Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Your On My Hit List..♥

Here is some very depressing news, I have £6.00 in my bank to last me until the 31st of April, when I get paid. I have been living off Muller yogurts and microwave chips. Yes, you can all feel sorry for me haha. Why did I have to be a poor student?! There's only so much yogurt I can take!..I want Nando's or KFC =[

Anyway, my housemate left her Heat magazine lying around and I found a beautiful dress it that was spotted on Mollie King from the girl band The Saturdays. I want it!
It's only £38 from Miss Selfridge, the nude heels go perfectly with it too! I might have to add them to my list when I get paid ;) Heat said the heels are £65 from Aldo...I think I'll snoop around for a cheaper version though.

What's on your hit list for this month?!



  1. Love the dress! Only a week and a bit until you get paid! xo

  2. Oh man I love you. I thought I was the only one who lived this way. I too have about $5.00 to my name that has to last me til the end of the month. And to top it off my laptop died on me the other day. Don't you love being a poor student?

  3. Very nice dress, a deffinate show stopper.

    Peg x

  4. It's Haute! I just found your blog super fab!

  5. Mollie has such aswesome style, think she's my favourite Saturday.
    I know how you feel about the bad money situation, i've got 11 till the end of the month : (

  6. Wow, I love that dress...want it!

  7. Ah, pretty dress. It's so annoying that everytime Molly is snapped, she always looks stunning :( Wish i looked like her haha, big wishes! xx

  8. oooOOOooo that dress is hot!!!


  9. that dress is stunning!!!! i love it


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