and a hat to match (no doubt will post when it's up!)

  9. What fun and colorful cutout dresses!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...yours is lovely!

    Liesl :)

  10. #8 is adorable!!!!! <3
    wonderful blog :)


  11. These are so nice! I love number 8 especially xx

  12. your blog is fabulous! great style picks... and love the features on your posts. enjoyed browsing, and am following now. hope we can connect, and cheers!


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