Thursday, 5 May 2011

Finally freedom! ♥

After 8,000 words, an exhibition review, a presentation, 7 magazine article designs, my own contract magazine and everything else in between, I am finally finished with all my uni work!

Yep, that's right. I have finished my 2nd year of uni and have the whole summer to look forward too! I finally feel like I can sit down and relax without having to stay up until 7 in the morning writing about nurseries...Don't ask.
 Clutch bag: £6.00 Primark 
 Beige stilettos: £12.00 Primark
 Baggy T-shirt: £8.00 Primark
 The bible
 Leather shorts: £5.00 Primark - They were reduced!!
 My Mollie king dress:
£34 Miss Selfridge with student discount ;)

Isn't it pretty?!!?

Anyway, the main thing I'm excited about is that now I can finally pay attention to my blog and really get my fashion ramblings out there! I hope that any of you doing uni work now are doing good! Good luck with everything =]

Now it's time for some shopping! Here's a few things I bought yesterday. I warned everyone as soon as I got paid I would be adding things to my hit list..

Oh and I need your help! It's my birthday on the 24th and I have no idea what I want!...My mum keeps on pestering me, so has anyone got any suggestions?!



  1. The shoes and the clutch are so pretty and those are such good prices :)I also love love love the dress .

  2. Freedom Jade, just great! can actually breathe now.. && No more hogarth and her uneccessary work lol!


  3. Congrats sweetie!!! I love the outfit!

    XOXO, CC

  4. that does not look like a primark outfit at all! i love the clutch, the colours are nice :) xx

  5. Gorgeous outfit and can't believe how expensive it looks compared to how much you bought everything for, ahh primark/primarni.

    Congrats on joining the freedom from uni work club.Can't wait to read more from you blog over the coming weeks.

    Peg x

  6. Vintage rocks! Love finding hidden gems. Great finds.

  7. That outfit is amazing!

  8. omfg love that bomb ass clutch!


  9. that outfit is hot! love the cluth and matching shoes :)

  10. can't believe that clutch is from primark! :O
    so pretty!!


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