Friday, 27 May 2011

Style Crush Files: #1 Mollie King ♥

This is the first post I'm doing of a new thing called "Style Crush Files". Basically I get into stalking mode and try and piece a similar outfit together. I think it's more helpful for you guys to look at, instead of my usual outfit posts. I'm trying to include just high street clothes.

Much more helpful don't you think? Anyway, I absolutely love Mollie from The Saturdays and her style is always amazing. I think she is great inspiration for day time looks.

I'm not sure who will be next for the Style Crush File!


  1. I love molly, can you do one for taylor swift? x

  2. I LOVE love this look!! :] It has become my favorite simple summer look! :]

  3. Love this look :)

    xo Emma

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    like your blog, it´s very nice:)
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