Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I, I Love You Like A Love Song Baby ♥

Hey girls, hope you're having a good week! This is just a little post I'm doing before I do more of my third year research. I know I've got a while until I start third year, but I'm trying to get a head start..for once!

Today has been pretty boring..The highlight of my day was probably watching Sleeping Beauty.
Is it bad that I would rather be in the 14th century than now? The idea of falling in love with a handsome prince just after singing with him for 3 minutes sounds very appealing to me for some reason.

The whole "& they lived happily ever after..." makes me frown at how "romantic" the boys I know are.. Might I add that she was married at 16 years old..I'm 20 and can't see myself having another boyfriend for at least..well a while haha.
I wish life was like a fairytale!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you a song that I cannot stop listening to. You've probably all heard it and I'm just really behind.. Selena Gomez looks beautiful in the video! Her make up is perfection..she does look slightly too young to be wearing that much though..I still just see her as just 16!

Do you wish boys were more like Disney Princes or do you prefer how they are now?


  1. I'm glad i`m not the only on getting ahead on the 3rd year research.

    I do sometimes wish boys were more like the disney princes, and I do base my ideals of romance on beauty and the beast, although whats quite scary to me is that I compare my thoughts to the beast, but then I have watched this a thousand times at least.


  2. No, no don't worry your not! I'm currently making a research folder as we speak haha. What are you doing for your 3rd year?

    Ahhh yes :) Beauty & the Beast is my favourite disney film! I much preffered the Beast before he turned back to being human though...

    I guess we'll have to stick with regular guys :(

  3. I love your blog, I just started to follow =D


  4. New follower, I love how creative your blog is!

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