Saturday, 7 May 2011

You Be The Beast & I'll Be The Beauty, Beauty! ♥

Good afternoon girlies, I hope your having a nice start to the weekend! I've just come back from work and I treated myself to this £45 bag from USC. I got staff discount from it though (30% and I had £7.50 on a gift card) so in the end, it was only..£24!

I've been listening to "Wonderland" by Natalia Kills all week..It is amazing!

I’m not snow white,
but I’m lost inside this forest.
I’m not red riding hood,
but I think the wolves have got me.
Don’t want your stilettos!
I’m not, not Cinderella..
I don’t need a knight,
so baby take off all your armor!
You be the beast,
and I’ll be the beauty beauty.
Who needs true love,
as long as you love me truly?
I want it all,
but I want ya more!
Will you wake me up boy
if I bite your poison apple?

I might have a cheeky little afternoon nap and make a outfit look when I'm all refreshed and awake!


  1. You've got such a good deal on this gorgeous bag :)

  2. That bag is cute! Don't you love getting something amazing and not spending that much money?

  3. I love your bag! I need to keep my eye out for a nice one for summer! x

  4. Arrr thanks girls. I was in desperate need for a new bag!
    I could do with another one though..;)


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