Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Only £19.99 for the PERFECT Dress?!..♥

I recently stumbled on this clothing website called Prodigy Red (I'll put a link down below) and WOW, it did not disappoint. Why have I not heard of this website before!? It has the latest looks for less of the price! I have been trying to find a dress like Frankie Sandford's from The Saturdays for ages!

It's the perfect dress that would be ideal for any occasion! For going on a night out, a date, for college, for work..saying wedding dress would be pushing it a bit though...

I was looking through the website and my annoying younger sister ran off with my laptop and has been bookmarking everything..I'm going to keep my bank card very close to me for a while...

Here's a little outfit I put together and I think the blazer can make the dress look smarter for more business occasions.
I still can't believe it's only £19.99!

Let me know what you find from there!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Missguided Top Picks ♥

Here are just some little favourites I found myself looking at this week, while browsing through I adore Missguided and I think that they have the right amount of items on each page so it's easier to shop!

As much as I ♥ ASOS, I really find it hard trying to find something quickly. It can take ages! But with Missguided, you can look at the latest high street goodies without any fuss...and I sound like a commercial haha.

Anyway, I hope you like what I've put together! Yes..Cheryl Cole was the inspiration for this maxi dress. I'm allowed to mention her this week! It's been...days since I last spoke about her guys! Haha 0=]

Hope your all having a good week!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pretty Prom Possibilities ♥

I was just browsing through the Topshop website last night and spotted these 3 dresses that really caught my eye. I particularly the third dress because it looks very flattering on the thighs and stomach! I was watching Burlesque yesterday as well, so I think the second dress was inspired by my film viewings. Very 1930's!

The first dress reminded me of the Cheryl Cole dress, that I showed a few posts below..Very elegant but I imagine it would make your curves look even better when you try it on.

These dresses are perfect for a variety of body shapes and they are ideal if you have a prom coming up. They may be slightly pricey but you only get one prom!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

They Fell In Love Didn't They? Yes, They Did. ♥

This is just a quick post before I get dressed and out of bed. I just wanted to do a little post about one of my favourite films The Notebook. I think..Okay I know, that I've done a post about The Notebook before, but I think it deserves another mention right?!

I just wanted to say how sad it is that there are no romances like this anymore. I wish that people in love would write letters to each like Noah and Allie. Basically...

Where has the romance gone?!

I'm dying to be swept of my feet or to have my breath taken away by someone who actually likes me for me. I don't know if this even exists? I really want someone to prove me wrong and to show me that not all guys are the same.

My dearest Ally,

I couldnt sleep last nite becase I know it's over between us. I'm not
bitter anymore because I know what we had was real. And if in some distant
place in the future we see each other in our new lives I will smile at you
with joy and remember how we spent a summer beneath the trees learning from
each other and growing in love.

The best love is the kind that awakens the
soul and makes us reach for more and that plants a fire in our hearts and
brings peace to our minds and that's what you've given me and that's what
I'd hope to give to you forever.
I love you; I'll be seeing you.


Are there any other romance films that make you feel like this? 

Friday, 10 June 2011

Me? Stalking Cheryl Cole Outfits' Again?...Never!

I just found out that Cheryl Cole is auctioning off some of her dresses to raise money for her new charity. I wish I could afford all of them! She has such amazing dress sense (even though she has a stylist), but the point is...I want her wardrobe. Who wouldn't?

Although..if I'm being honest, I would like her figure to go with all her clothes. I don't think I'd fit into some of her outfits. But a girl can dream right?
I don't think any of these dresses are included in the auction, but here are some of my favourite Cheryl outfits.

Not to everyones liking, but I ♥ it!

This dress reminds me of Minnie Mouse 0=]

Isn't she gorgeous?! Shiny legs too ;)

Sophisticated, yet sexy.

What's your favourite Cheryl Cole outfit?!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wonder Woman, Hair Dye & A Whole Lot Of Johnson's ♥

Hi girls, I totally got confused with my days this week..I thought my last post was yesterday but in fact it was Monday..Whatttt?!
Anway, this is just a few pictures from my week. Nothing too life changing.

♥ I told you all that I finally joined the Blackberry crew and I ordered this very Barbie inspired phone case. I love it! Ebay does wonders doesn't it?!
♥ A nice little crunchie bar ;) ♥ My Pandora bracelet ♥ My attempt of having a tan. I'm too pale!! ♥ I'm trying to eat healthy, but the crunchie bar at the top stopped this. ♥ My hair after I dyed it. It's a nice chocolate brown compared to the gold, dark blonde.

My 13 year old brother asked me to do his homework - he had to draw a super hero and he is TRAGIC at drawing. I used to love drawing but I haven't drawn anything for years!

Anyway, I drew him a Batman inspired picture and found myself trying to draw Wonder Woman later. Seeing as I haven't drawn in 100 years, I'm pretty pleased with it! Yes - I was too lazy to colour in her hair haha.

Hope you've all had a good week girls!


Monday, 6 June 2011

If You Jump, I Jump Right? ♥

I recently dyed my hair a dark brown colour, so I had to go make up shopping for a slightly darker foundation. Casper the friendly ghost is never a good look for me haha. I also got this nail polish for £2 instead of £7 with a handy little Boots voucher ;) It makes me sigh at how many of those vouchers I have probably binned..You save £5 on any No7 product..Common sense Jade, common sense please.

Anyway, for the nail polish, I LOVE it! The picture isn't very clear, due to my crappy camera but it's a lovely fuchsia pink colour. It's matte and has a nice shine to it - very Barbie like ;) Anyway, I definitely recommend you saving the vouchers when you go into Boots. I've already bought 3 of the nail polishes! I think I mentioned them in an earlier post..

Nail polish 8/10

For the foundation, I wanted something cheap but something with a matte coverage. I'm pretty self conscious about my skin...I don't have any spots or redness but I just need to feel covered or I'm constantly checking myself in mirrors all day. It's a very annoying habit I have.

Anyway, I was going to buy a collection 2000 one but the bottle was tiny! So, I looked at 17s Anti-Fatigue foundation with SPF 15. I got a fairly dark shade, but when I applied it to my jaw, it blended in perfectly.
That's a trick a learnt from a make up artist - never test foundation out on your hand, because your face and hand are completely different shades. My hand are always like a red colour..

Anyway, I love this foundation! It's smooth and creamy and applies on the skin really well. It's perfect for anyone who wants a full coverage and it's a bonus that it has sun protection in it. Although, your not supposed to just rely on foundation with SPF. You need sun cream too! It was only £6.29 for a 30ml bottle..that's pretty good right?!

Another thing I really liked about it, is that the case is plastic so it won't smash when I carry around my make up bag!

Foundation 7.5/10

I hope I covered everything..

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Why Am I Excited For Valentine's Day?! ♥

Yes, you read that right. I am very, very excited for Valentine's day 2012. Not because of the chocolates and roses, (a boyfriend would have to be involved for that) but because The Vow will be released in cinemas that day. I recently saw the trailer for this film and OMG, how amazing does it look?!

Yes, slightly predictable but there is nothing better than making yourself even more depressed than being single right? I know I don't have the best attitude for this...but drowning my sorrows and making seal like whimpering sounds always happens for me.

The film starts out with a loved up couple (Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum) and they get into a car crash and she sadly loses her memory.
It kinda looks like Titanic, The Notebook, The Bodyguard, P.S I Love You and A Walk To Remember mooshed into one..And yes I did just say the word "mooshed".

What films are you dying to see?
Apart from Breaking Dawn ladies ;)


Friday, 3 June 2011

Calling All MAC Addicts!! ♥

Okay, this is a little twist to my usual blog posts because I am really just asking for your help. Yep that's right. You ready?
Basically, for my third year at uni I have to do a final major project and I've decided to make a contract magazine about MAC cosmetics. I have to do 10,000 words in total I think..

So I've decided to make a research scrap book to get a head start and I wanted to ask you lovely ladies about your favourite MAC products and why you like them so much.

I am DYING to find a make-up artist who works/worked for MAC and would like to do an interview with me...I think I would have a permanent grin on my face if someone told me they were!!

So the basic questions are: What are you favourite MAC products? including the shade number etc. 

                                         What do you love about MAC? Why do you think MAC is so successful?

If anyone knows any MAC make up artist blogs that I could get in contact with, I would love you forever!

Thanks for all your help girls! I'll keep you updated on how everything goes!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

River Island Wish List ♥

Okay so I was thinking to myself, if I had 2 minutes to pick 6 items from the fabulous River Island website, what would I pick?
Here's my little collection of I sneaked in that cute little "Love" bracelet to make it 7...what?! It finishes the outfit okayyyy?!

Anyway..I love, love, love this outfit. Seeing as the whole "block colour" trend is totally in this season, I think River Island is doing pretty well in that department.
These picks are just perfect for summer and will definitely make heads turns..but hopefully not because your wearing the yellow bikini down the high street..lets leave that pick just for the beach ;)

I've included the links to each item to make it easier for you to stalk.

b. bag

Happy hunting!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

FHM: "Pass the sick bucket"

Now, I know that I usually ramble on about the obvious side of the fashion industry, but seeing as I want to be a fashion/beauty journalist I think I need to start featuring more feature related blog posts as well as my usual updates on clothing and cosmetics. I want to write about things that really touch on the latest debates and controversies in the fashion industry and how it affects our everyday society.

I was reading the Daily Mail earlier and I spotted the headline "Pass the sick bucket" with a picture of a beautiful model. I was slightly confused at first, as to why this breath taking woman had this tag line above her. As I read the story, I learnt that this "woman" was in fact a man and had been entered at 98th of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women.  Andrej Pejic was born in August 1991 and raised in Australia, where he was scouted while working in McDonald's.

Andrej Pejic on the catwalk, for Jean Paul Gaultier show.
All images and quotes belong to Daily Mail & FHM.

This isn't what the main story is about though, the issue raised in the Daily Mail, was how the FHM team described the model.

'Designers are hailing him as the next big thing,' says FHM 'We think "thing" is quite accurate.'

After verbally harassing Pejic, FHM then continued to humiliate him by commenting on his aspirations to join Victoria Secret. "He hopes one day to be a Victoria Secret model (Pass the sick bucket). Well, he might have a hard time keeping it a secret then."

After reading this article, I am actually shocked and disgusted at how the writer at FHM has a problem with a male model being in their FHM list (which in my opinion is patronising and degrading for women anyway), but yet they never comment on the issue of how the images they publish of women affect the out look of female body image.

They are the reason why girls feel the need to starve themselves to be socially acceptable and to feel attractive to men. I don't understand how this FHM writer can criticise a beautiful model who is creating a successful career for himself but yet not say anything about how women are degraded and sold as simply sex objects in their magazines.

It drives me crazy how society has been forced to accept the role women have to play in the male magazine industry and how it would seem odd and strange to challenge this role.
I don't know whether it's because I'm tired or need something to eat, but after reading that article it made me so angry.

Basically, that particular FHM writer was saying that you don't have the right to be comfortable in your own skin, as long as your the correct gender and half naked in a padded bra?

I just think men magazines need a reality check when it comes to them judging what is beautiful or not.
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