Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Boots, Leopards and Lashes! ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are having a good week, I’m finally in Southampton to finish my third year at University off and I’m still not too sure how I feel about it. I’m back to the routine of staying up all night to finish of my Final Major Project – it’s a good thing I’ve packed the fridge with Red Bull ;) It’s sad to say I’m going to miss my mums cooked dinners, back to Super Noodles for me… Anyway, today’s post is just a little shopping haul, very little due to my bank balance. I got these fabulous military boots from Shoe Zone for only £14.00! I never usually go in Shoe Zone but they caught my eye as I was walking past and as a student, I can’t be too picky. They fit really well and they pretty much go with every outfit I have! The top is £6.00 from Primark and I love it, it looks great with my blazer and leather trousers. I’ve seen quite a few animal inspired tops lately. I’ll have to see what other animal tops I can find.

And finally, I went up to Catford to buy some hair extensions! They cost me £40.00 but they are definitely worth it, I can curl or straighten them which is pretty handy. I’m slightly confused if I have to shampoo and condition them…does anyone else wash their hair extensions? When I bought the extensions, I saw the Ardell lashes for only £2.00! I also went to Pound Land and got three ‘Candy Kitten’ lashes, I haven’t tried them yet but I’ll let you know if they’re any good :) I am seriously addicted to wearing false lashes, I always complete when I’m wearing them. I don’t think I would bother if I had longer lashes, but mine are the definition of short and stubby haha :) I’m back to writing my Final Major Project and eating Cheerios, but let me know your hair extension routine! ♥


  1. Great post, i love the top.
    Shone zone shoes don't really lost long if im honest...but £14...who can go wrong?


  2. Oooh sounds like some nice bits , I love shopping for small things xx

  3. Nice top! And I like to wear eyelashes when im go out!

  4. Oh, fake lashes - I like how girls look when they wear them. Post more pics :))
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  5. Fake lashes and animal print, two my favourite things haha. The lashes look fab x x

  6. Love the boots.
    You could add a pair of nice shorts and you'd have a really fab outfit.

    Peg x

  7. Hi darling! Nice blog!
    If you want, you can follow me and I'll follow you bakc!



  8. love that shirt! great shoes too


  9. sweet (: hope u having good week too.

  10. Iv got natural hair extensions, I wash them about once every 3 weeks. I never used to but u can really tell the difference. If you know your not going to be using them, wash them then wrap them in a towel and leave them on a radiator, its much better for the hair than using hairdryer :) hope this helps x

  11. The boots are rocking, I love them.
    New stuff are always cool.

  12. Nicola: Thank you! :) Hmm I think you may be right there, we'll have to see how long
    they last! xoxo

    Frilly: Yes me too! Although, I'm sure I'd shop for bigger things
    if I had the money ;) hehe xoxo

    Live life glamorous: Thanks hun :) I know! It's definitely a going out must! xoxo

    Violin Style: Yes me too! Yep, I definitely will. I need more photo posts! Okay, I'll take a look ;) XOXO

    Lucy: Ahhh mine too! :) I'd also like to add leather to that list haha :) xoxo

    Peg: Mmm definitely, it'll be a perfect outfit for the summer! xoxo

    Coffe Break: Thank you! I'm glad you like it :) Yep, I'll make sure to follow you! xoxo

    Erica: Thanks :) I love your blog btw! xoxo

    Miska: Thanks hun, yes I am indeed. Hope you are too! xoxo

    Anonymous: Ohhh really? I'll definitely wash them in 2 weeks then. Thank you for the advice! :) XOXO

    Tereza: Thanks! I know..it was about time I got some boots! xoxo

    Nabzz: Thank you :D They're still online if you want a pair :) xoxo

    Thanks for all your comments girls! Sorry I've taken so long to reply, I'm back in Southampton, so no internet :( Hope your all having a good week! xoxo

  13. love the boots and the leopard printed t-shirt! :))


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