Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Rihanna, Baileys & Primark Shopping ♥

Right now I am drinking Baileys from a children's Ikea cup..I've never had Baileyss before but apparently it can help cure a sore throat. We all know I have been ill this week so I thought I would try this experiment. As far as I can tell, my throat is still sore but I am starting to feel slightly tipsy.. Note to self: Maybe I should just stick to Lemsips?

I feel today's trip to Lakeside shopping centre has made me a tad tired but the Nando's courtesy from my dad, was definitely worth the long trip. After being pushed by an old lady while looking through a clothing rail in River Island, I gave up on looking at the sale items. It's all a little too crazy for me...So I ended up with these lovely non sale items. Aren't they pretty? :) As usual, I found myself drawn to buying Primark items, but I'm going to do a Missguided online shop in a bit. The bag was only £9.00 and I love it! My mum and sister thought I bought it from River Island ;) The T-shirt was marked £3.00 but on the till it said £1 - not too shabby.

Now I have been dying to buy a new pair of jeans that are very basic and these £9.00 jeans do the job perfectly. I'll have to take a picture wearing all of them together! The shoes were randomly in Primark for £6.00 instead of £16.00 - Yes please! They'll look great with the jeans and top. Finally, I bought Rihanna's new perfume for £17. Reb’l Fleur smells amazing and I'm having trouble deciding whether I prefer my Britney Midnight Fantasy or this... What do you think?! Oh and I still haven't found a NYE dress..I'm starting to panic! Crap, crap, crap. I'm running into town tomorrow to have a final look otherwise...well let's just say Anna Wintour won't approve ;) Have you got your NYE dress sorted?

Monday, 26 December 2011

Perfume, Leather Skirts and The Salvatore Brothers ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are having a good Christmas, I spend the majority of mine making cheese and crackers for relatives... I never want to see a pack of Jacob's cream crackers again. *sigh* Anyway, I got mainly money this year because I am in desperate need of new clothes. My mum bought me a few bits though including this black leather skirt from H&M, Topshop hot pants and also a black blazer from H&M. I finally got series 2 of The Vampire Diaries so now I am nice and happy - Damon Salvatore wants me so bad ;) What?! It's Christmas! I can dream!...Back to the point, I also got Britney's Midnight Fantasy perfume and it smells gorgeous. It's definitely my favourite out of her collection. The black clutch bag is from River Island and it's perfect for every outfit so I'm very happy. I also got a lipstick from Rimmel called Nude Delight..definitely a must have for your make-up bag.

I spent today with the best friend watching the Salvatore brothers and eating Pizza Hut..I think we're the only two people who ordered Pizza on Boxing day..It was totally worth it though ;) What did you end up doing today? I hope it involved lots of junk food..I still find myself in a food coma from eating all those cheese and crackers yesterday. It was nice to be around family though and watch the Michael McIntyre Christmas show..I loved seeing Miranda make an appearance! :)
I'm going to Lakeside tomorrow with my dad and sister to do some serious shopping..lets hope I find a New Year's Eve dress - I'm starting to panic slightly! Let me know how your dress hunting is going. ♥

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Britney, Batman & Little Christmas Trees ♥

Hello girls, this week has consisted of me buying Britney's greatest hits on DVD, Tim Burton's 1989 Batman and two Ben & Jerry's - heaven! I've been having a serious catch up session with my Sex and the City box set and I can't express how much I love Samantha Jones. Girl power I bought these wedged boots from Primark for only £15. Not too shabby and they are very comfy :) I finally finished all of my university blog, the website is here if you fancy following ;) I bought this giant eye shadow palette for the MUA from Superdrug and it is amazing! I love the bronze colours in it. I finally came home to see this tiny Christmas tree in my room..it looks very chic next to James Dean. Oh and finally here is my healthy breakfast for today!

I'm just about to watch the film Trust with my sister and she is giving me 'the look' when she wants me to hurry up with my blog post for today..I'm tempted to write another one to annoy her..muhaha. I believe I am going out shopping tomorrow to get some bits and bobs because I'm going Tiger Tiger in Croydon. I haven't been there in ages, so hopefully it will be fun. I'll make sure to post the outfit that I wear..If only I had money to buy a brand new one! *sigh* Has anyone got any exciting plans for the weekend? I can't believe how fast December has gone....I hope you are all having a good week girls! 4 days until Christmas! :O

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Missguided, Boots & Christmas Time! ♥

Hello girls! I hope you are having a good Christmas holiday - sorry that I've been an absent blogger this month. Saying I've been swamped with uni essays is an understatement but I'm finally all done! My dad picked me up on Friday and we had some Nandos, can you believe that he had never had Nandos before that?! I think I'm still in shock! It's nice being back home in London for a change, plus having food that my mums cooked isn't too shabby either ;) Right now I am wrapped up in bed watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall with a large amount of strawberry Ribena. Russell Brand is on my screen right now - he's very lickable isn't he?

I received a little parcel from the lovely Missguided team on Friday, that included a Thank you/Christmas card and a gorgeous red nail polish and lip gloss. The nail polish is called MissUnderstood and I've been wearing it for almost a week now and it hasn't even chipped. Hurrah! I usually have terrible luck with finding a nail polish that doesn't chip within 5 seconds... I was also doing a little browsing on Missguided's website today and I found some boots that look exactly like the Jeffrey Campbell Lita ones! The different being the £79.01 price ;) I think they look gorgeous - you could definitely do some serious catwalk struts with these bad boys. Let me know if you've recently bought them!
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