Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fashion News ♥

Hello girls, hope you are all well! This post is slightly different because I'm just focusing on some of the latest fashion news that I came across today.

First of all, it's officially been declared that there will be a Sex and The City prequel TV series - and here's the good news..It's going to be made by Gossip Girl producers!

The gorgeous Kim was spotted wearing a fitted nude dress that showed of her fantastic curves. What I really about this outfit is the chunky necklace and how her sleek updo compliments the outfit perfectly! It's smart and sophisticated without being dull.

I then looked at a few collections from New York Fashion Week. These three designs caught my attention and if this is what we can expect next Spring, I will be one happy girl!
For Spring, the colours are very bold and bright but as you can see from Victoria's collection, she's added some leather into the mix for a raunchy edge.

When I was looking through the collections, I noticed that large bags were the main accessory - I can't wait to see what the high street will be inspired by after seeing these designs!

3 days until London Fashion Week!  

Who's lucky enough to be going?!


  1. Awesome looks!!! Kim looks great!

    xo Emma


  2. me! I am sooo stressed - still have nothing to wear! Cant wait for the prequel.

    Helen, x

  3. I know! :) but when does Kim not look great? haha ;) xox

    Ahhh really?! I'm so jealous! Maybe a nice fitted blazer would be nice?..Don't forget some sunglasses ;)
    Me too! I hope they do a satc 3 movie though.. xox

  4. Oh yah I'm so excited about Sex&The City how fun xx


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