Sunday, 14 August 2011

Vacaciones en España ♥

Hello girls! This is just a quick post to tell you all that I'm going to Spain for 2 weeks so I won't be able to post anything for a while :(

But, feel free to email me or formspring etc. I'll answer everything when I get back :)
I'm excited! I am in major need of a tan!

My sister and I are going to try and find a market that sells fake Louis Vuitton bags. This is the one I want. If only I could afford a real one...sigh.

Another thing is, I entered the Look competition a few days ago, so I am overly excited to find out who wins a place at the front row! I'll have to go to a Spanish Internet cafe haha.
Good luck to everyone who entered :)

 I shall talk to you in 2 weeks time lovelies! ;)


  1. Amazing blog!
    Have a nice Sunday dear ;)

    Follow each other??


  2. I hope you have a lovely holiday :)

  3. Have a good trip, and I have that bag! lol but in the speedy 30, I think the picture you have is for the 25 no? But anyway my point being that instead of finding a fake Iv been told there are also really nice second hand or vintage stores that might be selling a used real one. Thats where I found mine and its practically brand new and came with all the original paper work and certificates !!!

    Anyways, all the best and I hope you have a lovely time !

  4. Have a wonderful trip, we will miss you!! :) xoxo

  5. hope you have a good holiday!! :)

    Im off to Turkey in October and hoping to purchase the same bag lol! :p xxxxx

  6. you are soo beautiful! love your blog:)
    i'll be in spain for 5 days:)

    i'm your new follower.


  7. Awwwwhs. :(
    I'll definetly miss your blogging.
    Have fun in Spain hun!!.<3

  8. Hello!!

    There's a lot of fake LV bags here in my country..Very cheap and material and craftsmanship is really close to the authentic ones..I have a friend in UK who asks me to send her LV,chanel and fendi bags from here..
    Fill me in if you need help..


  9. I love your blog, I’m following!

    Would love you to enter my CHANEL giveaway;


  10. Nicee! Te juro que amaras españa! Tiene las ciudades mas hermosas, y la gente alla es tan linda! Espero que te la pases de lo mejor!

  11. If you find a place let me know cause id LOVE one too!
    giveaway going, take a look! :)

  12. Have a great trip darling! Take lots of pictures to share! <3

    - Marisa


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