Monday, 9 May 2011

He Got That Super Bass! ♥

All images are sourced from Polyvore.

This is just a quick little post inspired by Nicki Minaj's new video "Super Bass". I love her style! I think she is the only woman I know who can pull off green hair that kind of reminds me of seaweed...

Anyway, if you want an outfit the is inspired by Nicki Minaj, think bum, boobs and more even more bum. The tighter the outfit, the better.
What I love about Miss. Minaj, is that she doesn't try to be a size 0. She likes having crazy curves that most women are blessed with anyway. It's refreshing to not see a stick insect dancing around on my television for a change.

What hair colour do you prefer Nicki with?



  1. ....pretty sure I'm in love now!

  2. Nicky Manaj is ace, I love roman's revenge oh so much


  3. I'm so in love with Nicky Minaj, best song she's ever done!!


  4. Love thiiis song, Nicki is Awesome! :)

    xo Emma

  5. Hey, cool blog you got here. I'm new to blogging, I just wanted to know how to post the images like a collage the way you do. Please respond to this and any other tips you might have for a newbie,thanks! :)

  6. i use to arrange them around =] its the most amazing site ever! definitely a must have for bloggers ;)


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