Sunday, 17 July 2011

Todays Shopping Haul ♥

Hi girls! Hope you've had a nice weekend. I went shopping today and had a lovely Pizza Express meal for only £4.45! I had a half price voucher ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to show you the bits and bobs I bought today. I behaved myself and didn't buy a single bit of make up.

I bought those two tops from Primark, for only £4.00 each. I'm going to Spain in less than a month, so I want a few tops that I can wear with denim shorts..First I need to buy a pair though.

Then I got these Cheryl Cole inspired sunglasses from the men section. I remember seeing Cheryl wear a pair like them, they looked lovely! I also ordered some love heart shaped sunglasses from Ebay :)

I also bought two basic strap tops from New Look for only £2.50 each! I love the colour of the camel coloured one. It'll look great with a tan.

And biggest bargain of the day. Remember that blue dress I bought the other day? I did a post about it this week. Well anyway, I saw the pink version of it in Topshop today for only £15!!!

The blue one was £25, so I spent a total of £40 for two Topshop dresses. Ahhhh so happy!!
I'm just about to watch Taken with my sister - love this film! But I shall do another post tomorrow.

What bargains have you bought this week?


  1. Such a great haul!! :] Everything is gorgeous! :]

  2. love Cheryl an those sunglasses are so great! thanks for following my blog it means alot to me :D

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

  3. I love your blog and i've awarded you a few awards over at my blog. much love xo


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