Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just Roll With It...

I had wanted Kim Kardashian's hair since I started watching "Keeping Up With the Kardashian's" on E!. It was just very Hollywood and glamorous and after seeing her wearing rollers I decided to invest in some.
The ones that had the best reviews and were at an acceptable price happened to be made by Babyliss. So after spending my well earned money, I bought the last one in stock from Argos for only £25.99.
After watching many different YouTube videos, I was pretty sure how to organise the size of the rollers in my hair.
To try and imitate Kim's gorgeous hair, I used the biggest rollers in the middle and the smallest at the bottom.
After I finally took all the rollers out, I thought my hair looked amazing. Just like Victoria Secret style but without the large amount of hair extensions and perfect shine...apart from that, I was very happy with the final look.
I'm tempted to replace my dying GHD's for heated rollers for a while. It's easy to use and creates an effortless Hollywood effect: Volume and loose curls.
I'll post some pictures soon of the finished look! =]
lets all pray for miss.kardashian's hair...

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