Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pretty Please?!...

Ahh, how gorgeous is this ensemble?! Yes, that is an Alexander McQueen clutch purse and a certain Cheryl Cole may have one similar...I haven't spoken about her since four whole posts okay? I'm allowed to today.

This outfit is just gorgeous, the dress is from H&M but they don't sell it anymore. Feel sorry for me okay? MAC have just released a Wonder Woman range inspired by the gorgeous blue eyed beauty and I am dying to buy something from it!

I might start investing in the lottery...


  1. that clutch is just amazing! i def love its colour! :)

    nice blog, we could follow each other if you want!

  2. i know its gorgeous! its something like £2,500 though =[...we can dream hahaa =]
    yepp all done. i love your blog layout!


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