Monday, 7 March 2011

Outfit of The Day & Lunch At Yates ♥

Okay, where do I begin? Lets start from the top. The outfit is completely Primark, I wish I could impress you with saying it's French Connection or ALL Karen Millen, but unfortunately being a poor student, Primark is as extravagant as I can get nowadays.
I usually wear the green trousers (£13.00), with a cropped black leather jacket to match Cheryl's outfit. (Sad I know).

Anyway, I really like the black boots with the trousers as it gives it a more glam effect. The boots I adore, I actually bought two pairs of them so I could wear them for longer. They were only £15.00 aswell, I need to take better pictures of them... The blouse was only £8.00, so that is not too shabby in my book. The large nude chain bag is also from Primark, it was only £7.00 so an entire outfit for £43.00 is pretty amazing!

The picture of my eye make is not fantastic....but for my first post with my terrible camera skills, it could be worse. Anyway, I know I need urgent help with my eyebrows but I am trying to grow them. I want them slightly thicker and more shaped. I might go to a salon for them!

The rest of the pictures are just when me and Louise went to Yates with her boyfriend Scott and Graham. I ate an incredible amount, but the sad thing is I am STARVING again even though it's nearly half 2 in the morning...great!

Anyone have any tips to help my tragic eyebrows? Hahaha :)


  1. Your outfit is really lovely! And about your eyebrows, I don't really know how to grow them, but you can go to a salon for that, I bet they have some kind of modern fancy technology that will hep with that. But for now, you can perhaps try filling them in with an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural eyebrow color, it will really give you an illusion of fuller, more well-shaped eyebrows.

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  2. Omg you are gorgeous! I wish I could pull an outfit like that, I never suit skinny jeans =[
    What eyeshadow did you use?!?!

  3. Oh your outfit is so cute :)

  4. omg you are lovely!! love those cargo jeans..and they match perfectly with that romantic blouse where did you get it?? btw you are a make up-artist!! your eyeshadow us amazing! xoxo

  5. youre so pretty! i love your outfit, i wish so bad there were a primark here in texas. those cargo pants are amazing!


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