Monday, 7 March 2011

I Want...

Here is just a little something I made, isn't it pretty?! I would kill for an outfit like this. I think I'm going to make some goals for this month, which include buying some leather pants. I just love the word...leather pants. TOTALLY american ;) 

1. Find that faux leather H&M dress that I mentioned a few posts ago. 
2. Find some sexy leather trousers..OR pants ;)
3. Try and curl my hair like Miss. Kardashian up there.
4. Carry a bottle of water with me at ALL times.
5. Ohh and finish all my uni work...

Do you have any goals for this month?



  1. my goal - finish my dissertation! haha. Hope you get all your uni work done too! Follow me back on

  2. Those heels are amazing, I want them too! x

  3. My Goal is to turn myself into Kim K Minus her new single - she is just so gorgeous! Great Blog - am now following x

  4. Ahh, that goal is a bit more important than me trying to carry a bottle of water..haha.
    arrr thanks, you too! yep all done =]

    i know, they would look amazing with ANYTHING!

    Okay, you turn into Kim & i'll turn into Cheryl Cole? I can't believe Kim is releasing a single though..
    Arrr thankyou =] whats your blog address?! xx


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