Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Leather Trousers, Cheryl's Dress & I Eat Lunch At 4?! ♥

Hello girls, hope you are all good! I'm getting really bored with not having Internet in my house and using the uni computers isn't the most inspirational location.. I just wanted to show you my outfit that I put together. Yep, that's right. Leather trousers!! Although I keep calling them leather pants.. 

These trousers are £14.99 from H&M and the jumper is only £10 from Primark. It's a perfect outfit for when it gets really cold and best of all, it reminds me of the American Tumblr girl! I'd probably pair this outfit with a nice nude shoulder bag to keep the focus on the trousers. I walked past a Big Issue man today who said "Please give me money so I can buy my own pair of leather trousers!" 

It's safe to say I wasn't as amused as he thought I would be.. I saw this picture of Cheryl and had to use it in this post. She just looks like she's glowing with confidence and proves that she really can pull off any design she wants. This dress was designed by the one and onlVictoria Beckham

          Right now I'm loving...    
       The Kardashian Family 

I really can't get enough of them and I love how close they all are! :) Anyway, I'm about to have some lunch...at 4pm. My timing is a little off haha. But I'll try and do a new post ASAP! Hope you have a good week girls :)

Remember to email me if you want me to review anything ;)


  1. I love the Kardashians! Can't get enough!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Great post! Keep up the amazing good work!!

    Please comment on my posts... www.foxtrotbravo.blogspot.com xox

  3. I love the trousers, I couldn't decide between those and the mini skirt and opted for the skirt instead :) xx

  4. Thanks for your comments girls :) I'm following you all now.

    I know, you can never get enough of the Kardashians!

    Theres a leather skirt?! Why didn't I see this?! :O


  5. I love the trousers, havn't spotted them on my daily h&m rummage yet. I hate when people like that think they're funny.x

  6. you love your american (tumblr) girls! I always thought that people who dont live in the US, thought that all of the people who did were fat! haha! us americans were always told that!

  7. oh yeah i also loved that kardashian episode! i think that was probably my favorite one- i love watching the older ones, when they werent superstars, yah no?

  8. This outfit is amazing, wish I could carry those off!!


  9. I hate most reality TV, but do enjoy the Kardashians. That gif is so funny!

  10. In love with those leather pants



  11. I wish I could pull off wearing leather pants :'(

  12. £14.99 for those trousers is such a bargain. Love them x x

  13. Hi!!

    I love those trousers!!!! They look SO good!! I want to find some that I like on myself...

    Great job on the blog..sorry I didn't comment sooner, my uni life is also going crazy =)

    xo Rose



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