Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Legally Blonde.

This is just a quick post for now to distract me from my piles of uni work, I'm currently listening to Toni Braxton's "He Wasn't Man Enough", while writing an article about nurseries...When I read it back, it almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about?! Haha :)

Anyway, this beautiful barbie doll dress is £25.99 from Zara, the only catch is that I don't know if they've just stopped selling it :( It really reminds me of the film Legally Blonde - Definitely something Elle Woods would wear ;)

As soon as I get paid I'll be running to investigate, oh and it's officially been 2 weeks on the "I have no money so I have to live off Muller yogurts" diet hahaha. I am DYING for some Nandos or KFC!

Anyway, tell me what do you think of the dress?


  1. love the dress! it's very elle woods! :-)

  2. LOOOOVE the dress and love the song LOL


  3. Love it! The perfect spring dress. Plus, I love it with the blue shoes :)

  4. The perfect spring time dress! x

  5. i've been lusting after this dress for a while now, i really want a bright pink shift style dress but still can't decide whether i could pull it off. this is so gorgeous though and zara always make such perfect dresses! x

  6. love love the dress gorgeous color!! :)

    xo Emma

  7. love love love the dress xx
    new to this please take a look xx

  8. That's an adorable dress!! You can accessorize it so many different ways!!


  9. The dress is amazing! I don't wear pink that much but this one makes me want to dress in pink head to toe :)


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