Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tights, Blazers & Buffy Nights ♥

Hi lovers, I hope you've all had a good weekend. Can you guess what I was doing? Yes..uni work as usual. I feel like whenever I finish something, I still have 10 more things to go through..it's like I'm in quicksand all the time..not very fun. I'm really excited to go home in 2 and a half weeks for Christmas though! I'll be able to properly do my blog without any distractions. Who else is really excited for the xmas holidays?
You'll be pleased to know that Louise and I (my one and only house mate) have got up to season 6 of Buffy. We cried on the season 5 finale - The Gift. How cute ;) Re watching the Buffy series has rekindled my love for Spike even more. Why are there no guys like him in real life?! -_- As well as watching Buffy, I've started eating really healthy. I bought loads and loads of fresh fruit and I'm drinking bottled water and oh, oh I've even started doing sit ups in the morning and before I go to bed. My stomach is already feeling less bloated.. Toned stomach here I come! haha.

For todays outfit, I decided to go crazy and wear tights, in case you haven't noticed I never wear tights. I don't know why...I think it's because the tights I do find have many holes in them and I never remember to buy new ones. How touching. I really, really like this outfit. Starting from the bottom, the shoes are £4 for Primark, the skirt is £7 from H&M, the tanned strap top is £2.50 from Primark and finally, the blazer was stolen from my sister. I think she bought it from Primark though. What I love most about this outfit though is how well the skirt and top go together. I love nude tones! :) The skirt looks more white in the photo though...stupid camera. Anyway, I'm going to finish of my essay on Britney Spears - I know! I've never been so excited to do an essay before! We all know how obsessed I am with dear Britney ;) Anyone else with me on this? 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Gold, Silver & Everything In Between ♥

Hi girls, I hope you've all got something exciting planned for this weekend. I'm guessing the majority of you are Breaking Dawn bound? I really want to see My Week With Marilyn and we all know how much I love Marilyn Monroe. Today has been spent in uni (as per usual) and I feel slightly better that I've handed in my contextual essay. I sent my mum the document so she could check it for any spelling errors and you know what she said?! "Oh Jade...I didn't know you were this smart. It certainly doesn't come out of your mouth like it does in this essay" Thanks mum -__- Isn't she a peach? I'm currently dying of thirst while I'm typing this..note to self: bring bottled water with me.  I've got my To Do List scribbled out next to me, exercise has been reluctantly put at the top of this list. I really want to start eating healthy, but I just need to some healthy recipe ideas! Has anyone got any suggestions? ;)

The metallic trend is coming back with force this season and I'm so excited! We have leather, tassels and metallic all on everyones hit list this Winter and I love all of them. It's pretty hard not to though, don't you think? I love how metallic outfits suit any hair colour or skin tone, especially since I love having sparkly outfits when I go out. The online store missguided, have the perfect heels for this trend, I love how thick the platform is! These are definitely a must for when you're next going out. I don't know why, but I kind of like the idea of going out like a giant disco mirror ball haha. I love all the items I've picked, it's really hard to chose what one I like the most. What is your favourite? I'm going to try and cross off another item from my To Do List. Wish me luck! Hope you all have an amazing weekend. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Feathers, Tassels & Old Hollywood Glamour ♥

Hi girls! Hope you are all good, I'm currently trying to multi task this essay that's due in this week, while doing this blog post. It's tricky, quite tricky haha. Lets hope I don't start referencing Roland Barthes' theory in this post... This week I've been glued to my laptop typing, spell checking, more typing and then more spell checking. A girl once told me that the third year of uni was the easiest - that girl lied to me haha. If I'm not trying to finish my essay, I'm wearing my yummy sushi pyjamas watching Buffy episodes with Louise. We're up to season 5 now ;) Oh, we also made ourselves a roast dinner on Sunday. It had cranberry sauce and everything! Pretty swish indeed, although we did watch Aladdin while we ate it so less glamorous there haha. Louise said I reminded her of the Genie, I don't know whether that's a compliment or not haha. Have you watched any Disney films lately?  I finally went to the cinema and saw Breaking Dawn. I'll be honest with you gentle, readers. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be. Maybe it's because I didn't get nachos when I watched it?

Okay, lets start with the outfit trend. I've been doing my usual research on websites and magazines and I can see that the 20's are coming back with a bang. 100% feathers, 100% tassels and 100% glamour. I love this trend because it's very old Hollywood. Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein did a great collection for this fall and of course gold was a main factor. I personally think that wearing everything inspired by the 20s can be too much for a day time look, but wearing a few elements will really make your outfit pop! The black bandeau dress from Rare is out of stock at the moment (I've looked everywhere, but feel free to post the link below if you find it!) but I think this going out dress is perfect for giving off the 20s vibe. The dress that Cher Lloyd wore for the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards was 1920s inspired. I love how Hollywood she looks in it. Let me know what you think of this trend. 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Welcome To The Dark Side ♥

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
Hey girls! Hope you are having a good week, I must admit that I am slacking with the blog updates recently. I'm just so wrapped up with all this uni work, I'm finding it hard to do good posts for all of you :( It's not long now until all of this work load is off my mind! I'm currently on the phone to one of my best friends from home while typing this. Talk about multi tasking ;) I bought the latest More! magazine (as usual) and I definitely think it's a must for Twilight lovers. Hands up who's excited for Breaking Dawn to be released in the cinemas? Edward wants me so bad..He just doesn't realise it yet ;) I'm going on a double date with my best friend Louise and her boyfriend. My date is called Harriet. Yes - we're going to be each others date to comfort each other when we see Edward get married haha. They better have nachos there! ;) I also want to see the new film 'My Week With Marilyn'. We all know that Marilyn is one of my beauty idols and I find her life story very fascinating. Michelle Williams plays Monroe and the first screening for the film was in LA last week.

Anyway, this outfit is quite vampire inspired and it's perfect if you can't stand the shiny glitter and sequin trend. I love this Gothic trend because I have a strong appreciation for fitted black clothing. I don't think you can ever wear enough black, especially when you can add some gold or silver coloured accessories to spice it up a bit. My favourite pick has to be the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots and of course the Alexander McQueen clutch - I think that goes without saying though ;) When it comes to make up, dark lips are essential for staying true to this trend. Although the dark plum sample is of mascara, that would be the perfect shade colour. Estée Lauder 'Pure Colour' Long Lasting Lipstick in Hot Kiss is perfection and is a great example. Okay, I am going to get back to finishing my contextual essay. Wish me luck! Let me know if you're going to see Breaking Dawn at the cinema. ♥

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Red Riding Hood, Military Jackets and Mary Poppins ♥

Hi girls! Hope your week is going well, I spent last night at the library researching what I want to write about for my MAC contract magazine. I've come up with some pretty good ideas - I think. I'm going to start writing up my first draft today! Ahh scary stuff. Anyway, todays outfit is very Cheryl inspired ;) The military jacket was only £5 from Primark! It was £20. It's great because it goes with everything and it still keeps me warm ;) We all know I have a fear of winter because I hate wearing layers and layers. How romantic.. Any who, the boots are also from Primark and were £15. The teal coloured crop top was from Miss Selfridges - I love it! I bought it last year for £8.
Now the bag clashes nicely with the outfit (which I like), it was £35 from Office. I got it years and years ago. I like how chunky looking it is and of course the colour ;) It reminds me of the bag Mary Poppin's has because the amount of stuff you can fit in here is unbelievable -not that I carry around hat stands or giant mirrors in my bags...

I'm currently listening to Fever Rays 'The Wolf' to get me inspired for my MAC feature post. I'm basing the beauty look on Red Riding Hood. Pretty neat idea huh? I think it would be nice to do a post on what products I come up with! :) I love the whole look of Red Riding Hood, it's pretty amazing how you can apply a Gothic theme to the character and that it still works so well together! I think Amanda Seyfried was perfect in the film, don't even get me started on how amazingly gorgeous Peter is.
I definitely want to go as Red Riding Hood next year, we all should have a red hood in our wardrobe ;) What's your favourite fairytale story? 


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Leopard Print, Pigeons & Minnie Mouse Hair ♥

Okay, so I've gone back to watching Buffy and eating everything in the house. I did try to be healthy but it's just to hard. I'm still doing my crunches though, if that counts? Todays outfit is pretty wintery (for once) and I really like wearing leggings instead of my usual trousers. I got them years ago from New Look and it's nice to know they're back in season now ;) The cardigan is from Topshop and is worth around £30 but I was lucky enough to get it from Ebay for £7! I like keeping the colour palette quite neutral when it comes to wearing leopard print. Although..I think red looks quite amazing with this particular pattern! The dolly shoes and the top were both £4 from Primark. Please excuse how similar my face looks to a cod fish. I swear I don't look like I suck on a lemon in real life haha ;)

The hairstyle is my 'Bad Hair Day' rescuer. Whenever my hair won't do as its told, I simply put it in this 'Minnie mouse' style bun. I'll try and take pictures of me doing it so you can the rough idea ;)
I'm not sure if I have any interesting news to report, except I'm on season 4 of Buffy? Anyway.. My best friend is coming down from London this weekend so that'll be fun, I actually miss London a bit :( We have pigeons instead of seagulls. That's the only difference I can find from London and Southampton - pigeons. Oh and Missguided have made a advert! I think it's pretty cool, it's inspired by the theme Drop Dead Gorgeous. I'll put the video down below :)

Right now, I am in the library blogging away, I can hear an American person! Eiiii! I can't exactly explain why I'm such an American groupie, you've all known this for a while though haha. I think I'm going to do some uni work after a long trip to the vending machine, they accept card now ;) Tomorrow will be another outfit post :)..I'm trying to carry my camera everywhere with me now! So has anyone else got leopard print leggings, do you think this trend is a hit or a miss? 


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Batman, Platforms & Wonder Woman ♥

Hello girls! Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend…I don’t think mine could have been anymore unsociable. First of all, I spent the whole week finishing the Roland Barthes contextual essay...I over rambled as usual haha. Then for the weekend, instead of going outside to look at the pretty fireworks, I was watching Batman cartoons and eating everything in sight, which is why I’m going to start eating healthy again. I’m going to write down everything I eat and how many calories it has, that way I’ll try and cut down on all the junk!
I don’t know if you’ll remember, but a few years ago Glamour gave away the book ‘He’s just not that into you’. Well I’ve been reading it in bed and I forgot how much I love this book! I really admire the style of writing and witty stories.

As you can see, I made a poor attempt at ‘colour coordinating’ my clothes – I need to go shopping to revamp my wardrobe pronto! As well as watching Batman (yes, I’m a nerd) I started adding more research to my Final Major Project scrap book. It’s scary how fast uni is going at the moment…
Anyway, I bought this Thai green curry for dinner tonight; I’ll let you know if it was any good. I also made a ‘To do list’ for today – they do actually work! I’m doing number one as we speak! Haha ;) The two final pictures are of the heels from Office and me dressed up as Wonder Woman with Kirsty for Halloween. Now I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Office heels before, I bought them last year for a New Years party and have officially worn them once. They’re just too painful to wear! But aren’t they pretty? They were £90 but they were on sale for £20. The only way to describe them is to say it’s like wearing a pair of stilts haha.

I’m going to try and do a set of crunches now…Oh such joy. I seriously don’t know how people can exercise every single day without moaning as much as I do…Do any of you have an exercise plan? Hope you’re all having a good week. ♥


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Winter Wonderland ♥

Hello girls, hope you are all well! I've had such a good weekend..mainly because it was Halloween time! My french maid costume didn't come in time (It still hasn't actually -_-) so I ended up going as Wonder Woman. I had so much fun! We decorated the house and made it all spooky looking..by putting black bin bags everywhere. I even made a Halloween playlist and because it was at my house I could play Britney Spears to my hearts content. I've been in uni since 1 today and it's not half 8 - I'm just glad I had a break to dress up as Wonder Woman. (So easily pleased) 
What other interesting things have happened? I've been stuck doing uni work all today, looking at Roland Barthes theory on photographic analysis. It really is as exciting as it sounds.. I also got this months Glamour today and it came with a free Nails Inc. nail polish! I got Basil Street, which is such a gorgeous nude shade. The December issue was fabulous as usual and it's got me all excited for Christmas! Which is usually rare for me because last Christmas I was home alone, defrosting chicken in the microwave and watching Die Hard on my laptop. I have never felt more like Bridget Jones in my life. 

Anyway, back on topic. This month's Glamour featured quite a few glitter & sequin party items, so I thought I'd look around and see what else there was. My favourite item has to be number 7. The H&M skirt is only £14.99, not to shabby. I don't know why but I think that the sequin and glitter trend goes perfectly with Winter. It makes everything seem a bit more "Winter Wonderland". I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think I'm really excited for snow and Christmas crackers.

Tell me what your favourite items are and what your most excited about for winter! 
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