Sunday, 1 May 2011

& They Lived Happily Ever..

As most of you all know, it was the wedding of Prince William and the beautiful Kate Middleton. They really do look like a fairytale don't they?...No pun intended with the blog name ;) Anyway, I just wanted to show these pictures because I can't get over how gorgeous Kate's Alexander McQueen dress is!
Why can't there be more handsome princes lying around?!
                                        princess kate middleton wedding dress. Kate Middleton is somewhat of
      Katy Perry also posted a picture of her cute nail art on Twitter a few days ago, showing her appreciation for the Royal wedding.
I can't go to sleep in the next few days because I have got a ton of uni work to do, that is in for Wednesday. Feel sorry for me. I have been trying to sneak in a few cheeky online shopping visits though.

I have just found a website called

It is pretty impressive that it has 15,300 brands on just one webiste! The best thing is though it is really cheap and the layout of the website is fast and easy to use.

 I love online shopping when I don't have to spend to much time hunting down for something. Shopalike does all the hard work for you!
Here's a few of my favourite items that I found on there.



  1. Wow sounds like a great website for shopping,may have to have a sneaky look later.

    I know the feeling about uni work, I have 24 hours to write 2,000 words.

    Good Luck with your work

    Peg x

  2. Great blog, new follower! Good luck with school and that site sound awesome!

  3. I hadn't seen that nail art picture before, but it's adorable! Kate and William are such a gorgeous couple, imagine how cute their kids will be!xx

  4. Haha Katy's nails are so awesome!

    Gonna hop on over to ShopALike now, it sounds like a fabulous shopping site. :)

    The Cat Hag


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