Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Off-Duty Hollywood Look ;

Here is a cute little look I made for the "celebrity Hollywood" effect. Nothing that creative, but I think it looks quite cute.
As sad as it is to admit this, I really want a photo of me walking to a car holding Starbucks with big shades on. It looks oh so Hollywood don't you think? ;) I'm sad, I know...

For the top, I couldn't decide between that one and a corally coloured vest top. Both do the "effortless celeb" look justice though. I think the key thing to learn for this type of look is you want it to look like your just running to the shops but 50 paparazzi are following you.
Over sized sunglasses are a must for this look!

For the make-up, I definitely recommend flawless skin but natural coloured lips. A simple lip gloss would do the trick. L'Oreal are perfect for doing natural coloured shades. They are usually £6.00 to £8.00.
I looked at a few pictures of Kim Kardashian for this one and I saw her wearing the exact same Louboutin's heels. They are amazing!

Don't even get me started on the Starbucks though...Totally Hollywood ;)


  1. I love it that you included the starbucks frap! very very hollywood!

  2. If I didn't stop myself, I reckon I could drink a frapp everyday! And secretly I want a photo of me with one and huge shades too haha :) nice post

  3. Love this look!! What jeans are those? Thanks for following me =) xo

  4. Gorgeous! Love your blog!

  5. Nice post! And I think you definitely should get a pic walking into Starbucks with big shades. :)
    xo Dale

  6. I have those Dior sunglasses, they're like my all time favourites! x

  7. Not sad at all! I want a paparazzi shot too if I ever go to America :)

    Loving this look! I bought a similar ish top myself recently except that it has MASSIVE bell sleeves which I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with :S

    Oooo these shoes! I think Tyra Banks wore these on the latest cycle of ANTM? I put a screen shot on my latest blog post but it really does look like them - they're DIVINE!

    And Starbucks? *drools* x x

  8. loving your blog!! and i love this whole look!! it's fabulous!! : )

  9. cute post, I think you got the Hollywood look down pat.

  10. Think I've fallen in love with those shoes... definitely on my wish list now!:P
    Great blog, keep up the good work!:)

  11. haha a starbucks is always the hollywood look! I mentioned this in one of my latest posts! xo

  12. Firstly Starbucks is obvs the way forward! Secondly where oh where is that top from!!

    Onegirlandhersatchel x

  13. Ohh that bag is really nice


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