Thursday, 27 October 2011

Queen Of The Jungle ♥

Hello girls, I am so sorry I haven't posted in a ages. I've been stuck in the library doing uni work, I feel like a zombie right now. I keep having this fear that I'll get behind in everything so I'm trying to be a keen bean and get everything done. I am starving and someone has ordered Domino's in here..Not fair! I hope you've all been okay. Apart from reading Roland Barthes theory on Image, Music and Text, I've had a pretty non existent week. Oh, oh I am having a Halloween party on Monday though! I know, I'm shocked to. I'm not the party host type, but Louise (the girl who lives with me) has persuaded me into it. I'm actually really excited! I'm either going as Wonder Woman or a vampire french maid. I watched Eve's Tambourine video the other day and became inspired haha. Love both of the outfits, Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman = Wow.

I hope you like the collection I've put together, some of the links aren't direct, sorry! Some of the products are out of stock so I just gave the direct website link instead. I am so happy that this trend is back in fashion. I have an obsession with leather and leopard print. I want to buy a leopard print top to go with my leather trousers. Ahh my ideal perfect outfit! I would say that Missguided are pretty amazing with this trend at the moment. I'd give them a quick glance if you want a leopard print gaze. I had to include the Alexander McQueen clutch, I know I always feature him but come on..Have you seen how gorgeous his purses are?! I just need to grow a few money trees then I can have the hottest clutch purse in Southampton ;)

My whole family tree are driving down from London to see me, I'm quite surprised actually. I rang my mum the other night and got 'Can't talk to you now, the Michael Jackson trial is on.' It's nice that she's concerned about her daughter..
I feel very guilty that I haven't posted in a while, so I'm going to do another Halloween post for you all now. What are you all dressing up as for Halloween?!

I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who filled out the survey for me on MAC cosmetics! You've all made me feel less stressed :) If you're feeling really charitable to the "Jade & her uni work foundation", I have another one you could do? I have to create a blog on Tumblr for my uni work, so I've decided to do a beauty blog for students. I haven't done any posts yet, but feel free to follow me if you're on Tumblr :)  ♥


Thursday, 20 October 2011

I Need Help! Fancy Doing A 2 Minute Survey? ♥

Hello girls, hope your all having a nice day so far. It's freezing! This post is slightly different to my other posts because I need your help with my Final Major Project for uni this year.
Basically we've been asked to create a magazine and I've decided to create a magazine purely on MAC Cosmetics and I need around 40 filled out surveys to help me for my research.
I'm really excited about starting this work for my final year so I'm being a keen bean and trying to stay on top of everything. I'll post the link down below and it takes you straight to the survey. It's just about what you like about MAC and what you'd want in the magazine. Whether it's tutorials, celebrity looks, history of MAC, information on the products etc. Feel free to ramble to your hearts content!
Feel free to leave comments about what you'd want in a MAC based magazine or why you personally like the brand! Thanks girls

If you're feeling really generous, I also have another blog survey that is about a new beauty blog I'm creating. I have to make a blog for uni and I've decided to do it on beauty looks for students. So it's basically cheap products that anyone can afford. Let me know what you think of the idea!
Thanks girls :) & thank you for taking the time to fill out my other survey. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lydia from TOWIE, Kim K & New Autumn Beauty Trends ♥

Hello girls, hope your all good. I have a very embarrassing confession to make..I fell asleep at 7.00pm yesterday. What is wrong with me? I feel like an old person..I might have to do the good old 'it's cold' excuse.
Anyway, I'm starting with this outfit I've put together today. The top I showed, is in yesterdays post from H&M for £3.99 and the skirt is also from H&M for £7.99. I think it works really well together and I'm going to try and buy it this week! I think we all deserve a small treat right? I specifically put the Nars metallic eyeshadow and Essie nail varnish because these two shades are back for this new season.

Berry shades are in for Autumn this year and I couldn't be happier! I love dark berry shades because they really add sophistication to your outfit. Barry M does a similar berry shade for only £2.99. For eyeshadow this season, metallic tones are said to be the next big craze. Of course you can wear silver or gold but for my brown eyes, I would personally look better with gold metallic shades. Either way I'm so excited for this trend to be back in season!

I was looking at ELLE's website and I saw that asymmetrical hair is now back in trend. Sweeping your hair to one side and pinning it (hence me featuring the hair slides from Boots), allows you to look effortlessly chic without having to get choppy with your hair. I then added some chunky bangles from Oasis to add a play of colour with the rest of the pink tones, then added the gorgeous Chloe bag. I want it so much! :(

Kim working the side swept trend

Right now I'm eating my Kinder Bueno while reading this weeks More! I definitely recommend you grab this issue, they've done a feature on how to copy celeb style. Including my favourites: Kim K, Victoria Beckham, Mollie King and Leighton Messter. They also have Lydia Bright from The Only Way Is Essex, but before you set Anna Wintour on me, I actually really like her style! Her fashion sense is so unique and classy. I'll definitely do a inspired look by her this week.

You can find all of this outfit from Miss Selfridge - Result!
What do you think of Lydia's style..Yes or No?  


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top Sale Picks ♥

Hi girls, hope you had a good weekend. I've had a pretty busy week so far, I went home at the weekend to London for my best friends birthday and all I can say is, it was amazing! I've been back at Southampton for less than a month but it's nice to know I miss home a little already. 

Todays post is laid out nice and simple and just shows my favourite picks from the high street. I've noticed that I may be stuck in a neutral coloured rut. I have a very strong obsession with this trend and I think the only cure would be to buy all of these amazing items. If I had to pick one thing, it would be the tassle hem top from Miss Selfridge. It's beautiful! I don't think my picks are very expensive, so this little selection would hardly do much damage if you bought a few items right? 

I spent all yesterday reading through my More! magazine's with chip and dip. I'm easily entertained. Then I watched some more season 2 of Buffy with Louise and ate an entire tub of Carte Do'r ice cream. I had two lectures today about blogging and fashion in different cultures, which was quite interesting. Of corse I was eating throughout both of them. So much for me eating healthy. Before I came back to Southampton yesterday afternoon, my mum put a large bag of grapes in my handbag. Do you think she's trying to hint something? haha :)

Right now I'm eating frazzles while listening to do Loca People by Sak Noel - I hear this song everywhere. It's pretty addictive. 
Anyway, I hope you like todays post. Tell me what your favourite picks are and what you'd like the next post to be about.


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

When You're Around Me, I'm Radioactive ♥

Hello girls, hope your week is going good. I've just had 2 hours of lectures today, my hand hurts from writing so much. I'm out of uni shape haha :) I made sure to put the photos on my memory stick this morning! It's nothing fancy, but I love how my trouser collection is growing. Tuesday's outfit is pretty basic, the crop top is from Topshop for £8.00 and the trousers were £12 from Primark and so was the blazer. I really don't want to stop wearing sandals even though I know it's Autumn..I miss summer :( The nude bag is from USC..It goes well with pretty much every outfit I've got!

For the secound outfit, you should all know the leather pants by now ;) £14.99 from H&M and again I'm wearing the Topshop cropped vest top and sandals. Definite sign I need to stop wearing summer clothes and accept that autumn is now here.. It's not like I'm wearing them in the snow though! haha :)

A Glamour magazine editor is coming to our uni to give a guest lecture so I'm really excited for that! I love hearing about their expereince! I just want to finish off telling you about Marina and the Diamonds song "Radioactive" I love it. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

When you're around me I'm Radioactive
My blood is burning Radioactive
I'm turning Radioactive
My blood is Radioactive
My heart is nuclear Love is all that
I fear Ready to be let down, now
I'm heading for a meltdown.


Monday, 10 October 2011

What's In My Make Up Bag? ♥

Hello girls, hope you've all had a good weekend. I spent yesterday watching Buffy again and Grease 2. Yes..the '2' part isn't a typo. I watched the disaster Grease sequel by choice and it gets worse, I have a crush on the lead T Bird in it - Johnny Nogerelli. Someone help me. 
Anyway, I thought I'd do an updated 'What's in my make up bag' today because well..I take pride in showing off my new Asda bag. Yep, this leopard print pencil case, which is now my make up bag, is only £1.00. 
These are just my essential beauty bits that I cannot leave the house without. I think my favourite thing in my make up bag is the Volume Million Lashes Mascara. I seriously have the shortest eyelashes imaginable so to find a mascara that makes them look like false lashes is very faint worthy for me. Not that I want anyone to faint when they see my eyelashes...

I'd just to mention how cheap everything is in here..Being a poor student has reduced my cosmetic spending habits so I can now longer indulge in Estée Lauder. 

I always wear brown eyeshadow, I just use Natural Collection from Boots which is only £1.99. I love it! I think I've mentioned this particular shadow in a post before. I've got a little trick for how I do my eyes though..ready? Instead of using sticky tape on the corner of my eyes, I just hold a finger at the edge of my eyelid and this helps create a straight line for my eyeshadow. It makes it look nice and neat. 
I'll just tell you what tips and tricks I do for my make up...I'm sure make up artists will scowl if they read this though.

I also had an outfit post for you today, but I don't know how to put my memory card thingy in this MAC..stupid technology.  

♥ very lightly use a matte brown eyeshadow to contour my cheeks and forehead. 

 I put red lip liner in the corner of my eyes to make them appear brighter - Marilyn Monroe did this apparently.

 To make my nose look shorter, I only contour it half way. 

 I use hairspray to set my make up on once I've finished it. Remember to keep your eyes closed ;)

I'm adding all of these amazing colours to my wish list - I just need to plant my money tree first..
I also had an outfit post for you today, but I don't know how to put my memory card thingy in this MAC..stupid technology. Anyone got any tips and tricks they'd like to share and what is the one beauty product you cannot live without? Hopefully the outfit post for today will be all done by tomorrow girls! 

Friday, 7 October 2011

'This isn't romance, this is bullshit' ♥

Okay, so it's not exactly the 1st of October today but the weather really feels Octoberish right now. Yes, I know Octoberish isn't a real word.. You should know that I'm slightly odd by now. 
I hope you are all doing okay and have lots planned for the weekend. I just had a two hour lecture of blogging, which was pretty cool. For those of you who follow my blog, you can see that I've given it a make under. Like snog, marry, or avoid! I want it to be taken more seriously so the background had to pack it's bag I'm afraid. 
What do you think? I really like how simple it looks now and I'll be able to have posts more image focused. 

This week I've just been watching Sex and the City (hence the title post for today), and Buffy season 1. I actually love Buffy's style for that season. It's very 90s. Anyway, before I start rambling on about my strange obsession for Sarah Michelle Gellar, I wanted to show you an outfit I put together today. It's nice and simple (as always), but I made sure that the accessories bring something to the outfit. Yes, I'm counting my blackberry as an accessory haha. I really like the make up I've paired with this look because it's fresh and rosy without taking away any attention from the main outfit. 

Right now I'm starting to get into the swing of uni work, I'm really getting excited about doing all the research and preparation for everything. Yes, I'm a nerd. After I finish uni today, I'm going to watch some more Buffy episodes in my pyjamas - such a party animal. What has everyone got planned this weekend? I hope it involves lots of posing for the camera ;) My student loan hasn't come in yet, so I'm pretty much living of cous cous and wedges. I really dislike being poor... I still haven't fixed the Internet in my house either, so feel sorry for me - I'd really appreciate it haha ;) 
Hope you have a good weekend girls, I'm sorry posts have been slacking this week!

Right now I'm loving...

Cheryl Cole ♥.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Leather Trousers, Cheryl's Dress & I Eat Lunch At 4?! ♥

Hello girls, hope you are all good! I'm getting really bored with not having Internet in my house and using the uni computers isn't the most inspirational location.. I just wanted to show you my outfit that I put together. Yep, that's right. Leather trousers!! Although I keep calling them leather pants.. 

These trousers are £14.99 from H&M and the jumper is only £10 from Primark. It's a perfect outfit for when it gets really cold and best of all, it reminds me of the American Tumblr girl! I'd probably pair this outfit with a nice nude shoulder bag to keep the focus on the trousers. I walked past a Big Issue man today who said "Please give me money so I can buy my own pair of leather trousers!" 

It's safe to say I wasn't as amused as he thought I would be.. I saw this picture of Cheryl and had to use it in this post. She just looks like she's glowing with confidence and proves that she really can pull off any design she wants. This dress was designed by the one and onlVictoria Beckham

          Right now I'm loving...    
       The Kardashian Family 

I really can't get enough of them and I love how close they all are! :) Anyway, I'm about to have some 4pm. My timing is a little off haha. But I'll try and do a new post ASAP! Hope you have a good week girls :)

Remember to email me if you want me to review anything ;)
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