Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Leopard Print, Pigeons & Minnie Mouse Hair ♥

Okay, so I've gone back to watching Buffy and eating everything in the house. I did try to be healthy but it's just to hard. I'm still doing my crunches though, if that counts? Todays outfit is pretty wintery (for once) and I really like wearing leggings instead of my usual trousers. I got them years ago from New Look and it's nice to know they're back in season now ;) The cardigan is from Topshop and is worth around £30 but I was lucky enough to get it from Ebay for £7! I like keeping the colour palette quite neutral when it comes to wearing leopard print. Although..I think red looks quite amazing with this particular pattern! The dolly shoes and the top were both £4 from Primark. Please excuse how similar my face looks to a cod fish. I swear I don't look like I suck on a lemon in real life haha ;)

The hairstyle is my 'Bad Hair Day' rescuer. Whenever my hair won't do as its told, I simply put it in this 'Minnie mouse' style bun. I'll try and take pictures of me doing it so you can the rough idea ;)
I'm not sure if I have any interesting news to report, except I'm on season 4 of Buffy? Anyway.. My best friend is coming down from London this weekend so that'll be fun, I actually miss London a bit :( We have pigeons instead of seagulls. That's the only difference I can find from London and Southampton - pigeons. Oh and Missguided have made a advert! I think it's pretty cool, it's inspired by the theme Drop Dead Gorgeous. I'll put the video down below :)

Right now, I am in the library blogging away, I can hear an American person! Eiiii! I can't exactly explain why I'm such an American groupie, you've all known this for a while though haha. I think I'm going to do some uni work after a long trip to the vending machine, they accept card now ;) Tomorrow will be another outfit post :)..I'm trying to carry my camera everywhere with me now! So has anyone else got leopard print leggings, do you think this trend is a hit or a miss? 



  1. WOW!!
    Your outfit is gorgeous :)

  2. i love your style! you actually really remind me of Cheryl Cole. xx

  3. I love this outfit so so much!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. you look so nice girl ! love it *

  5. Great outfit! Love the cardigan. Your hair looks amazing! Kisses

  6. Thanks for all your comments girls!

    @Rachel: Arrr thanks :) It's amazing what you find shoved at the bottom of your draws ;) haha xox

    @Grace: Ahhhhhhh Grace I could buy you a lifetime supply of cookies & puppies for that comment! I ♥,♥,♥ Cheryl! Thank you 0=] xox

    @LoveFayexoxo: Thank you! :) It matches your blog background! ;) xox

    @Mary: Thanks hun! :) xoxo

    @Andreaaa: Arrr thank you! I love your picture btw! Delena <3 xoxo

  7. I love those leggings!! I want them. Your hair does look sorta like minnie mouse ears! cute.

  8. Cute outfit :) i love it! Especially those leopard print leggings, they look amazing on you xx

  9. I really love this outfit. It is super awesome. I wish I had leopard print leggings! Glad you like Americans. I'm American :)

    Mabel Time

  10. I love that outfit! The leggings are amazing :D

  11. @Krissy: Arrr thank you! :) I tried to do it this morning but they ended up looking like general ears, rather than Minnie mouse ones - so I gave up haha :) x

    @Shannon: Thank you :) I loved your post on your make up and jewellery today! :) x

    @Marbel: Thanks :) I'll try and find some for you & send you the link! :) Ahhh you're American?! Please tell me you love Britney Spears like I do! haha :) x

    @Marisa: Thank you :) I am officially in love with your blog layout! x

  12. I love those leggings, it's a total hit!!



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