Thursday, 17 November 2011

Welcome To The Dark Side ♥

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Hey girls! Hope you are having a good week, I must admit that I am slacking with the blog updates recently. I'm just so wrapped up with all this uni work, I'm finding it hard to do good posts for all of you :( It's not long now until all of this work load is off my mind! I'm currently on the phone to one of my best friends from home while typing this. Talk about multi tasking ;) I bought the latest More! magazine (as usual) and I definitely think it's a must for Twilight lovers. Hands up who's excited for Breaking Dawn to be released in the cinemas? Edward wants me so bad..He just doesn't realise it yet ;) I'm going on a double date with my best friend Louise and her boyfriend. My date is called Harriet. Yes - we're going to be each others date to comfort each other when we see Edward get married haha. They better have nachos there! ;) I also want to see the new film 'My Week With Marilyn'. We all know that Marilyn is one of my beauty idols and I find her life story very fascinating. Michelle Williams plays Monroe and the first screening for the film was in LA last week.

Anyway, this outfit is quite vampire inspired and it's perfect if you can't stand the shiny glitter and sequin trend. I love this Gothic trend because I have a strong appreciation for fitted black clothing. I don't think you can ever wear enough black, especially when you can add some gold or silver coloured accessories to spice it up a bit. My favourite pick has to be the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots and of course the Alexander McQueen clutch - I think that goes without saying though ;) When it comes to make up, dark lips are essential for staying true to this trend. Although the dark plum sample is of mascara, that would be the perfect shade colour. Estée Lauder 'Pure Colour' Long Lasting Lipstick in Hot Kiss is perfection and is a great example. Okay, I am going to get back to finishing my contextual essay. Wish me luck! Let me know if you're going to see Breaking Dawn at the cinema. ♥


  1. I love the white tee and the skirt under the tee, they would go perfect together.

  2. I know! They're gorgeous arent they? I need to start saving haha ;) x

  3. I love the skull top and the Lita boots! <3

  4. Oh studs, litas and crosses are gorgeous <3. Have fun with the essay..x

  5. Oh my gosh, I love that burgundy top!!!! I must admit, I'm pretty excited for Twilight....

    Mabel Time

  6. Love the lace skirt, very cute & egdy.
    Nice collage.

    I'm working so I wont be able to go to see the movie for some time soon, buhuu. :D

    xx indie by heart

  7. OMG, I love the heels!
    Are fabulous:) follow u.
    With love xx.

  8. omg i love everything you have here !!

    Ive just found your blog and am following, please drop by mine at


  9. Ah love it all, especially the leather skirt :) x

  10. I love it! the shoes is gorgeous :-)

    following you now, visit mine and hope you follow back


  11. I'm not the biggest fan of twilight but the spike litas and the velvet bustier are my favorites!



  12. Hey Jade! Your blog is so beautiful, I love it! I'm following you, follow me back if you like mine!!!!!!!! XOXO

  13. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D
    xoxo Effy


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