Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Style Crush Files: #3 Kim Kardashian ♥

Hello girls, I hope you are having a good week. I'm back to my usual uni routine of being stuck in the library while living off the vending machines. I've just had a seminar with the lovely Alex Shakespeare and I always find that I remember her advice which is quite surprising, because my memory is usually the size of a goldfish. She is a great lecturer - it makes waking up at 8 slightly easier haha :) Last night I went to the library again to get books out on journalistic law, tonight I'll start reading them - I'm quite liking the lectures so far. I also got feedback from my Final Major Project, I got a first and a 2:1 so I'm so happy about that. My mum will be pleased! She's booked my coach ticket for Friday - I do hate coaches but on the plus side, I'll have food ;) I'm not sure what I'll be having for dinner tonight, I think we've decided to watch Legally Blonde and some Angel. What a combination haha ;) What plans have you got tonight? 

For this outfit, I was inspired by the gorgeous Kim Kardashian, she is definitely my ultimate style icon. I've never seen her in a bad outfit - although I've probably jinxed her now by saying that... I love how simple this outfit is, but if I had to pick one favourite item from it, it would definitely be the Missguided boots. They look just like Louboutin's but minus the price tag ;) They're definitely getting added to my wish list. The bag is supposed to look similar to a Birkin but again, it's without the cost. I need to start saving! For the make-up, I looked at the picture of Kim and thought that the main products she used, involved a very matte foundation with strong coverage and for the lips - a neutral brown lipstick. I have an obsession with this shade! Fig leaf by Natural Collection is definitely my favourite at the moment, plus this Revlon one isn't too shabby ;) Let me know if there are any other celebs outfits that you want me to find. Just post the image url code in the comment box :) Speak to you tomorrow girls! 


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Crimes of Fashion, Uni Work and Shopping! ♥

Bag - £15 New Look

After eating three packets of crisps, I officially feel sick. Why is one bag never enough? So much for me eating healthy this year... I started the day by waking up at 9am and then I took a trip to see my Final Major Project tutor Suzanne - she is so lovely and such a great tutor! As you all know, I'm creating a magazine based purely on MAC cosmetics and I've written some great articles so far that I'm really proud of. I think when I lay it all out on InDesign, it will hopefully look pretty good.  I've just had my first lecture on 'Crimes of Fashion' which is basically learning about journalism laws. I didn't really feel like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde though, it's not as glam like it is in the film. It is very strange to say I only have 11 weeks left of university, I've been in education since I was four years old so I wonder how I will feel without it. My main concern is just finding a job for a magazine! Hopefully having this work experience will open up a few doors for me - so excited! 

Here are just a few things that I've bought this week, I ♡ the camel coloured bag from New Look. I think it's the perfect size if you need a new bag for school/work. I hate putting work in a bag then coming home and it's all scrunched up, but because this bag is so big, my work will stay scrunched free :) My second favourite item that I bought is the chunky necklace. I'm not really a fan of jewellery but I love how this necklace looks! It looks great when I have my hair up in a messy bun, it adds a touch of glamour to whatever I'm wearing. I can't believe it was 70% off! Not too shabby if I do say so myself ;) Finally, I bought the dress for work experience and I'm wearing it right now...I've matched it with my Miss Selfridge leather jacket to make it look slightly edgier. I think I have an obsession with involving leather! haha :) Anyway, I'm back to doing uni work, but let me know what you would wear to work experience :) Have you found any bargains this week?

Dress - £10 Primark
Necklace - Was £30 Now £9 Accessorize
Ballet Pumps - £5 Primark

Friday, 20 January 2012

How To Wear: Blouses - Missguided Edition ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are all having a good week. I’m still being a total party animal and doing my Final Major Project ;) When I’ve finished it, I might upload it on here and you can see what I’ve been up to. Are any of you starting your dissertation/FMP? I’m very proud of myself, because I managed to get out of bed at 9.00am today – I didn’t need to, but I wanted to get up and be an early bird for once! I’m currently eating Cheerio’s :) I feel slightly rejected right now because I asked Joey Essex out on a date to the zoo on Twitter and sadly, I have got no reply. I thought he would like the zoo?! haha ;) It’s amazing what I end up doing when I’m bored of typing up work...
Anyway, I wanted today’s post to feature some Missguided goodies because it’s one of my favourite online shops to go to. The lovely Sara from Missguided has said what item her Pick of the Week is and I couldn’t agree more with her! This Blair shirt is a perfect starting point for any type of outfit. You can change what type of outfit it is by what you accessorise the shirt with. This means you can wear it for work, school, or even on a night out with the girls. I hope you like what I’ve put together! Are you a fan of these types of shirts? Leave a comment and let me know :) Tomorrows post will finally be a photo of a new outfit…sorry for slacking in the photo department lately! Oh and I also bought clothes for work experience, you’ll be very proud that none of the clothes are made from leather haha ;)…I’m going to suck at wearing smart business clothes when I leave Uni. Leather trousers should be the way forward! :) ♥ 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 Spring Trends - Pastel ♥

I’m in a very good mood right now - I’ve just spent an hour in a bath filled with bubbles. I didn’t think I could feel more relaxed, but it gets better! I just found a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Chunky Monkey flavour ;) Do you think ice cream and bubbles is a good way to relax? If I could, I would include Damon Salvatore or Justin Timberlake holding my ice cream while I’m in the bath. Unfortunately they’re both busy tonight…
Before I had my bath, I spent today doing my Final Major Project which included doing an A-Z article based on MAC products. I’m still stuck on finding something that starts with the letter Z though…Who uses that letter anyway?! I also managed to squeeze in a few Angel episodes today as well. My housemate and I finished watching the last ever episode of Buffy last night. It was very emotional, we love you Spike! ;)
For today’s post, I wanted it to be about a current trend that I’ve seen in quite a few magazines. Pastel clothing is now back in trend for spring, so I thought I’d feature a few pastel items. I think this trend looks great against pale or tanned skin and I just love how girly it is. Apparently Dorothy Perkins and Matalan are the key shops for hunting down pastel pieces this year. So tell me what you think of this trend! Do you think it’s a do or don’t? ♥


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Boots, Leopards and Lashes! ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are having a good week, I’m finally in Southampton to finish my third year at University off and I’m still not too sure how I feel about it. I’m back to the routine of staying up all night to finish of my Final Major Project – it’s a good thing I’ve packed the fridge with Red Bull ;) It’s sad to say I’m going to miss my mums cooked dinners, back to Super Noodles for me… Anyway, today’s post is just a little shopping haul, very little due to my bank balance. I got these fabulous military boots from Shoe Zone for only £14.00! I never usually go in Shoe Zone but they caught my eye as I was walking past and as a student, I can’t be too picky. They fit really well and they pretty much go with every outfit I have! The top is £6.00 from Primark and I love it, it looks great with my blazer and leather trousers. I’ve seen quite a few animal inspired tops lately. I’ll have to see what other animal tops I can find.

And finally, I went up to Catford to buy some hair extensions! They cost me £40.00 but they are definitely worth it, I can curl or straighten them which is pretty handy. I’m slightly confused if I have to shampoo and condition them…does anyone else wash their hair extensions? When I bought the extensions, I saw the Ardell lashes for only £2.00! I also went to Pound Land and got three ‘Candy Kitten’ lashes, I haven’t tried them yet but I’ll let you know if they’re any good :) I am seriously addicted to wearing false lashes, I always complete when I’m wearing them. I don’t think I would bother if I had longer lashes, but mine are the definition of short and stubby haha :) I’m back to writing my Final Major Project and eating Cheerios, but let me know your hair extension routine! ♥

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How To Wear: Basic T-Shirts ♥

Outfit 1

A few posts ago, I mentioned a website called They sell an amazing range of t-shirts and I thought it would be nice to do a post on how I would wear them. I love t-shirts that are related to films or TV programmes! This Clueless T-shirt is only £20, I really need it in my wardrobe... To start with, I personally prefer T-shirts that are white because I feel like I can match them better with other trousers etc. I love this outfit! The Topshop bag is definitely on my wish list. I've kept the look very simple and basic, but I've mixed different textures together. I think the H&M leather trousers are perfect for giving T-Shirts a hint of glamour and for only £7.49 online, I think we can all have smiles on our faces ;) For the make up, you know I love nudes, I think these colours compliment this outfit perfectly. My mission is to find a cheap alternative to the Chanel nail polish!

                  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
                  Outfit 2

For the second outfit that I've put together, I wanted to include a good pair of jeans. I don't think I wear jeans enough, which is a shame because they are a perfect outfit fixer. The Miss Selfridge jacket is my favourite piece of clothing right now, my mum bought it for me as a late Christmas present and I adore it! It fits perfectly and keeps me nice and warm for a change. I had to mention the Missguided boots again - they would look amazing with this outfit. As soon as I'm back in Southampton I might have a little online shop ;) My mother would eat me if I ordered anything to the house right now haha. Let me know how you would wear a plain T-Shirt, what is your favourite item? You're allowed to say everything - I know I will ;) ♥


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nice & Easy Brown Smokey Eyes ♥

Hello girls, hope your week is going well! You'll be relieved to know that I am all caught up with the Vampire Diaries - I know you were all losing sleep worrying about that ;) I always find myself slightly depressed after I finish an episode because I'm sitting there like.."Oh?..I forgot there aren't any men like Damon Salvatore. Woops, my mistake!" -_- Yes, I am turning into a bitter Bridget Jones. Don't worry I'll get back to the point before you all sign me up to Plenty of haha ;)

This is just a quick and easy post to show you how I do my eye make up. I always try and think of Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries (surprise, surprise). To start with, apply the eye shadow from the Natural Collection Duo pot called Latte. Evenly spread this on the lid but focus on the brow bone area - this will be a highlighter. Next, take a blending brush and gently put the brown coloured shadow called Mocha in the outer corner of the eye. Make sure you blend carefully and if there is fallout from the shadow, hold a tissue under the eye. As you can see from my picture, I’ve kept the eye shadow lighter in the inner corner of my eyes.

The next step is to add the lashes, Superdrug’s 2True lashes for £1.99 are perfect for a natural look but they still add length. Then apply the liquid eye liner by Miss Sporty to make the lashes blend with your own lash line. I featured the Vaseline and brow pencil to tell you that shaping your brows is just as important when creating a smokey eye look. Gently dab a small amount of Vaseline onto the brush, and then neaten your brows. Then voila…quick and easy brown smokey eyes! Hope this short tutorial helped girls. I’ll list the products and price down below.

· Natural Collection Duo Eye shadow in Mocha/Latte £1.99
· Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liquid Liner £2.79
· Superdrug 2True Lashes £1.99
· Vaseline £1.00
· W7 Brow Brush £1.99

Oh and I would also like to show you my favourite song at the moment,'s not from the Vampire Diaries...Plenty of Fish here I come. ♥


Monday, 9 January 2012

Favourite Beauty Products ♥

Hello girls, hope your Monday has started off well. I've just paused my Vampire Diaries marathon to do this blog post, I have to take breaks otherwise the cliffhangers will make me grab my laptop screen and shout DAMON!!!!...ours is a forbidden love..hahaa ;) I hope you are all caught up with your Vampire Diaries girls! :) Like yesterday, today has also been quite productive because I've completed another feature for my Final Major Project and added more research into my folder. I always feel better once I've sat down and done work, it's like a weight gets lifted haha :)

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to tell you what products I use in one big post because I love reading other blogs when they tell me their favourite beauty products. My all time favourite nail varnish is the one I got free with the December issue of Glamour. I'll be honest, I've always loved nude coloured nail varnishes because of Buffy season 2. Yes, I have a Buffy obsession problem, we all know this haha. As you can see from the products I've picked, they're all fairly cheap. I found the Ardell lashes in a hair extension shop for £2. I was amazed! I spent £5 the day before on Superdrug lashes which is pretty expensive for my budget.. I wear lashes quite often so the cheaper the better. I thought it would be good to show you what I use for my teeth because I get told that they are very white. Pearl drops and Blanx are my favourite teeth whitening products. Finally, my favourite shampoo is the cheap and cheerful raspberry flavoured shampoo and conditioner by Alberto Balsam. It smells amazing and always feels silky. I'm going back to watching my beloved Damon Salvatore, but tell me what is your ultimate beauty product! I'm very curious ;) Have a good week girls :) ♥

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cut Out Dresses ♥

Now in case you haven't been following me on twitter, I have spent today craving Starbucks. Particularly their double chocolate frappuccino. Yum! I tried to make myself one earlier but it turned out to just be vanilla ice cream and milk melted in a cup..It was still yummy though hahaa. I've been quite productive today, I've managed to finish a feature on make up based on Red Riding Hood, tidy my room, read some blogs, make my own Starbucks, have a hot bath and make this blog post today. Of course I had help from my trusty To Do List ;) I find that making one keeps me from drifting off the beaten path and I actually get things done! I'm currently waiting for my mum to cook apple pie..I always say that word in a American accent, very odd. At 9pm 500 Days of Summer is playing on Channel 4, it is one of my favourite films and I suggest it to anyone who's ever had their heartbroken...Ahh memories -_- haha ;)

I wanted today's post to be on the current trend of cut out dresses, I think these dresses are gorgeous and I especially love number 2. from Topshop. They add a hint of sex appeal to your look without being too over the top. I lost the website link for dress number 7, so if anyone knows where it's from, feel free to post the link below :) What dress is your favourite? Are you a fan of the cut out trend or will you give it a miss? Let me know! :) I'd just like to add a big thank you to everyone who has recently started following my blog :) You rock ;) ♥

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Clueless T-Shirts & Birthdays ♥

Instead of eating healthy like I said I would, I am currently eating a biscuit. Scrap that - I have been eating biscuits, lots and lots of them. I found an unopened biscuit collection from Christmas and sadly, I have been stuffing my face for 30 minutes. At this point in time, I regret nothing. Remind me not to complain tomorrow? haha ;) I hope your week is going okay girls! I know most of you are either back at work, school or uni. I'm back at uni next week..I'm slightly 50/50 about getting back to the routine of eating super noodles and living in the library again... I do love doing my journalism work though, I just love writing! :) Anyway, before I start my usual rambling, I just wanted to tell you what I've been up to this week. It was my sister Rebekah's 18th birthday yesterday so we had a nice meal (a wide variety of seafood) and then she opened her presents.

She got a Pandora bracelet from my mum and dad and a few other little bits. I bought Rebekah my speciality - Britney perfume and lots and lots of make up ;) haha. I love the bracelet that my mum got her because it has a little 18 charm on it. I bought Rebekah Britney's Cosmic Radiance perfume and it smells gorgeous! Subconsciously I may have just bought it for Rebekah so I could then steal it..I don't think she'll let me carry out this idea though.

My plans for this weekend consist of going shopping to help find my sister a birthday dress, then going out for drinks with the girls later, blogging, eating and attempting to exercise. I also wanted to tell you about my new obsession - T-SHIRTS! ♥ Do not ask me why, but I have only discovered how great it looks wearing a basic T-Shirt with my tight jeans or leather trousers. I found a website called Truffle Shuffle that sells hundreds of T-Shirts and these are my favourites. The Britney one is from Forever 21 :) We all know how addicted I am to Buffy so I will be getting this top..and also the Britney one. I already have a Batman T-Shirt don't worry ;) Let me know what your favourite one is! ♥


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Missguided Favourites ♥

A very rare occasion is happening right now - I appear to have Christmas money left over. How is this possible? I have never have money! I'm usually the poster girl for being poor, but for some reason I looked into my purse today and £60 was looking up at me. We all know how rare having money happens for me so I'm taking full advantage of this situation and running to Missguided. Although you can't technically run to Missguided because it's an online store, but you get my drift ;) I've been glued to their website for two hours now and I've come up with this list to show you everything I want! I want it alllllllllll :( I can't believe how cheap everything is - and you know if a poor student is saying this, it must be cheap haha. I'm really liking plain T-shirts right now and I think number 3 on the top row is gorgeous! It would look great with a black leather jacket and skinny jeans. Let me know what your favourite item is :)

I'm currently listening to the Bed Intruder song on Youtube..don't ask me why haha. I'm going to watch Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson in it - I love this film! Have any of you seen it? Having some hot chocolate and warm blankets is in order right now ;) I'm not sure what tomorrows post will be about..we shall see. Hope your having a good week girls and don't forget to like my new Facebook' fan page :) ♥

Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 Wish List ♥

I spent last night making my 13 year old brother watch The Wizard of Oz for the first time - he acted like he wasn't impressed but he still watched all of it anyway haha. I think I've ruined his "street cred" woops! Anyway, I hope you're all having a good weekend, I'm currently listening to JLS - Do You Feel What I Feel? while eating rice. Now before I start to ramble about my love for Aston Merrygold, I just wanted to show you my wish list for 2012. I what I've picked and I wish I could afford to buy all of it! I've picked a mixture of going out outfits and just regular every day clothes, I'm struggling to pick my favourite item..Maybe the black heels from Miss Selfridge? I'm going to make another wish list/hot picks just from the online stores such as Missguided and ASOS.
Today I'm going to start writing a new feature for my Final Major Project for uni and I'm going to attempt to do some sit ups..New Years resolution and all ;) I better start this feature, but let me know if there are there any particular shops you want me to feature for tomorrows post? Just let me know :)

Oh and one more thing, I have finally got around to creating a Facebook fan page for Fairytale Kiss - I know, its taken me long enough. So would you be kind enough to click the link and like it for me? Thanks! :) ♥


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012 - part two ♥

So this is part two of my blog post today, I thought it would be a nice idea to do a little summary of my 2011 outfits. I must say, looking at the photos, I think I have a obsession with those green military trousers... If I never saw Cheryl Cole wearing a pair, I would have never bought them. I suppose I have no choice but to blame her for my trouser rut! ;) Another New Years resolution is to take more pictures! I have been terrible at keeping track of my outfits lately - I blame uni work. My least favourite outfit has to be the camel coloured dress from Primark. When I bought it, I knew I was going out of my comfort zone but it's nice to mix it up sometimes. Maybe the thing that's really bugging me is my hair colour..please remind me to stick to being brunette. I wish I could pull of the golden blonde look! I think one of my favourite outfits is the leather skirt and cropped bralet top - courtesy from my mother ;) I love how well the brown and white go together.

I'm currently spilling rice all over my bed..woops! I'm trying to eat, type and watch Sex and the City at the same time. I've got my best friend watching season 1 for the first time, I want her to get addicted to it like me! She'll finally understand what I mean when I say Girl Power and Samantha Jones ;) I hope you've all seen Sex and the City! I'll even settle for just the films :) Eurgh, my drink is on the other side of the's far too hard to get up. Anyway, apart from my increase of laziness today, how did your NYE plans go? Did you like your outfit or do you wish you had picked something else? Let me know & thank you for following me - It means a lot!! :) ♥

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012! ♥

Hello girls! Happy New Year ♥ I can't believe how fast 2011 has gone- it's safe to say the world didn't end ;) I'm writing this from my bedroom after going out last night, I only spent £20..yay me! Even in my slightly tipsy state last night, I still managed to perfectly hang my dress up when I got home haha. After the countdown, the DJ played Rihanna's We Found Love, it was a amazing night and a great start to 2012! I'm going to do a few posts today because I want to do my goals for this year, my clothing wishlist and my likes and dislikes of 2011. I think the biggest thing for 2012 is the fact that I graduate from University and have to find a job! I'm really excited but slightly nervous at the same time. Who else is graduating this year? Lets start with my goals for this year..

♥ To graduate with a 2:1
♥ Learn how to drive after I finish uni
♥ Don't waste time on people who don't really appreciate me
♥ Get a job working for a fashion/beauty magazine - even if I have to just make tea and coffee at first ;)
♥ To fall in love again
♥ Exercise and eat healthy for longer than 5 minutes...
♥ Buy more clothes rather than make-up I already have!
♥ To always carry a bottle of water with me
♥ To read the rest of 'The Child Called It' books

Favourite films I have seen in 2011:
♥ Red Riding Hood
♥ Limitless
♥ Something Borrowed
♥ Bridesmaids
♥ The Inbetweeners Movie

Favourite songs from 2011:
♥ Katy Perry - The One That Got Away
♥ Drake - Take Care & Marvin's Room
♥ Will Young - Come On
♥ Marina and The Diamonds - Radioactive
♥ Rihanna - We Found Love

Favourite clothes/make-up bought in 2011:
♥ My leather jacket from Miss Selfridge
♥ My NYE dress
♥ Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume
♥ Leather trousers from H&M
♥ Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight
♥ Blue Rare dress from Topshop

I'm going to start writing my next post of my wish list for 2012 - let me know what your favourite films/songs and clothes are from 2011! ♥
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